• Classic WoW World First and 9.1.5

    WoW has had a ton of bad PR lately whether its the state of the company or the state of the game. With that bad PR game some changes in leadership that so far have seem to added a ton of really good changes to the game already or coming up. Classic WoW TBC also just had a new patch and it has had one of the craziest races to "world first" in a long time. Long gone are the days of pushing your character to their limits without death and losing your world buffs. This time its all about the skips baby.

    World First SSC/TK

    The video above is streamer Staysafe watching all the top guilds stream their attempt at world first 10/10 TBC. This included 6/6 SSC and 4/4 TK which both came out in the recent phase 2 patch. Now a lot of people might ask "world first? this is 15 year old content." This is true. The raids have been solved and the min maxing has been done whether it was on true BC or on countless private servers over the years. Yet somehow a lot of top guilds didn't know about the one true skip. After dozens of hours on PTR finding where they can invis potion, where they can skim by this or not kill that to really maximize their efficiency there was one guild who took it to a completely new level. Gusy a guild that nobody saw coming went for a skip that seems to have been learned from retails Demon Hunter class doing transmog farms in SSC. With the use of engineering's parachute cloak and goblin rocket boots they were able to soar above the instance of SSC and land on pipes allowing them to skip an enormous amount of trash that other guilds were wasting time clearing. Yes the trash drops good loot in SSC but when you're going for world first week 1 its not about min maxing loot its about the speed baby. With this type of ambition they were able to....get world 119. In the video above they mention that it turns out you can just water walk most of the SSC trash with a lot less skill and due to this they fell behind anyway. Either way it's a great watch and I highly recommend. Even though the raids have been solved people in the Classic community keep coming up with new and innovative ways to completely push the old game and it is fun to see. When there's a world first on the line crazy things happen.

    9.1.5 Shadowlands

    If you haven't been keeping up Blizzard has randomly been doing a ton of cool stuff to WoW. Recently they rid of the AOE cap, brought in legion time walking (which has mythic plus!), and even legion mage tower. Everywhere you look they seem to be adding exactly what everybody has been asking for. New leadership in the company might have actually been something needed after all. Or maybe it's possibly just the fact that half the player base has been moving to FF 14, New World, or IRL. Something lit a fire under Blizzard's you know what and it's great to see. Here are some great changes coming in 9.1.5

    • Covenant Changes

    Changing Covenants will be swappable at will once you reach a high renown threshold

    • No more AOE Cap

    As mentioned above the AoE cap is going. Attacks will do full damage on 5 targets and reduced damage past that point. Not a true removal but better than what we have now

    • New art, allied race effects, etc

    Weather effects in Stormwind and Orgrimmar are coming back. On top of this new and improved customization to allied races that have been neglected up to this point.
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