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  • OwnedCore Report #58 -sponsored by MMOGOLD4USA-

    Hello OwnedCore and welcome to our 58th OwnedCore Report. Still amazes me that we are 58 deep with these. This week has some cool news, an OwnedCore exclusive giveaway, funny clips, and more. A written interview with KillerJohn part 2 is in the works and we have a special Podcast coming hopefully for next weeks Report.

    What games is everybody playing these days?

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    OwnedCore Giveaway

    Play Fortnite? We are doing a Twitter exclusive giveaway for 2,000 V Bucks! We made a thread with details right here on OwnedCore found HERE

    Community Highlights

    A great experience dupe for 100-109 AFK Leveling by TwistedFear

    Thread found HERE

    How to skip the 2nd boss in battle of Dazar'alor by Shiekrunner123. Video inside.

    Thread found HERE

    Gaming News Around the Globe

    Diablo 4 hires Witcher 3 Creative Director

    Not confirmed but it seems Sebastian Stepien has signed with Blizzard. Sebastien is mostly known for being the creative director at CD Projekt Red for the Witcher 2 and 3. According to his LinkedIn he is now the Creative Director at Blizzard. The rumor is that he will be working on the Diablo series.

    What could this mean?

    Well to me it means great things for the Diablo series as far as direction. The Witcher series is beloved by a ton of gamers for its depth, story, and gameplay. It is a fantastic game. What direction does this mean Diablo is going in? Remember there were rumors that the scrapped Diablo 4 was a Dark Souls style game which means Blizzard is not afraid of taking Diablo out of the ARPG genre. Will we be getting a Witcher style Diablo?

    The next thing that comes to mind is how far is Diablo 4 along if they are just now switching creative directors? From what we heard last as far as leaks is that Diablo 4 is already in the works part 2. So does this mean they are changing the direction again completely and we are super far away from the next installment or is Blizzard ballsy enough to switch one of the most important roles of the team mid way through development? I guess only time will tell.

    Do you think this is a good thing for Diablo or bad?

    Dota Auto Chess

    Have you heard of this game yet? It is taking the Dota 2 custom game scene by storm. Now before you hear custom game and scroll past this let me remind you that some of the best games have been invented on custom game editors, even Dota itself. Dota Auto Chess has peaked at almost 200k unique users out of the 800k that were on Dota 2 at that time. From my experience it ranges steadily from 80k to 150k depending on the day and hours.

    So what is Dota Auto Chess?

    Have you ever played Crash Royale on the phone, Desert Strike on Starcraft, or Line Tower Wars on Warcraft? If so this game is similar to all three of these. In Dota Auto Chess you start off with a courier, a unit that is essentially a inventory. Each round a shop will pop up on your screen with units you can buy ranging from Orc Warriors, Undead Hunters, Ogre Magi's, and even Beast Druids. Each unit has a race and class. Once you buy the unit you take your courier who is equipped with abilities such as move your chess piece, sell your chess piece, re-roll the shop, and level up. You take the unit you bought and move him on the board and wallah he is now ready to fight.

    The depth goes beyond just buying and placing units. Classes and races have bonuses that you get if you hit a certain number of them on the board, units can evolve up to 3 times, there's a full fledged economy with interest, you can re-roll or hold on to a shop so it doesn't change next turn, and more.

    If you like card games or strategy games I highly recommend giving this game a shot. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it right away because it is not necessarily beginner friendly and might take you 3-5 games to get the hang of it. Once you do it is very addicting.

    Method has officially arrived at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere to stream their Mythic progression this week. Being that they are EU the Mythic Battle of Battle of Dazar'alor will be out Wednesday meaning you can tune into the streams midweek. Limit, who isn't streaming this progression, will be starting on Tuesday with the NA reset. This race should be as close if not closer than the first raid. After seeing that Limit has faction changed their roster for the free 400 piece. Now that 400 piece ended up getting taken away but to me it shows Limit is not holding back at all and using every advantage they can. Big Dumb Guild, North Americas #2 guild, will probably be streaming their progression like last time so if you can't wait for Method at least we can watch BDG on Tuesday.

    Will you be watching the Method progression streams?

    Who do you think is going to win this race?

    Limit, Exorsus, Method, or Other.

    Clips of the Week

    ResidentSleeper part 2

    Sea of Thieves production value

    H3H3 tells Summit1g when their video comes out

    The ducks have been fed
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    1. case_sin's Avatar
      case_sin -
      sadly they can hire whoever they want, blizzard is just a name, the Originals already left the company and sold the name, in reality you are not buying a blizzard game, you are buying an activision game, and in reality its no longer a diablo game, its just a new arpg.