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  • OwnedCore Report #13

    13 is either a cursed number or lucky. Hopefully lucky for the sake of this report! In this report we got a couple cool things for you. Some things you will find in this report are community highlights, an article about how games connect people by Veritable, 7.3.5 highlights, and more!

    7.3.5 Highlights

    We got a new patch in WoW and it has very mixed reviews to say the least. Some people are saying its great and others think there is not enough to do. I want to know what you guys/gals think of this patch for sure because we are going to be in this patch for quite some time before the next expansion. On to the highlights.

    • Leveling Changes
    There is a ton of changes to leveling and to get a full look at them click here. The short version is leveling didn't get harder but it definitely will take you longer to level. Also you can do any zone in any order you want now because everything scales to your character now.

    • 4 Backpack slots
    Unlocked by attaching an Authenticator to your account

    • Ulduar Timewalking
    "Your fate is sealed. The end of days is finally upon you and ALL who inhabit this miserable little seedling. Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'shh."

    • New Silithus
    It's got a big ass sword in it and there's world quests and new story stuff there now.

    • Horde and Alliance Epilogues

    Community Highlights

    Unkillable / Untargetable in PVP by HazzBazzy

    Another NPC Under SW was found

    [ Compilation ] The 6 creepy naked races placeholder actually in the game

    An amazing Auction House guide by Advanta

    Games Connecting People

    Seeing as how it's the ending of the holiday season for some people, and we are moving into the new year when new games hit the digital and physical shelves for our consumption, one has to take a step back once in a while and see how fortunate we are as to how far we have come as a gaming community.

    So today, we are going to step all the way back to a time when some of you may not have been born yet, some were in High School or College and just getting into this whole Computer thing. Lets time travel back to 1989.

    Welcome to 1989 and the era of the BBS, or Bulletin Board Service. The above picture represents two of the most iconic games, which were called "Door Games" of the era. I will also mention Usurper as well because it was awesome too, but Trade Wars 2002 and Legend of the Red Dragon (L.O.R.D.) were at the top of almost every BBS system around the world.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the technology at the time, a BBS was run on telephone lines. The more phone lines a sysadmin had, the more concurrent people could be on the BBS at the same time, otherwise they would get a busy signal and would have to call again. Why is this important? Imagine turning on your computer and hooking it up to the phone line, and then dialing a sometimes long distance phone number just to see what is going on in another city, with like minded people. But also imagine that the BBS you are connecting to only had a single phone line, but had a couple thousand people who sign in every day. You might have to wait a while to get in, but you could do it and you wouldn't complain too terribly much.

    Most people did not have access to anything like the internet, thus you were left to Dial-Up BBS'. So you get in, and you check what we would soon refer to as email, and we lovingly called it Fidonet. You would be able to send messages to other users on the Fidonet, and every so often (sometimes once a night), the BBS' system would connect to a main server and communicate all incoming and outgoing messages, to be ready for the next round of users.

    But that was text, and was extremely informative, but had no bite to it. Enter Door Games like Trade Wars 2002. You would be able to log in, take over a space station and even find other players ships in space. If someone logged out in the middle of a sector, their ship was there until they logged back in. While it was there, you could attack it and take all their cargo. Amazing thing about that is when the BBS had more than one line connected. You are now in a multi-player strategy game, not unlike playing Civilization with friends. You had a connection with this person in the game, and you would communicate through Fidonet or the local message board, to create corporations and gangs basically to take over entire sectors in the game.

    L.O.R.D. had its own hitch to it. There were certain areas of the game that if you paid money, or stumbled upon a random section of a forest, you might encounter someone inscribing a message on an outhouse (message list), and you could communicate or kill them in some respects. So you always logged out in the Inn, never in the Forest, and always make sure you had the best weapon and armor equipped. One of the best tricks, was when someone would create a module for the game that allowed you to rename your weapons and armor. You could rename your Dragon Slayer Sword to "Cracked Stick". Then someone who would bribe the Inn Keeper to see who they could slay and take money, they would see your gear but get annihilated by the renamed weapon.

    Without multiple lines, it was never real-time communications like we have today. In today's world of gaming, communication has never been easier. From the straight up creation of Discord and the likes for actual voice chat, Video conferencing with Skype and even built-in chat systems like Blizzards and Steam have created on their platforms, it has never been easier to communicate with teammates and organize events inside of video games in real time. No more waiting for 24 hours to see if someone is going to help you attack Sir Chancealot in the Inn.

    I guess what is next, is we all get implants and no need for cell phones anymore. It just is thought of and sent... imagine the horror some of your friends will experience from your thoughts in that system HAH!

    So as you are shopping In-Line or On-Line for that next gen title, just think about how you communicate with them in the game and look back at the way it used to be. Games have always been a way of a certain facet of society to communicate with each other. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But it was always a push to more real-time communications. Faster methods to relay information about a game matter, or your work schedule so you could both sign into a BBS at the same time to go hunting in Trade Wars.

    Imagine if you were suddenly thrown into 1989 and had to deal with communicating in that way when you are in the thick of a raid in WoW or Destiny 2.

    Happy 2018 Everyone!

    Gaming News From Around the World

    • New House of the Dead was announced.
    Very little information is known but we have some sneak peaks of what is to come! All pics can be seen here

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    1. Jaladhjin's Avatar
      Jaladhjin -
      Amagawd a new house of the dead.. I want it so much :-D

      Used to play the original at a bowling alley when I was younger..

      Those 4 bag "slots" added in 7.3.5 were disappointing too.. I was expecting 4 slots for 1 extra bag each significantly increasing storage since that is a pain point for almost every player..

      I thought to myself no.. they can't really mean 4 extra squares.. & they did :-(
    1. Gentoo's Avatar
      Gentoo -
      Enjoyed the trip down memory lane with the BBS. Was a Fidonet node operator for a few years, and wrote backend packet tossing software that was released on "Shareware" cd's.. Fond memories of my direct connect 300 baud modem, fun times.
    1. Veritable's Avatar
      Veritable -
      Quote Originally Posted by Gentoo View Post
      Enjoyed the trip down memory lane with the BBS. Was a Fidonet node operator for a few years, and wrote backend packet tossing software that was released on "Shareware" cd's.. Fond memories of my direct connect 300 baud modem, fun times.
      Actually in the last few years, I have gone back to TradeWars a few times on telnet servers. It's quite interesting. I can't seem to get L.O.R.D. to work properly 100% of the time, but it does work.

      Edit: If I can find my old backup CD's from the 90's I am PRETTY sure I have a PHP copy of LORD somewhere... apparently they removed it from the internet and it's unavailable. So ... I should really go look for it.