• 5.4 Featuring Arena Changes

    5.4 patch is coming soon, bringing along a mass of changes. While most of them affect raiders and PVE players, there are some concerning the arena system. Read on for a quick abstract of the upcoming changes.

    The biggest and the most discussed change affecting the arena system is the rescission of the requirement of having a static arena team to join the queue. What does this mean? Well, when patch 5.4 hits the live realms, say goodbye to your fancy arena team as from then, you'll be queueing from a normal group.
    On to that now. So, to join an arena queue you'll have to gather a normal (right click --> invite) group with an appropriate number of players (2v2, 3v3, 5v5) and hit the arena queue button. The matchmaking algorithm will be a simple arithmetic mean;

    x - number of players
    y - rating

    Σy / x

    How does that rating system work?
    Quite simple actually. Every player has his / hers personal player rating based on the number of victories and defeats in such arena battles.
    I'm sorry for lacking a formula on this one, but this one hasn't been published yet.

    Does this mean I can queue with people from other realms?
    Yes, but that's a whole change for itself. Blizzard is expanding its server base, now allowing cross-realm arena queue.
    As you may have concluded this by yourself, yes, arena will now finally be region - wide.

    All of this brings another change to our beloved arena system, conquest points and conquest cap.
    These are now also based on your own personal rating.

    Here is a preview of the arena UI change:

    The arena team tab is gone, and you'll be able to see a persons personal rating by simply inspecting them.

    What are your thoughts on this? Is this another one of those infamous Blizzards leaps from hardcore gaming to casual gaming, or a simple awaited change? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.
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    1. dirki's Avatar
      dirki -
      who has time for hardcore gaming?

      I like it
    1. ieatglueandstuff's Avatar
      ieatglueandstuff -
      Who cares...the arena system is no different than the Microsoft Truskill system, as a matter of fact after a quick look activision actually has rights to use it. The truskill system is so terrible and can be exploited by anyone at anytime. The new arena system actually makes boosting w/o breaking rules completely viable similar to how we carried people to 50 in Halo 3 by just having 1 dump account.
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