• Phase 2 WOTLK

    Phase 2 WOTLK

    One of the greatest raids to grace our beloved game is finally coming back after many years of Classic WoW. Ulduar and all of its Phase 2 goodies were officially announced today with a solid 8 days notice on the raid and 6 day notice for the patch! So what exactly happens this upcoming reset?

    January 16th/17th NA-EU

    • Emblem of Conquest comes out. These are your new Emblem of Valor essentially and with them come a new vendor full of shiny new pieces of gear to buy. They can be earned via the Heroic dailies and also from all bosses in Ulduar both 10 and 25 man.

    • Argent Tournament Begins! In Icecrown dailies become available to earn new mounts, weapons and more.

    • Arena Season 6. A new season for PvP will be among us and another chance to get that Glad title you've always thirsted for.

    • Titan Rune Dungeons. This is the new addition that is basically a soft Mythic + feature being added into Wrath Classic. They are essentially Heroic Dungeons with affixes but without the timer to obtain better loot. A great way to catch up alts or help returning players.

    • Ulduar. The big addition is obviously one of the most famous raids to touch the game. Yogg, Algalon, and Mimiron with his beautiful mount await the playerbase on the 19th of January.

    • Vault of Archavon Boss will change on the 23rd.
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