• OwnedCore Report #95 - China and WC3 >Sponsored by BlazingBoost<

    I guess I should be watching South Park for news these days because once they put out an episode criticizing China we got tons of Chinese vs America drama! Also some great pics of WC3 reforged and clips of the week in this weeks Report.

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    China vs Blizzard vs The People

    I am sure many of you have seen the news with Hong Kong vs Blizzard. I am going to be giving a full summary of it for those who have not. We’ll go over how it all started, what Blizzard’s reaction was, and what came after. So for those of you who don’t know Blizzard recently banned a Hearthstone professional who goes by the name of Blitzchung. This came after an interview during the recent Grandmaster Season 2. The video can be seen below.
    http://<a href="https://www.youtube.... - YouTube</a>

    After this interview both Blitzchung and the casters on the left were banned from Hearthstone and Blitzchung’s prize money was taken away. Apparently the casters kind of provoked it after seeing the gas mask but regardless it caused major outrage by fans across the world. “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age” were the words of Blitzchung in that interview. Some pics and videos below of both the ban and what came after.

    The Ban Statement

    Protests during Collegiate Hearthstone Championship
    http://<a href="https://www.youtube.... - YouTube</a>
    Even Twitch Chat got in on it

    Long story short Blizzard 3 days later make a statement. Regarding Last Weekend’s Hearthstone Grandmasters Tournament — All News — Blizzard News
    The short version is this.

    1) They reduced the ban to 6 months for all involved
    2) The prize money was given to Blitzchung
    3) Blizzard swears this was not because they were bending over for China
    4) Moving forward they don't want political stuff involved in their eSports.

    For most this statement was too little and too late.
    Ironically many other companies have been having interesting relations with China as well. Riot Games warned their casters to stay away from sensitive topics right after the Blizzard fiasco. The NBA Houston Rockets owner voiced his support for Hong Kong and the NBA actually backed him up which was a nice twist. But this seems to be the beginning and not the end for backlash against companies bending the knee for China and their billion person market.

    WC3 Reforged

    Warcraft 3 Reforged got a ton of stuff previewed recently which tells me that we might actually get that late 2019 release we were promised last Blizzcon. Dare I say it will be fully release and announced at Blizzcon itself.

    Let's take a look at some of this dope rework.

    Portraits will be given from the campaign, the collectors edition, and ladder it seems for now. Here’s the Human and Random ladder icons.

    Here's some unit and hero models

    All in all this is looking really great.

    Want to see more? I got the sources right here

    Clips of the Week

    Clearly this guy does not like furries

    Something in the background seems off

    The door knock prank in full effect.

    When you force Asmongold to rename

    IDK what this is but i laughed
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