• Pledge To Shroud of the Avatar To Gain Rewards and a Unique OC Recruit Emote

    Pledge To Shroud of the Avatar Now, Gain Early Back Rewards and a Unique OC Recruit Emote

    Shroud of the Avatar is a game many of us at OC are excited about and we would like to support SotA in its mission to develop a great game.. Currently, they are having a pledge drive challenge which OC is happy to be apart of. Simply by pledging at least $45 you can gain alpha and beta access to the game and exclusive early backer at the Shroud of the Avatar site: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/

    Pledge at least $45 for the “Adventurer” Tier and gain access to the following rewards:

    • Available only to pre-launch backers, your in-game avatar will receive the honorific title of "Benefactor" to be proudly displayed for all to see (title visibility controlled by player).
    • DRM-free, digital download of the game
    • Exclusive Early Bird Alpha + Beta Access (estimated Alpha delivery in December 2013)

    Exclusive Darkstarr Rewards:

    • (* Exclusive Darkstarr Rewards are only available to Backers who pledged any amount by July 31, 2013)
    • The Darkstarr Salute! A special Darkstarr emote that only backers can master and teach to others.

    To receive an exclusive emote from OC, while you are pledging simply enter our recruiter ID: 1800

    1 recruit = You and every backer you recruit will receive a unique, unteachable emote! Only recruiters and recruitees will ever have this emote (we’re thinking a kind of “High Five” emote to acknowledge each other in game)
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    1. Nyarly's Avatar
      Nyarly -
      "Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator" :/
      Looks very cool though, i googled it.
    1. Ket's Avatar
      Ket -
      Yes it is, especially if you were a fan of the Ultima series or Ultima Online. The ability to play SotA online as a single player, or just selected friends or completely open world makes it quite unique along with player housing being a main feature. I've always felt that non instanced player housing is a true way to be immersed and feel like you can make an impact on the actual game world.

      If you pledge please let me know.
    1. finger19's Avatar
      finger19 -
      'DRM free digital download of the game' - does this mean we get the final product when it's released if we contribute $45 or more?
    1. Ket's Avatar
      Ket -
      Yes, of course.
    1. Harambeqt's Avatar
      Harambeqt -
      No available screenshots/vids on the current game version? =)
    1. Ket's Avatar
      Ket -
      Yes, there was a early demo that was shown in July. I've updated my post with it.
    1. kindbudz's Avatar
      kindbudz -
      I'm a backer on this and looking forward to it.

      I recently heard Lord British give a talk at a Unity (game engine) conference and he is making every asset in SOTA available for purchase through the Unity Asset Store. So you could make your own game or art project using all the SOTA models, animations, FX, sounds, etc. Kind of a cool concept and very rare in the game development world that is usually very secretive.

      My only fear as I left the talk was that Lord British and SOTA is a bit behind the times - and that might appeal to the nostalgia of people that have been playing MMOs for 20 years, but it might backfire too as far as it gaining mass appeal and making a lot of money to keep growing.

      I also find it a bit ironic that like 20 years later EverQuest and Ultima rise up out of the ashes for another kick at the can....at the same time...

      Not counting MUDs I started online MMO gaming with Meridian59/Ultima/EQ. I was a level designer at 3DO at the time. Good times...

      I think I might be rambling...
    1. Ket's Avatar
      Ket -
      That was my concern as well, especially in the first few months. The more I think about "Selective Mulitplayer" and what it can mean for the future of MMOs, the more I believe that SotA is truly onto something potentially big if they can pull it off. Also the metophorical "card based" combat is something i'm open minded about, as it could be a player skilled system that is easy to play but hard to master. That's a big IF they can pull it off.

      There is something things that despite being "old school", are actually quite new as they have long been abandoned as not being feasible in MMOs. Things like non-instanced housing that not guild based only. Also, the ability for players to "play" the game and not actually have to ever do combat. It's that type of thing that creates more of a thriving virtual world that I am interested in being apart..
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