• Dragonflight Pre-Patch

    Dragonflight pre-patch is here and with it come some of the expansions biggest changes to tinker with and enjoy.

    New Talent System

    The new Classic inspired talent system offers a ton of unique builds for both PvP and PvE alike. You can design your class how you see fit for the situation at hand instead of being handcuffed into 3 options per choice. Sure there will be some meta builds that come out of this via tons of sims but that won't stop players from finding new and creative ways to break the meta as well.

    Class Changes
    Class changes come with every expansion but it definitely feels like this one is loaded more than usual. Many of your former covenant abilities, old legendaries from expansions past, conduits, and more have been included in the new talent trees. This also includes PvP talents that were limited to one spec can now be seen available for all specs. There is also many spells such as Dragon's Breath that is not just a fire mage spell anymore but rather a spell all mages can obtain. It seems the direction they were going is a kitted class not a kitted spec. So mages utilize all 3 schools of magic instead of just one.

    Group Loot

    Group loot is back and is replacing personal loot as the loot option in raids. Yes this means personal loot is gone for good. This can be looked at as a step forward toward the master loot option that many raid groups want back to make it easier to distribute loot to the right classes.

    Race and Class Combos
    They stated many more of these will come but for now we get Rogues, Mages, and Priests will be available for every race in WoW. I think the goal is to make it so every race can be every class and to make the racial bonuses less impactful down the line. Long gone are the days of the class needed to fit the races lore but rather a more optimal modern system of play what you want and look how you want.

    Rated Solo Shuffle

    Lastly we have the popular PvP Solo Shuffle gaining a rated system in Dragonflight. Solo Shuffle has been available throughout the tail end of Shadowlands but in Dragonflight it is gaining the ability to play a ranked mode. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out and how popular it becomes since finding arena partners can be a total drag for new players trying to get their feet wet in the arena.
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