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  • OwnedCore Report #7

    Hello OwnedCore and welcome to the 7th OwnedCore report. This is where I bring you all the worthy news from OwnedCore and gaming on a biweekly basis. If you noticed there wasn't a report for awhile and I apologize for that but it was sadly due to my home PC breaking down. I am in the process of picking parts for a new one but luckily my friend let me borrow one of her older laptops until I am fully setup again! So lets get this lucky #7 on the way. We will be covering Destiny 2 PC release & Blizzcon coming next week.

    Destiny 2 is now out on PC

    Destiny 2 is officially out on PC via the client and the PC crowd seems to be feeling the wall that the console players have been crying about since the game was released over 7 weeks ago. The game took major steps backwards and the main complaint seems to have been that there is just no end game content. They took away fishing for the perfect gear by monetizing most of it, making shaders one time use, and just taking the incentive to farm over and over away.

    But there might be hope.

    Apparently Bungie has put their "Live Team" on to Destiny 2 as opposed to the "Design Team". From what I have seen, this is the same thing that happened in Destiny 1 and why Destiny 1 kept getting better and better. By the time Destiny 1 was 3 years old it was an amazing and polished game with tons of stuff to do. Even though there is no excuse why they had to go so many steps back before moving forward again, at least there is hope. Christopher Barrett in a blog post listed a couple things coming to the game soon.

    • Better rewards and replay value for strikes, adventures, and Lost Sectors

    • Better incentives for completing Crucible matches (and penalties for quitting competitive games)

    • Changes to make the mod economy more interesting and impactful.

    • New ways to spend surplus currency and materials (looking at you Legendary Shards).

    • Private matches for the competitive community (we are targeting early 201

    So the game may not be perfect now and the end game may be dry but if Bungie has proven anything in all of this is that they can take a bad start and turn it into a good finish just like they did with Destiny 1.

    Blizzcon is less than a week away!

    Blizzcon is less than one week away with some of the eSports stuff starting as early as tomorrow the 28th of October! There has been a ton of speculation on what kind of stuff will be announced at Blizzcon and even more "leaked" WoW expansion logos. But what are we realistically expecting to see at Blizzcon this year?

    As far as World of Warcraft goes, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be getting a new expansion. Nothing is ever 100% certain but we are approaching the last raid very soon in the live game and there is no better time than this Blizzcon to give us a taste of that new juicy content. There have been tons of theories on what the next expansion might be and honestly I just don't know which one makes the most sense at this point. We have the void and old gods, we got pirates and south seas, and most of all we got Jaina lurking around somewhere. How and when all of this will tie in, nobody knows but I assume one of them will be the theme of the next expansion.

    Next we have Hearthstone and once again we could expect a new expansion. Move aside Lich King and welcome our new....Pirates? Yea I said it, pirates. Why do I say that? Well Blizzard announced a mystery golden legendary card that is going to be obtainable via the Virtual Ticket purchase. Well yesterday they announced what that card will be. And it is none other than.....Marin the Fox?

    Nobody knows anything about this fella but what we do know from common sense is...hes a buccaneer of sorts. So I, along with the twitterverse, have to assume he is a main character in the new 'South Seas' expansion for Hearthstone.

    As far as Diablo 3 I don't think well be getting much if anything at all. A quick look at the schedule tells me they are either done with Diablo 3 and are moving on to Diablo 4 or are planning something that takes more than a year to develop for Diablo 3. I wouldn't count on the latter so that just leaves the former. Diablo 4 2018 hype anybody?

    Heroes of the Storm we can expect a hero and maybe some eSport stuff.

    Overwatch is apparently going to be a new hero and map along with a TON of Overwatch League information and news. I think this is going to be Blizzards main focus outside of WoW this Blizzcon. There is a ton of controversy around the OWL and there is also a ton of money being poured into it by investors. Most recently we had more celebrities invest into NRG including Marshawn Lynch from the NFL and Jennifer Lopez which is not surprising since she is dating A-ROD who has money in NRG. Also we have Echo Fox announcing they are teaming up with the New York Yankees so we can expect them to join the pool eventually. All in all, there is a lot of big money at play and Blizzard has to put on a show especially with how many people doubt the success of the OWL.

    As far as new IP's go, this is interesting. There was a lot of talk about Blizzard hiring people with Unity experience which signifies mobile and classified it as a RTS MMO or something of the sorts. IDK what the hell this could mean but it sounds amazing. Maybe a Blizzard Clash of Clans but that's as far as my mind can realistically take that information.

    What are you guys most hyped for at Blizzcon this year?

    Full schedule is here

    Community Highlights

    Blizzcon 2017 In Game Goodies

    Disphotic lets us know that if you get 2k rating in WoW right now you can buy previous seasons elite armor sets! Get it while its hot!

    SniffingPickles made a thread where we the community can earn CoreCoins by finding items that "exploit the lazy noobs" in WoW! Definitely check this one out!

    Buzzler gives us one of the best guides I have seen in awhile. A way to access group finder on low level alts to give portals to your own alts!

    Gippy informs us that the rare spawn that holds the Reins of Poseidus spawns every 4-6 hours instead of once a week now. HUGE if your a mount collector.

    Community Interview

    One of the most common requests is another OwnedCore interview. And even though that will still be a thing it was decided it would also be cool to give you guys a little miniature interview with a community member each week and just have a short talk about the topics covered in the report. This week is none other than the girl herself, Smitten.

    Q: I know you like FPS such as quake , has that background led you to try Destiny 2 on PC once it released? Why or why not

    A: I haven't tried it. I somewhat followed both its beta and full launch and saw too many issues that turned me off playing it. The multiple hundreds, or even thousands of people banned by false anti-cheat triggers, incompatibility with GPU overclocking, streaming, Discord overlays and more just made me think my time could be better spent on another game, since Bungie clearly didn't want to put too much effort in developing their PC port to work with the software that almost all PC gamers use.

    Q: Are there any games you have your eye on coming out in the "near" future? Any hype trains?

    A: Aside from the full release of Quake Champions, I am always both anxious and excited to see what the next WoW expansion will be. Outside that, I've been waiting on the next Serious Sam game and hopefully an announcement for the next Doom game.

    Q: Serious Sam, did not expect that! As far as Blizzcon goes, you just mentioned your hyped for a new wow expo, what about anything else? Is there any other blizz title your going to be eyeing down at blizzcon for new content?

    A: For myself to personally play, not really. I don't play any other Blizzard game. I'm interested to see what they'll be with Overwatch. They were hiring for an unannounced project where they wanted people familiar with the Overwatch universe. Will it be an expansion, an "Overwatch 2" or something else entirely? Maybe we'll find out.

    Q: [ Speaking of OWL, do you think it will be a success or failure, and why?

    A: I think OWL is a good thing for eSports, but with the way Blizzard has handled it it will ultimately either fail, or need lots of artificial support. The buy-in price is too high, many people involved from outside Blizzard (eSports teams, players, eSports industry insiders) have said that it has been anything from poorly managed to a waiting disaster, not to mention that Overwatch is quite difficult to watch as a spectator and that difficulty only increases if you've never played the game -- and that's the audience they need to capture to really make it work. They will have to put significant effort into making the spectator experience more enjoyable, and find a way to teach non-player how the game works, why it works the way it does and what certain situations mean.
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