• Deathmatch in Overwatch

    Deathmatch is finally coming to Overwatch.

    Jeff Kaplan announced that Deathmatch will be coming to Overwatch after originally thinking it wasn't right for the game. Not bringing Deathmatch to Overwatch was looked at by the community as a sin in an FPS game. Deathmatch serves as a great way to warm up before going into things such as ranked play. Even CS:GO has Deathmatch and extremely popular Deathmatch servers known as Fragshack that are fast spawn, FFA, and 128 tick. A ton of professional and just competitive players come together on these servers to get the rust off for the day before hopping into things like skrims, competitive MM, or even at pro events you will see them warming up on these servers at the LAN itself right before the game starts. So for Blizzard to say it wasn't right for the game definitely didn't sit well with competitive players at first.

    Than came custom games where people made headshot only servers but even this was only halfway there. See headshot only is a great way to practice as well and is common practice in games like CS:GO too. But the issue with it in OW was that these headshot servers were not Deathmatch they were the normal game mode...just HS only. Which usually is not how it is done. Most headshot servers are in a Deathmatch format that way it serves as a non stop warm up not an actual game mode. So as nice as it was to have headshot only servers once they brought in custom games it just didn't fully fit the bill.

    Now that we have full fledged Deathmatch all those problems are solved. Jeff even mentions in the video that if you get top four in the Deathmatch you get win credit. Some might see this as "Blizzard being casual" but I think it's pretty good. Also he mentions that they modified a lot (not all) of the maps to accommodate the Deathmatch mode. On top of that they are adding a brand new map specifically for Deathmatch FFA. This is a huge sense of relief because if they just added the mode without adding or modifying maps it would've just been awful to play DM on these bottle neck focused maps.

    TDM will also be coming to the Arcade as well. This unlike FFA is going to be to 30 kills (FFA is 20). Apparently Mercy res takes kill credit away from the other team. This is kinda interesting because I don't think I have ever seen this mechanic in a TDM mode in any FPS in the past. Might be kind of annoying but at the same time it would suck if her ult was just pointless as well.

    What do you guys think of the DM/TDM addition?
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