• [Exploration Rebirth] Call to arms : Prove your worth

    Hello everyone !

    Here comes the Exploration Rebirth project.
    I noticed two things that saddened me about recent explorations :

    1) I think the "Random explorations" thread is used too much. Most of the time, small explorations end up there and get lost in the lot.
    Even though not everything is worthy of a thread, I think most of the new stuff (that hasn't been posted already on OC), should have a single thread about it.
    Basically :
    - Is it a screenshot of a known location that I'm proud to have explored again myself ? => random exploration
    - Is it a new way out of a dungeon, or an underground object that nobody saw before ? => new thread

    2) Legion is out for quite some time now, and some instances still don't have proper threads about them on OC, with tutorial and/or discoveries.
    It's sad because newcomers may not now how or where to start. They can watch us do awesome stuff, but they can't replicate them, learn from them, and give back by contributing with new discoveries later.
    The handbook is very cool because it makes the first step in this direction. But I think we also need practical examples.
    I learned exploration by reproducing videos I saw here. So to me, the more we explain how it works, the more people may attempt it, and become real explorers later. And more people = more stuff.

    So I'd like to restart a very cool project created Dellion some times ago :

    Since I still don't know the WoD/Legion content much, it would take me a very long time to do this on my own, and I think it would be counter-productive for the community to do this alone.
    So I want you to help me, and I will reward you for your efforts.

    What is this about ?
    I want to have threads with tutorials on how to get out of every WoD/Legion dungeon and raid. And since we're at it, also share screenshots or videos of the hidden stuff you find on your way !

    Why would you help me ?
    Because you love exploration and would like to participate in this common effort, by spreading knowledge about explorations in WoW.
    Also, because the first person to post a way out of a dungeon or raid will be awarded 5$. Yep, real life money.
    To make it even more challenging, i'll be offering a bonus of 25$ for the explorer that contributed the most at the end of the project.

    What are the rules ?
    - Everything posted before this thread does not count. You will have to find new ways out, no repost. (please help me detect reposts with links to the original threads)
    - The first thread showing a new way out of a WoD/Legion dungeon or raid will gain 5$ and 5 points. Screenshots should be enough for proof, but videos are always better.
    - The following threads or posts showing alternative ways out, and/or new discoveries (hidden objects, holes, glitched textures, ...) will gain 1 point.
    - If your way out of an instance isn't class-dependent, you will get a bonus of 3 points.
    - Exploiters will be able to participate as well. Every new exploration technique (dc macro, higher/faster jumps, bypass walls, prevent underground DCs, ...) will reward 5 points.
    - Model edits and third party programs (netlimiter/hacks/...) won't count toward this project, only legit explorations (item/spells/ethernet cable/...).
    - Far sight (and similar) being too easy, your character will have to be physically outside of the instance for it to be valid.
    - When every dungeon and raid have a thread with a tutorial on how to escape it, the project will be over, and prizes for the points ranking will apply.
    - As I don't know the WoD/Legion content, some instances may be "unexplorable" (no outside ground, no unreachable areas). If that's the case, the 5$ reward for this instance will be added to the bonus pool for the most points.
    - The same will apply if some instances cannot be escaped without hacks or model edits. But I doubt this will happen. Be creative
    - You must have a paypal account if you want the money !
    - I may very well participate in this project, you'll have to be faster than me if you want to win something.
    - The money will be transferred as soon as the input is validated, and you communicated to me your paypal address.
    - I'll have the final call in any case of conflicts between explorations. But of course, I don't see why the competition would go this way. This should be done for fun and knowledge, money isn't be the main aspect of the thing.
    - The winner will have a free title on OC (i'll give him cc to buy it), something along "King of the explorers" would be badass imo.
    - Tutorials must work with the latest patch at the time of the post.

    For the list of valid instances, see at the bottom of the thread. (list from wowhead)

    [Locked] means the 5$ reward is available for this instance : nobody made a thread about it since this post.
    Once somebody unlocks the 5$ reward, I will tag the instance as [Unlocked] and will put a link to it on this post.
    I did not include scenarios because it would be too expensive for me ;p But I might reward points for these explorations, if any comes.

    - Every unlock earns 5$
    At the end of the contest :
    - First explorer by points will gain a bonus of 50$, a free custom title, and 20k corecoins
    - Second place will gain 10$ and 10k corecoins
    - Third place will gain 5$ and 5k corecoins

    Thank you Eryxon and KuRIoS for your support!

    Final words
    If i'm good with maths, there are 25 instances to explore. Meaning that if you're the first to share a tutorial for everything, you'll gain 125$, + 25$ bonus for the most points = 150$ total.
    I'll manage a list of current points holders, and you can help me make additions
    If you want to discuss about this thread, theories, and stuff, you should join the OC discord server which now has an exploration channel : Discord

    I did not post this on the contest section because it doesn't have a true end date.
    And when done, this thread could very well be transformed into :
    - A meta-thread for exploration tutorials.
    - A movie, based on clips from various posts, to set a new state of the art of Exploration ? Like dopefish and so many others before.

    Lastly (yep, "Lastly" after "Final words", I lied), I will hit 10 years membership on Ownedcore in August. This may be the only beginning of me celebrating by giving back massively to the exploration community.
    I want to make Exploration, as a whole, count. They are already museums filled with video game arts, but you never see our point of view of the landscape there. Exploration shows the work of the devs, and tells how things get done. Or in case of glitches, the beautiful expression of a machine. People love that.

    That's it ! Good luck fellow explorers and exploiters, and most importantly, have fun !

    sorry for long post...
    ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

    Name Status Skill used Thread
    Warlords of Draenor --- --- ---
    Iron Dock [Unlocked] by Dellion grappling hook [Escape] Iron Docks
    Bloodmaul Slag Mines [Unlocked] by Dellion grappling hook / slowfall [Escape] Bloodmaul Slag Mines
    Auchindoun [Unlocked] by azix with infernal strike / fel rush / glide [Escape] Auchindoun
    Skyreach [Unlocked] by Dellion lag macro / rocket boost / parachute / gust of wind [Escape] Skyreach
    Grimrail Depot [Unlocked] by Dellion grappling hook [Escape] Grimrail Depot
    Shadowmoon Burial Grounds [Unlocked] by Dellion growth / gust of wind [Escape] Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
    The Everbloom [Unlocked] by Dellion contender's costume [Escape] The Everbloom
    Upper Blackrock Spire [Unlocked] by Dellion growth / gust of wind [Escape] Upper Blackrock Spire
    Highmaul [Unlocked] by neneslol growth [Escape] Highmaul
    Blackrock Foundry [Locked]
    Hellfire Citadel [Unlocked] by azix grappling hook [Escape] Hellfire Citadel
    Legion --- --- ---
    Darkheart Thicket [Locked]
    Eye of Azshara [Locked]
    Halls of Valor [Locked]
    Neltharion's Lair [Unlocked] by Dellion rocket boost / lag macro [Escape] Neltharion's Lair
    Violet Hold [Unlocked] by neneslol growth / fel rush [Escape] Violet Hold
    Black Rook Hold [Unlocked] by Dellion growth / gust of wind [Escape] Black Rook Hold
    Court of Stars [Unlocked] by Dellion jumps [Escape] Court of Stars
    Maw of Souls part1 [Unlocked] by azix grappling hook [Escape] MoS (part 1)
    Maw of Souls part2 [Unlocked] by Dellion growth / gust of wind [Escape] Maw of Souls (part 2)
    Return to Karazhan [Locked]
    The Arcway [Unlocked] by Dellion growth / gust of wind [Escape] The Arcway
    Vault of the Wardens [Locked]
    The Emerald Nightmare [Locked]
    The Nighthold [Locked]
    Trial of Valor [Locked]
    1st : Dellion with 66 points (12 unlocks)
    2d : azix with 17 points (3 unlocks)
    3rd : neneslol with 14 points (2 unlock)
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    1. Dante's Avatar
      Dante -
      Woooot! Cool stuff, love ya Nyarly <3
    1. azix's Avatar
      azix -
      I hope the exploration section gets the attention it deserves again Thanks for the project! Might be worth a sticky?
    1. Nyarly's Avatar
      Nyarly -
      You're the man !

      I'm curious though, why did you call the maw of souls one "part 2" ? Is the instance split in two parts ? (should it be two different objectives?)
      I love that skybox with storms btw.
    1. Ellion's Avatar
      Ellion -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nyarly View Post
      You're the man !

      I'm curious though, why did you call the maw of souls one "part 2" ? Is the instance split in two parts ? (should it be two different objectives?)
      I love that skybox with storms btw.
      Yep, there are 2 parts of the instance. But I can't manage to get out of first... yet. It got much harder after 7.1.5. Before this patch you could just bypass the entrance portal on the left side without any tigers or any other stuff. First part is much bigger, it contains the whole Stormheim (including Halls of Valor bridge).

      [Escape] Skyreach
      [Escape] The Arcway
    1. Zulch's Avatar
      Zulch -
      Great idea! I don't have an active sub atm.. but it looks like Dellion is unlocking everything anyways :-D
    1. Nyarly's Avatar
      Nyarly -
      Aw, northern lights in the sky ? I need to go there. I went to Iceland in January to see them, and saw lightened clouds...

      Exploration macro for skyreach was posted here before :
      - Exploration macro's DH
      - Demon Hunter Infinite Height + Infinite Fel Rush
      But not for this use, and your way should be working without the wind gust, making it class-friendly ?
      I'll give you 8 points for it !

      OP updated, it's going fast, be quick if you want anything ^^
      But his videos are very short, showing more stuff from each region still earns points.
      And Dellion must sleep at some point. It will give you, other explorers, time to catch up

      Edit : azix entered the contest with maw of souls part1 !
      I have split maw of soulds into two parts, and then awarded azix 6 points for it. (5 for unlock + 1 for lots of places shown)
    1. Nyarly's Avatar
      Nyarly -
      Welp that's almost 1/3 of the way already, well done!
      I wanted to unlock neltharion's lair this afternoon but failed to escape again

      OP is up to date
    1. Ellion's Avatar
      Ellion -
      [Escape] The Everbloom

      Quote Originally Posted by Nyarly View Post
      110 - Court of Stars [Unlocked] by Dellion with gust of wind? (See [Escape] Court of Stars)
      Nope. Just hole in a terrain, nothing more.
    1. Teh Canadian's Avatar
      Teh Canadian -
      Confirmed Dellion is winning.
    1. neneslol's Avatar
      neneslol -
      I was uploading my exploration/ DH tuto of NL when i saw Dellion one, did i create a new thread or did i post here ?
    1. Nyarly's Avatar
      Nyarly -
      Quote Originally Posted by neneslol View Post
      I was uploading my exploration/ DH tuto of NL when i saw Dellion one, did i create a new thread or did i post here ?
      Alternative ways to get out of instances are always good to share, I'd say new thread or an answer to dellion's thread ?
      Welcome to the party btw!

      OP updated, 12 instances left, half done already !
    1. Nyarly's Avatar
      Nyarly -
      Ok so if you want to explore : pick rogue, shaman, or DH I guess.
      Grappling hook is so imba, I loled at that explo.
    1. Nyarly's Avatar
      Nyarly -
      Quick update :
      Dellion is stuck for the last 6 instances !
      But this is where it gets interesting, we may be forced into finding new tools for these new limits.

      In the meantime, Dellion got his reward for first place, and 15 unlocks ! Very impressive man, thank you.
      Azix and neneslol still fight for the 2d place, but any new challenger can still grab it as well !
    1. spoutnik's Avatar
      spoutnik -
      (totally unrelated, but I really love your avatar Nyarly )