• OwnedCore Report #96 - Anniversaries everywhere >Sponsored by BlazingBoost<

    96 Reports. That is a lot of gaming news, OC news, and more. This weeks Report has a ton to cover so strap yourselves in. Riot announced a bunch of stuff for their 10 year anniversary, CS:GO had their 20th anniversary, and Fortnite announced its Chapter 2 which is out now.

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    Riots 10th Anniversary

    Riot Games, most notably known for being the owners of the biggest multiplayer game in the world, League of Legends, had a stream for their 10th anniversary just last week. People were hyped about this not only for League of Legends but because there have been rumors swirly around for years now that Riot has been working on a multitude of video games. What we got from them was nothing short of fulfilling peoples hype.

    CS:GO/Overwatch Hybrid?

    One of their biggest and most hyped was what people have been calling the Counter Strike competitor for years. Project A, as they like to call it, is their Tactical FPS that is in the works. From the looks of it the game will include a buy menu, heroes, spells, but also have CS:GO flair of shooting style. One of the most notable members of the team is Volcano who is most notable for co-creating Cache, an iconic CS:GO map. They promise a smooth gameplay, great anti-cheat, low ping, and more. To see more check out this video here Project A: Riot’s Tactical FPS Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends - YouTube

    Hearthstone killer?

    Next we got a digital card game. This came as a surprise to a lot of people especially after seeing Artifact fall on its face in todays digital card game market. Many wondered if it was too late to get into the scene. Riot clearly saw an opportunity with its gigantic fan base to create one of its own. Just like Hearthstone is Warcraft based Legends of Runeterra will include everyones favorite League of Legends characters, items, and more. For a super detailed video on this I highly recommend Disguised Toasts which can be found here. LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA - Riot's New Game | League of Legends | Riot Games - YouTube

    Rising Thunder but not?

    A fighting game also known as Project L is in the works. This has been a longtime rumor when it came to what Riot has been working on for years. Riot bought out the creators of Rising Thunder and now have turned that game into what seems to be a very Street Fighter-esque fighting game. A lot of people feel like this game is doomed to fail off the start due to it being Rising Thunders successor in a sense. This is because Rising Thunder was a total flop. But never count out the League of Legends audience power when it comes to turning a mediocre game to a successful one. Cough Cough Teamfight Tactics.


    There isnt much footage on this in the 50 minute 10th anniversary announcements but what is known as Project F seems to be an MMO-ARPG. As hype as this might be…sadly we got almost no information on it. Riot teased an open-world RPG set in the world of League of Legends known as Runeterra. Yet in the showcase of all the games we see an ARPG. Could this mean they are taking Lost Arks insanely late arrival to the West as an opening to get ahead of the ARPG-MMO market? There is a lot of ARPG news to be had in the future. Path of Exiles 4.0 is going to be a D4 competitor, D4 itself is probably being announced at Blizzcon, and now we got this. If you like ARPGs it is a good time to be alive.

    Fortnite Chapter 2

    The hype continued this week with Fortnites big announcement. From Sunday to Tuesday people were staring at a black hole stream on Fortnites Twitch. This black hole came from Season X's ending event seen here FORTNITE Is Over!? - Season X Blackhole Event! - YouTube Eventually numbers popped up and on the stream and the puzzle began. A youtuber named Hollow covers what these numbers mean in a video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCtk0NnsLoE

    Eventually Chapter 2 was announced and with it came a bunch of new features including a brand new map, new mechanics, and more. Overall it was pretty hyped event but the black hole meme definitely was a great marketing tool to get people even more hyped.

    CS:GO 20th Anniversary

    Lastly we have the worst anniversary I have seen in a game to date. The highly anticipated CS:GO 20th anniversary has been teased by Valve for awhile. There was a contest to submit skins for its new case, beta files were found, and Cache was reworked. Sadly…that was all of it. A case of skins filled with community submissions and a map update also by the community. No operation, no new mode, no nothing. How Valve treats CS:GO compared to Dota 2 is just sad sometimes.

    Clips of the Week

    Riot Jab at Blizzard

    Doc loves Fortnite

    CS:GO cheat selling

    Reynad's thoughts on Riot's card game
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