• What you need to know about Pokemon GO Gen. 2

    Pokemon Go Gen 2

    The community has been itching for an update for Pokemon Go for quite awhile. As of late a lot of people were giving up and chalking it up as dead. But Niantic gave us some life yesterday by releasing one of its biggest updates to the game yet. Pokemon Go Generation 2. With this update came a lot of changes and so far it all seems pretty positive and the future looks promising again. So without further ado lets cover what you need to know about Pokemon Go Gen. 2

    New Pokemon

    80 new Pokemon have been added to the game. Smartly Niantic also made a change that has impacted the spawn rates of these new Pokemon that way you see them more often than not. It wouldn't be that fun of an update if all you saw was old Pokemon. The community has been saying numbers like 70-80% chance of seeing a Gen. 2 Pokemon which is really high and might not last forever. So make sure you go out and catch all the new Pokemon you want before they even it out! Oh, and these Pokemon are regionally exclusive so get your Pokesnipers out as well.

    New Evolutions also were implemented along with new Evolution items at Pokestops. Also higher evolved Pokemon give a larger Candy Bonus. This should give you the incentive to actually catch higher evolved Pokemon. Instead of 3 candies a 2nd stage evolution now gives 5 candies and a 3rd stage gives 10. A huge change that will definitely impact the choices of a lot of players when catching Pokemon. One last neat addition to Evolutions was a trick with Eevee. If you want an Umbreon or Espeon than you're in luck. Just simply name your Eevee Sakura to get an Espeon upon evolve and name it Tamao for Umbreon. This trick seems to only work one time each so save it for your best Eevee.

    Balance Changes
    First and foremost Lapras has been nerfed. It seems that Lapras is the only Pokemon to suffer a direct nerf but a lot of people feel it was long overdo. Some Lapras' are losing as much as 400 CP. On the flip side this brings up the question as to why some other Pokemon of similar power were not hit with the nerf stick but only time will tell on that.

    Legacy moves have been implemented into the game. "A legacy move is essentially one that a Pokémon can no longer learn due to Niantic pulling it from their move set (ex. Gyarados can no longer learn Dragon Breath). I don't know if the ol' Road has a list of them kicking around or not." For a list of moves that were removed or changed click HERE

    Some Gym fighting mechanics were tuned. Moves that were once spammable may not be anymore while others have become faster.

    If you are a fan of collecting foils in card games or rare skins in others than look no further than SHINY POKEMON! That is right, you can now get what is essentially a foil version of Pokemon. These Pokemon are rare breeds of already existing Pokemon and appear on the map as a shiny version of themselves. This does not give them different moves or power levels compared to their non shiny counterparts. From what it looks like this is purely visual and something to hunt if your a collector of such things.

    But wait there's more. New avatars and clothing have been added to the game as well. It seems some of these cosmetics might be behind pay walls so be prepared to open your wallet if you want to look your best.

    New badges have also been added for completing certain milestones. Things such as collecting all of a certain type of Pokemon or collecting all of Gen. 2 Pokemon.

    New items have been added to the game such as new berries. Two new berries were added in total. One slows the movement of Pokemon to hit them with ease and the other gives you double candy for capturing a Pokemon. You cannot stack all the berries. This means you can only use one at a time and apply once per breakout cycle. An icon should appear to show you which is being used at any given moment.

    Four new items called Dragon Scale, Metal Coat, Sun Stone, King's Rock, and Upgrade were added to evolve some Pokemon into their Generation 2 forms. These are obtainable via Pokestops but seem to be very rare. If you want to see a list of Pokemon with 2nd Gen. evolutions click HERE

    And that's it! This post should update you on the main things that came with this big patch but there is still so much more! If you want to know some more information that has been released or data mined than I will put some links for you dedicated players below!

    Pokemon Go Gen 2 Egg Chart

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    1. Willy's Avatar
      Willy -
      I stopped playing when they shut everyone with a rooted device out of the game, but I wish everyone else good luck with the second gen!
    1. jaczar's Avatar
      jaczar -
      This game had so much potential however the devs take the fun away from the game with each and every patch. I as well quit playing when they shut down the root access. sure i can hide my root and continue to play but i dont feel like doing that with each device i get.

      if only they had any other company to develop the game
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      Dante -
      Quote Originally Posted by willy t3h whale View Post
      I stopped playing when they shut everyone with a rooted device out of the game, but I wish everyone else good luck with the second gen!
      What. Is this true?
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      Kgamer -
      guys is pokesniper 2 really down or dead??? now
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      game is dead ?
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