• Heroic Plus for Wrath Classic in Testing

    Heroic Plus is officially in the Wrath PTR and it's the biggest addition to the Classic saga we have seen yet. These "Titan Rune Dungeons" are available in each Heroic and are a way to help new players and alts alike to catch up on raid gear from the previous phase. Every dungeon has a Rune tied to that dungeon to fit the theme. Spider themed dungeons such as Azjol Nerub will have an affix like mechanic where additional web wraps are thrown at players. This goes on for all the dungeons. Heroic Dungeons will also begin to drop Emblems of Valor in Phase 2 because the current content, Ulduar, is moving on to Emblems of Conquest. This also means the Daily Heroic will be updated to Emblems of Conquest.

    These Heroic Plus dungeons will drop Naxxramas 10 man loot depending which dungeon you do and there is no depletion timer similar to a mythic + key in retail. This change has definitely ruffled the "no changes" feathers but the majority of the player base seems to have agreed that some changes are needed to keep the game up to a modern standard while also preserving what made it great in the first place.
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