• Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard

    The deal that is shaking the world. Bobby Kotick is getting his golden parachute ready for his departure. Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard and the feedback seems nothing but positive. If you told the WoW community they would be happy Microsoft is buying Blizzard 10 years ago you would be laughed out of town yet here we are. So what exactly does this mean?

    Well first things first. Does this mean WoW is coming to the Xbox? Not to long ago there were rumors of such things. Claiming "World of Warcraft was referenced in the source code of Xbox's official website." Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy both do it so why can't WoW? Elder Scrolls in particular is a very mod heavy game as well and Microsoft has let it stay that way which could mean they would be pro addons, something World of Warcraft relies heavy on. The biggest barrier would most likely be keybinds but should be manageable with modifier keys on a controller. If WoW does end up on the Xbox does this also mean we could see subscription based deals such as Xbox game pass including a WoW sub? These subscription packages are becoming more common place in the world of tech, notably Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime.

    Microsoft has recently acquired Bethesda and Minecraft. Many say Minecraft in particular had a massive resurgence after the deal and the game only got better. Could this hold true for our beloved World of Warcraft? Something tells me Microsoft is not done buying game studios either. It feels like they are slowly becoming the Tencent of the west. It is crazy to fathom they now own Diablo, SC2, CoD, WoW, Candy Crush, Minecraft, Doom, Elder Scrolls all on top of what they already had such as Halo, Forza, Fable, Age of Empires, etc. Microsoft is absolutely stacked.

    What do you think will happen from this acquisition? According to a staff e-mail to Blizzard from Bobby Kotick the deal isn't set to go through until June 2023 so we are a ways off.
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      oh no... that cant be real
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