• Wacky WildStar Release Date Announced For June 3rd!

    That wacky and wild game WildStar had it's released date announced today for a June 3rd. There is a lot of anticipation especially for WildStar which seems to be more of a next generation sci-fi WoW inspired comedic MMO. Is there an acronym for that? Seriously though, WildStar does boast a lot of welcomed features such as a lot of player customization and freedom, player housing and several very different and distinct classes and styles of play.
    WildStar will start taking pre-orders on their crazy game starting March 19th. You can check out more information here:

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    1. Devanh's Avatar
      Devanh -
      And if you pre order you will get to play 3 days before, just as GW2.
    1. Maccer's Avatar
      Maccer -
      No, it won't kill WoW.
    1. Jadd's Avatar
      Jadd -
      Quote Originally Posted by Maccer View Post
      No, it won't kill WoW.
      WoW already killed WoW.
    1. Forinris's Avatar
      Forinris -
      WoW will kill wildstar when xpac hits
    1. seafunk's Avatar
      seafunk -
      Wildstar is going to take a bigger success than most recently released MMO's it seems, judging by the hype that players of other MMOs were generating in the past year.

      Will it kill WoW? Ofc not. Will all other MMO's take a massive hit (WoW included)? **** yes.

      Is it a "next generation" MMO? No, it's not. It's deja vu all over again if you ask me.

      I personally just don't like the SciFi setting in MMOs though, but I am pretty sure I'll give it a go!
    1. sed-'s Avatar
      sed- -
      Quote Originally Posted by Forinris View Post
      WoW will kill wildstar when xpac hits
      what world do you live in lol? next xpac for wow will be the death of wow where you will see the numbers drop way lower than they already are.
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