• Sticky Thread Auctions Coming to Trading Sections!

    Starting on Friday the 23rd of March, we will begin implementing Sticky Thread Auctions to the Trading sections on OwnedCore, allowing sellers and service providers the opportunity to have some of the best thread real estate available on the site!

    What are Sticky Thread Auctions?

    Sticky Thread Auctions allows traders to bid on "Sticky" spots in the trading sub-forums with CoreCoins, such as World of Warcraft Buy Sell Trade. This means that upon successfully winning the auction, the winners chosen thread will remain right at the top of the forum under the "Sticky Threads" area. No more having to bump their thread or worry about being at the on the first page, you are guaranteed to hold this highly desired spot for 7 days.

    How Does It Work?

    If there's a Sticky slot available, the option to begin an auction for that spot will be available, with the bidding period lasting 24 hours. Upon starting the auction, anyone interested in bidding on that Sticky slot will be able to make their bids using either Proxy or Hard bids. At the conclusion of the auction, the highest bidder will win the spot, having their thread automatically stickied for the next 7 days.

    What is "Proxy" bidding?

    Proxy Bidding is a great way to bid on a Sticky slot you really want without showing your hand. If you're willing to spend 250,000 CoreCoins on that coveted WoW Trading spot, but it's early in the bidding cycle and the bids are still low, you could sit at your computer and manually enter a new high bid each time you are outbid, but that isn't necessary! The Proxy system can do all the work for you.

    Here's how it works:

    1. You either start up an auction on an available spot, or bid on an already existing auction made by another OwnedCore member.
    2. You decide how much you are willing to pay for that slot and enter it. (Note: If you bid the example 250,000 CoreCoins but your automated winning bid is lower, you will be charged that amount, not your max bid!)
    3. The Proxy System will automatically engage in a fierce bidding war with other bidders on your behalf, regardless of whether you are logged onto OwnedCore, or even your PC!
    4. The Proxy System will automatically outbid any other bidders as long as your maximum bid is higher. In the event of a Tie, the winner will be whoever had the top bid previously.
    5. At the end of the auction period, you can check back and see how your Proxy bid fared. If another bidder outbid your pre-determined maximum, you will not win the thread. Otherwise, you are the winner - and the final price could be even less than the maximum you were willing to spend!

    What is "Hard" bidding?

    Hard Bidding is the opposite. If you want to go in with your bid and outright dominate your competition, you can put your maximum bid upfront, and if it is higher than any existing Hard or Proxy bid, the current bid will instantly rise to that price, regardless of what was before it. Whether the previous bid was 50,000, 135,000 or 150,000 - if you place a Hard bid of 250,000, the price will now be 250,000 and any subsequent bids will have to be higher.

    What Are The Rules For Auctions?

    There are a few rules to be aware of which are not dissimilar to any other auction.

    • All bids are final and binding, so they cannot be cancelled. Double check your bids before you enter them!
    • All Sticky Threads that are won last SEVEN (7) days. Bidding restarts right away until the time expires.
    • When you start a brand new auction (and there is an available Sticky position), the auction will last 24 hours.
    • When placing a bid, the default option is placing a Proxy bid. You may choose to place a Hard bid by selecting that option.
    • If you win an auction via a Proxy bid and your maximum bid was not reached, the difference in CoreCoins between your maximum bid and your winning bid will be refunded to you.
    • If you are outbid, no CoreCoins will be deducted.
    • If you have a Stickied Thread, you will be able to use both paid and free bumps to bump your thread to the top of the sticky list.

    How Will Sticky Auctions Be Rolled Out?

    To begin the rollout of the Sticky Auctions system, we will be adding the Sticky Auctions feature to a select few sections. From the launch date on Triday, we will make 1 auction slot immediately available for bidding, with a further slot being released two days later on Sunday, and the third and final for that section on Wednesday.

    This means that there will eventually be 3 Sticky Slot Auctions rolling in the major sections when the rollout is complete, with the smaller sections having 1-2 Sticky Slots available for auction.

    The follow sections will have slots available to bid on at launch, along with subsequent spots following the above timeline.

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    1. MistiServices's Avatar
      MistiServices -
      Will there be option to modify proxy bidding.Example someone bids 10.250 Coins and proxy bids 10.251.Can we decide how much diffrence proxy will bid on current maximum bid?
      Will there be some kind restriction on number of sticky threads one shop can have on same time?

      Also i am excited to see this and happy that some major changes getting on this forum!
    1. HUSKY BOOST's Avatar
      Mmm something new in ownedcore ?! Good job
    1. Eryx's Avatar
      Eryx -
      @Misti: Proxy bid will raise the bid by 500
    1. jaczar's Avatar
      jaczar -
      seems like a great way to skeep the spammers at the top and the actual people that do one on one work to get left out unless they spend money here...
      starting to turn into ebay
    1. D3Boost's Avatar
      D3Boost -
      Quote Originally Posted by jaczar View Post
      seems like a great way to skeep the spammers at the top and the actual people that do one on one work to get left out unless they spend money here...
      starting to turn into ebay
      I don't think this is necessarily true. However, you will see new changes that should improve buyer / seller experience soon
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