• Echo takes World First Vault of the Incarnates

    After just under 10 days of racing we have our victor, Echo. The World First race comes to a close but with a slightly controversial ending. Both Liquid and Echo, the two frontrunners of this race, have been on the last boss Raszageth for 5 days now and it while progression has occurred Blizzard has been doing some consistent yet large nerfs to the boss. This is likely because they wanted the boss to die for these guilds and a world first be secured before Christmas day. The controversy this time around was the last nerf that occurred this morning before Liquid was awake where they essentially added 1 minute before the enrage timer hit. Once this nerf came in Echo killed it in the first pull after many ~10% pulls. When Liquid woke up the boss was nerfed and dead. In a perfect world it would seem that this nerf would have come in a few hours later to allow both teams to race for it at the same time. Liquid ended up taking quite a bit once they started the post nerf pulls but one can argue they were probably tilted and defeated already by this point. One could also argue that Liquid knew today would be the last day they planned on pushing in the race due to Christmas so why would they not get up a bit earlier. Up until this point their sleep schedule was to sleep through any morning maintenances but still raiding 14 hours a day by staying up later, hence why this nerf which came in early was slept through.

    To many who were watching it was still clear Echo was playing much more consistently on Raszageth and getting deeper, cleaner, and consistent pulls more often but even some of their own players didn't feel right with the way they won.

    Clip of kill with nerd screams
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