• OwnedCore Holiday Giveaway!

    Greetings OwnedCore community. Just like last year we are doing another holiday giveaway to give back to the community for all the great content generated throughout 2016. This will be a simple contest that ends on January 1st of the new year.

    The Contest

    To enter this contest write a comment on what your favorite OwnedCore moment of 2016. This could be anything from a conversation in Bawx chat to an exploit or guide that helped you out!

    First Prize: 50,000 CoreCoins & 1 Month Free Donator Status
    Second Prize: 25,000 CoreCoins & 1 Month Free Donator Status
    Third Prize: 10,000 CoreCoins[/CENTER]

    Kenneth will do a random draw on Random.Org on the 2nd of January to pick the winners.
    Also if you win Donator Status it can be applied at any time from the time you win until the end of 2017.
    If you are already a Donator and win you can have this added on to your subscription.
    Remember to thank Eryxon for helping me set this up.
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    1. D3Boost's Avatar
      D3Boost -
      I can't help but post this:
      Quote Originally Posted by Dante View Post
      Yep..that's what happens when you don't get enough sleep
    1. jimmyamd's Avatar
      jimmyamd -
      Good luck to all and have a merry Christmas.
    1. Ashoran's Avatar
      Ashoran -
      I'm a turtle.
    1. Jaladhjin's Avatar
      Jaladhjin -
      I lol'd the most at all the Overwatch controversy over who stole who's code.. & I still don't actually even know who's is what's is where.. Chinese this.. Korean that.. oi

      And the saddest moment on OC in 2016.. admitting Donald Trump very well may run my country..
    1. Tinyfin's Avatar
      Tinyfin -
      My favourite moment was winning a contest for an Overwatch beta key. I believe Jessy hosted it. It was my first contest I ever won in my whole life. This would make a great second if RNG is in my favor. Apart from that, it's great to be part of this community and I thank everyone who contributed to this site.
    1. gippy's Avatar
      gippy -
      My favourite moment was a byproduct of oc, using the pokemongo snipers to fill a pokemongo account with all possible pokemon then pretending to my son i had caught them all legit. He didnt believe me for long, but his face was funny when i first told him.
    1. Shark's Avatar
      Shark -

      The day I joined the forums would have to be my favorite moment. Since then, I've been drowning in women and couldn't be happier. Thanks OwnedCore!
    1. BUBBABUNCH's Avatar
      The time I posted an actual exploit and had people messaging me asking me to remove it so it wouldn't get fixed. Was always hesitant to post anything as I am a long time lurker :-p
    1. whatthehellwasthat's Avatar
      my favorite moment of ownedcore is this christmas contest
    1. hackerlol's Avatar
      hackerlol -
      My favourite moments on Ownedcore have all been with my BFF maclone.

      maclone ♥ hackerlol - Album on Imgur
    1. scrappyballz's Avatar
      scrappyballz -
      my fav moment is when smitten gives hackerlol crap in shout bawx.
    1. Nikusha'sServices's Avatar
      my favourite moment is like first step when i joined OC, my trades increased a lot, I love Ownedcore Team <3
    1. MrClue's Avatar
      MrClue -
      My favorite moment on OwnedCore was back in cata, when WoWPlus was released.
      I remember how OP it was to click and teleport back and forth with the flag in the Warsong Gulch battleground
    1. chaserbl's Avatar
      chaserbl -
      My fav moment was when I got unbanned because I had impersonators of me two times already
      But great forum staff helped me at the end <3

      Happy holidays everyone!
    1. MisterPepsi's Avatar
      MisterPepsi -
      The first time I won something on OC.My 3 months wow gametime from JessieBoosting.
    1. grimmjow200's Avatar
      grimmjow200 -
      Most interesting was probably realising 'most' people went from gaming-talk to politics-talk when they started to realise that Trumpmania was serious.

      Still makes me laugh to see so many of my friends in utter shock.
    1. vvvat's Avatar
      vvvat -
      the first thing I remembered. it is a bug that allows you to push the players, even when dead. I spent a few merry hours, pushing people on the bridge near Karazhan.
    1. ferib's Avatar
      ferib -
      Thanks for this amazing community and everyone here thats helping each others.
      With the amazing help of a few users i mannaged to make my own hack tool for World of Warcraft.

      And here is one of the first people that liked my work:
      Attachment 47408

      Happy holidays to everyone!
    1. Veritable's Avatar
      Veritable -
      I think my favorite moment of 2016 was whenever a new game came out, people were actively helping other members in bawx. Especially when it came to games like Black Desert Online and Pokemon GO during the bot hype on launch.

      Everyone came together to improve the Quality of Life of everyone on the scene here, and it made it feel like a real community. Definitely one of the stronger years in memory. So many people came together as a unit to solve problems, help others and overall we all shared a sense of community.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All of OwnedCore!