• SotA Dungeon Kit Unity Assets Now Available

    SotA has released the first unity asset kit for the game which they term as a first ever for a game in development. To hand over the tools in making the game to the players. As one person noted. "like a high class Neverwinter Nights". Here is part of the release:

    "Greetings SotA Backers! We're making history this month by being one of the first (if not the first) game developer/publishers to make game assets available to other developers for use in their own games, before the release of our own game! Traditionally, most big publishers would never allow the public release, or use, of game assets before, during, or after a game launches, for fear it would impact their sales or IP value. We believe just the opposite! We believe that by pre-releasing game assets for other creator/developers to use we will increase our own game's success, while helping our fellow developers at the same time!
    We first wrote about crowdsharing our game assets in SotA Update #21 (Apr 3):

    • "With Shroud of the Avatar, our team is breaking new ground in...the crowdsharing of assets to help build a powerful community! During the prototyping phases of SotA we found the Unity asset store immensely valuable.
    • "Our goal is...the addition of monthly Unity asset packs that include a variety of SotA in-game art assets...to get professional game assets in the hands of our most ravenous fans and indie game developers...this gives them access to a stream of top quality fantasy content for their own creations.
    • "The assets will be usable and royalty free in any project the backer is directly involved in and will only carry the requirement that Portalarium is listed in the credits!"
    • [*These game assets are include in the basic rewards for all backers at the Developer Pledge Tier, or higher]"

    You can find the rest here:Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues by Portalarium, Inc. » Update of the Avatar - 07/29/13: Build Your Own Dungeon with SotA's Dungeon Kit Unity Assets! ? Kickstarter
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    1. JD's Avatar
      JD -
      As someone who's getting into using Unity, that's pretty ****ing cool.
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