• Back With MMOwned v2!

    After a lot of great input and work, MMOwned is now back with version 2 providing the best World of Warcraft content of anywhere with a new look, new organization of your favorite forums, along with the addition of blogs, the MMOwned cash market, and other bells and whistles.

    The MMOwned Cash market now gives members the ability to further help support the site by purchasing MMOwned cash to do the following:

    Change username color
    Change title
    Change title color
    Title color glow
    Get special forum access
    Donate to another member
    You can also gamble or play the lottery!

    To celebrate MMOwned v2 all already registered members have 600 M$ to spend right now! Enjoy!

    We have also added several new game forums under the new "Other MMOs" section which are:

    Star Trek Online
    Eve Online
    Darkfall Online

    We may add other great games in the future as well.

    Also the MMOwned Trading Market has changed. Instead of only ID Verified members only posting in our public trading forums, now any member can post new items. However, it is still highly recommended become ID Verified both as a seller and a buyer. You can do so HERE. We have also consolidated the trading forums to allow for not only World of Warcraft items but other MMO and NON MMO related items. As always, use safe trading practices.

    We also plenty more additions coming as well. Big thanks goes to Apoc for his hard work in making this happen along with the great staff and community for all its feedback and suggestions. We realize that we are sure to get plenty of feedback so please feel free to fire away. Also any bugs you may find please post HERE.

    Thanks a lot and hope you all enjoy!

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    1. bt411's Avatar
      bt411 -
      Star Trek Online
      >>Eve Online
      >>Darkfall Online

      2/4 playing, love you for adding them and of course the sexy new boardstyle :P
    1. rdr1994's Avatar
      rdr1994 -
      so far it looks amazing, i'm gnna watch the site abit more now though, gogo mmowned v2
    1. RabbitMan's Avatar
      RabbitMan -
      Looks awesome :biggthumpup:
    1. phreec's Avatar
      phreec -
      Nice, but the header looks like crap imho
    1. Speakkk's Avatar
      Speakkk -
      Man, where's the panda !

      Nice work here .
    1. ingameking's Avatar
      ingameking -
      Wow ... very nice design ! It rocks really

    1. Garry__'s Avatar
      Garry__ -
      Yeah everything looks nice, but I'm not a fan of the header as well.
    1. Ket's Avatar
      Ket -
      Actually, the header is going to get some love very soon.
    1. Blackboy0's Avatar
      Blackboy0 -
      You want my honest answer? The new design is utterly horrible.

      Everything is squished. You should be going for WIDE, not trying to squish everything! MMOwned v1 was thin enough, this is just killing it. Everything wraps and it just looks terrible.

      I used to use MMOwned atleast a couple of times a day. Now, I probably won't even view the site once a month. This so-called "epic update" ruined MMOwned for me.
    1. nialnees's Avatar
      nialnees -
      I dont really like the new design I know it took a lot of work but maybe you can add an option to change theme to what we like the most? v1 was sexy imo
    1. Xemnaslol's Avatar
      Xemnaslol -
      Totally agree with Blackboy0. Horrible.

      This wasn't how Apoc printed.

    1. secretdragon008's Avatar
      secretdragon008 -
      Great new site design.
      Really cool effects on the header to.
    1. Rigamortis's Avatar
      Rigamortis -
      I like the new color, the layout like other had said can use some work. Its not bad, but looks cluttered
    1. nadskap2's Avatar
      nadskap2 -
      What is M$???
    1. Wasakada's Avatar
      Wasakada -
      I understand you guys put an awful lot of work, into the new design so kudos for that.
      And normally when popular websites choose to come up with a new design (Facebook, youtube etc) people will be hostile at first, but eventually get used to it.
      However, i fear that this might not be the case with mmowned. I have to aggree with blackboy0 and conclude that everything feels so squeezed. I have totally lost my overview and it hurts my eyes. Perhaps it will just take some time to get used to, but for now... I will cry myself to sleep
    1. Ket's Avatar
      Ket -
      Again, all of these things will be addressed....especially the hurt eyes bit.
    1. Blackboy0's Avatar
      Blackboy0 -
      Ket, you gotta understand what I am saying.

      In full-screen mode, the layout looks amazing. But in windowed mode, which I am in 24/7, it looks terrible. And that is, I am guessing from how many people are complaining, is how most of us view MMOwned and other websites. If you notice from other sites such as WoW-V, etc. they have designs that are the entire page wide, and nobody complains about bleeding eyes.

      Also, another thing would be to fix the server being "too busy". It's already happened to me more than a couple times. :confused: (It actually happened right after I "Saved Changes" on this post...)

      So, that's just my bit. I am waiting for the width to be changed before I actually come back to my beloved MMOwned.
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