• The future of exploiting WoW Classic and Dragonflight. An interview with Archvaldor

    With Wrath Classic on the way and 10.0 shortly after there was no better time to reach out to one of OwnedCore's biggest exploit contributors, Archvaldor aka Advanta. In this interview we go over the exploitation scene in World of Warcraft, what we can expect from him in 10.0 and Wrath Classic, and much more. To check out more of Archvaldor's work her has a Youtube and a Patreon linked down below!

    Q: First and foremost how are you? How has the exploit world been treating you since we last spoke a little over a year ago?

    A:My never ending quest to avoid ever having a proper job still seems to be successful. There are still many interesting exploit leads in retail. The reduction in exploits we normally get towards a next xpac hasn't really happened due to all the systems in game and especially the catalyst of creation stuff. I was concerned the relative ease of leveling in SL would make for less public interest in leveling exploits but that hasn't happened.

    Q:TBC has come and gone in the last year. When we last spoke you said you would dabble in producing guides and exploits for TBC. How did this pan out? Looking back did you participate in BC as mucha s you thought you would? Were there any challenges that came with making TBC exploits since TBC exists in the modern game?

    A:It became very hard to justify the enormous amount of time TBC exploits take given that Youtube wants you to niche down. And when I could find something it isn't as visually spectacular as, say, a retail one-shot trick so you struggle to make an impact. When I look at OC, or my contemporaries on Youtube, there isn't a lot of TBC exploit content-indeed there is increasingly little TBC content at all. It is kinda sad-I actually still pvp on TBC but at this stage I would be making 10x less money per hour invested on TBC looking for exploits and it is hard to argue with that. There are multiple problems-less viewer interest, less complexity in the content itself, the fact Blizz have had two passes at fixing stuff, the time sink of leveling. I did anticipate playing more than I did, the economic logic was very apparent early on so I cut my TBC time earlier than I would have liked.

    Q:In our last interview we also talked about a Classic Fresh possibility and at the time when I asked that I had no idea it was possibly happening so soon but Blizzard surprised us with Season of Mastery. What were your thoughts on SoM coming out so soon after TBC's launch?

    A:That struck me as the single laziest, crassest decision Blizzard ever made. It wasn't even greedy, people usually make some kind of effort when they try to fleece you, it was so low-effort. I was actually surprised it got the following it did.

    Q:Wrath is not only confirmed but likely coming out in the next month or two. Is this something your excited to participate in on any level? Can we expect Advanta guides & exploits for Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

    A:Yes. I always have a few plays ready for this type of thing so I will be doing it for a few months or so at least.

    Q:s there something about Wrath that makes you think participating will be worth it after you saw that TBC required too much effort to be considered worth? Also I am surprised any gold exploits wouldn't be very popular in a very gold/GDKP centric classic right now.

    A:Wrath is not quite as bad in terms of time expended to potential exploit discovery. But even vanilla / tbc were well worth leveling one toon for , it just tails off remarkably quickly beyond that.

    Q:Have you been keeping tabs on the Wrath Beta? It is riddled with bugs and some zones are just not working in its entirety right now. With it being so close to Wrath's release and the Beta in this state does that get you sort of hyped up to go break stuff?

    A:To be honest aspects of retail wrath barely work so that doesn't surprise me at all. Wrath is probably the single buggiest expansion, it has a lot of prototype systems which were never fully developed.

    Q:What is your opinion on the Dungeon Finder drama. Are you for adding it in or against? Does it go against the integrity of Classic Wrath?

    A:I am not sufficiently knowledgeable about the merits of that issue to have a strong opinion. I feel that Blizzard essentially killed classic with the TBC boost so they have no real integrity to speak of. I feel like if Blizzard do well here we might talk about them as if they were a halfway decent private server. That is all they can salvage at this stage.

    Q:Retail has also announced a new expansion since we last spoke, Dragonflight. What are some major changes coming to Dragonflight that peak your interest. ie, talent system rework, new race/class combo, new base ui, new flight style, etc.

    A:The new class thing is weird-all the problems with demon hunters they never fixed and now they are going to break stuff even more. Good.
    The talent thing is interesting from a gameplay point of view-not sure if Blizzard actually understand this but vanilla talents were fairly robust in terms of exploitation. I'm a little worried they won't screw it up and I will really have to work hard to find stuff.

    Q:The Dragonflight pre-orders recently came out which stated it will be coming out or before December 31st, 2022. What are your thoughts on such a quick release? Is it too soon have people been blowing it out of proportion?

    A:It is worrying yeah. On the plus side there really isn't any actual reason why a company that size can't put out a quality xpac in any time frame. I'm more interested in things like "are they listening to feedback?" because if they aren't then longer just means they are spending more time making it worse.

    Q:Shadowlands is also coming to an end. Looking back what were some of Shadowlands biggest pros and cons?

    A:From an exploit perspective the thing which everyone seemed to hate about SL, all the systems, was what made it wonderful from an exploiter's perspective, since clumsy and poorly thought out system interaction is what creates most exploits.

    Q:What was the biggest exploit (if you can share) that you found, fixed or not, in Shadowlands? How big does this compare to some other major exploits of the past?

    A:The thing my patreons liked most was an xp dupe where you could go from 50-60 in 2 hrs (this was before they nerfed xp in that bracket) by clicking on a thing. There's
    some stuff you can still use to cheese xp like it though nothing quite that good. My own personal favourite was the clone bears in Ardenweald. The valkyr buff in
    Northrend right at the start where you could one-shot raid groups was super-fun too.

    Q:What is your general view on WoW's future?

    A:I can't wait for MS to take over as I have a reasonable amount of optimism based on their recent output that they will invest in wow for the long term. That is a very exciting
    proposition to me. One game I play recreationally is Age Of Empires IV-something MS rebooted last year. It isn't a perfect game but you do get this strong feeling of "the people who made this really love the game and thought hard about how to update it and make it more functional, while also maintaining its core gameplay". It will be fantastic if they can do the same thing with wow.

    Archvaldor's Youtube

    Archvaldor's Patreon
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