• Smitten's End of 2016 Giveaway -- Scarab Lord / R1 Warlock & Amazon Giftcard

    I'll keep this short and sweet since it'll likely be my last giveaway, so I wanted to make it a good one.

    The Prizes:

    I'm giving away one of personal WoW accounts (US Region) which has a Scarab Lord & Rank 1 Warlock. Level 110, 863 item level. It also has full T3 and some Naxx40 weapons. Not much else. No other characters on the account.

    I'm also giving away a $50 Amazon Giftcard to the runner up.

    To Enter:

    Reply to this thread with why Horde is or is not the best faction. One entry (post) per person or you'll be disqualified.


    Entries end at 11:59PM on the 31st of December, 2016 (AEST).

    Winners will be announced within 48 hours after.

    Winners will be picked via random.org based on post number.

    Have fun & good luck!
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    1. Kenneth's Avatar
      Kenneth -
      Horde is the best faction because Alliance races are all bland
    1. hackerlol's Avatar
      hackerlol -
      Horde is not the best faction because all the horde races are ugly as **** and most of their capital cities are the WoW equivalent of ghettos.
    1. AccountShark's Avatar
      AccountShark -

      This is my entry
    1. DiamondStarFall's Avatar
      DiamondStarFall -
      in to support! horde is the best as its evil!
    1. Annaisha's Avatar
      Annaisha -
      Giving away a Scarab lord and Rank 1 is pretty insane, I'm sure your thread will get a lot of attention! I personally prefer Horde, they have blood elves, their zones (such as The Barrens, Mulgore, and every Horde zone in in general) has such a nice view and calming music.

      I'm playing Alliance myself, and I must admit the Alliance PLACES (such as buildings, check Garrisons for example) always look so much more beautiful than Horde ones. Also Alliance has no stinky Undead, Smelly Trolls who would get in no pedicure spa ever, Goblins who would rob your wallet even if it were your best friends, and the list goes on.
    1. jaczar's Avatar
      jaczar -
      I play horde but pvp on my ally because horde cannot come together and win anything...
    1. Hazzbazzy's Avatar
      Hazzbazzy -
      Horde is definitely not the best faction; it can't even hold it's politics together!
    1. Xecis's Avatar
      Xecis -
      Horde is the best, because Alliance have humans and well... we all know how disgusting humans are considering we are humans amirite?
    1. user97's Avatar
      user97 -
      Horde has goblins, that's why

      If you don't get that you are probably a basement nerd
    1. Gazaman's Avatar
      Gazaman -
      ty for the giveaway !
      As for why is horde the best ?
      1- they got the coolest looking characters in game , nothing like a faggy gnome etc
      2- when the horde needs to take care of some buisness they just go in and kill the damn buisness instead of the ally friendly talking scum
      3- Pilav is a ally warrior and he's gay so that means All horde automaticly are the best !
    1. jimmys96's Avatar
      jimmys96 -
      I'm gonna say have to say that the horde is best because of the uniqueness they bring into the game. Blood elves only being playable as female is pretty cool ^_^ (male belfs don't exist)
    1. Alfalfa's Avatar
      Alfalfa -
      Amazing giveaway, thanks!

      Going to make an argument for the faction I don't play.
      Horde is not the best, Alliance is because alliance is composed of more architects, builders, and engineers, instead of dirty mudhut assemblers.
      (Lore wise, not based on players)
    1. ApexBoosting's Avatar
      ApexBoosting -
      Horde is the best faction because they have the best character models, thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    1. ergosumbi's Avatar
      ergosumbi -
      Amazing giveaway.

      Horde are the best because we have COWS !
    1. neuron's Avatar
      neuron -
      Method and Serenity, number 1 and 2 in the world are Horde! Nuff said

      EDIT: And a BIG THANKS for this nice giveaway!
    1. Cyphar's Avatar
      Cyphar -
      Humans are squishy. Orcs are not.
    1. Kazique's Avatar
      Kazique -
      Horde is best cause garrosh
    1. Ashoran's Avatar
      Ashoran -
      Fabulous giveaway.

      Horde is the worst because they're not allied with the alliance, which is the master faction.
    1. razer86's Avatar
      razer86 -
      GL All!! Amazing giveaway!

      Horde is the best at dying, does that make them the best?
    1. Zinqa's Avatar
      Zinqa -
      In all honesty I prefered alliance back in vanilla / tbc because of the music in elwynn forrest, I just couldnt help it, but I loved it.
      Now I play horde because I dislike the changes they have done to Stormwind (sadly), but ye the music in wow, specially back then, were always magical in my opinion.
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