• So Much Blizzard News

    So much Blizzard stuff has been happening as many of you probably already know. Recently the state of California has sued Activision Blizzard over a "frat boy" culture at the workplace. Many employees both woman and men have come forward with stories. I don't think its my place to give an opinion on this since it's a very heavy topic and not aligned with the gaming side of Activision Blizzard. I just hope that if everything California said ends up being true that Blizzard can fix it, wrong their rights, and go back to making good games. Outside of the lawsuit there has been a good chunk of TBC changes to Classic WoW and that is what I want to talk about today!

    Midsummer event

    Just like Retail WoW the Midsummer event is now in Classic TBC. What makes this a special event in TBC is that the gear off of the new temporary boss in Slave Pens, Lord Ahune, is actually pretty good if you are light on Badge of Justice gear or need to catch up an alt. He also drops an enchant and a pet but it seems that the enchant might not be in the game yet. Not one person has confirmed to have got it from TBC thus far. This event also ran alongside the new Spirit of Competition. The Spirit of Competition originally ran back in 2008 during the Olympics and never came back for any future Olympics until now but only in TBC Classic. This event can net you a Olympic tabard and a pet. Winning a Battleground gets you the tabard and once obtained you must go into a battleground with the tabard on and win again for a CHANCE at the pet.

    PvP Changes

    Speaking of battlegrounds after the arena tournament last week Holly Longdale shared some upcoming PvP changes to Classic TBC. Once again they are testing Horde vs Horde queues but not leaving it in permanently yet for some reason. Arena points distributed each week have also increased and if you play arena you should have seen that already with Tuesday's reset. Honor and Arena gear also costs less coming prior to end of Season 1. Arena points confirmed will not carry over into the new season but they will be converted into honor points at a 10:1 ratio so still good to have. The PTR is coming out this week and with it comes

    • SSC and TK

    - This means the next phase is most likely coming out in about 4-5 weeks which is about how long every phase came out in Classic after PTR was added. Expect an early September or late August Phase 2.

    • Guild Banks

    - Huge to empty out all these alts with nonsense serving as temporary gbanks.

    • LFG Tool

    - Right now there's an addon called LFG Bulletin kind of doing the job for us until this tool. If you don't have it definitely get it. But still looking forward to a cleaner UI version built in game

    • Arena Ladders viewable in game

    - No more having to use check-tbc.fr

    Two veteran content creators call it quits

    Both Preach and Madseason have released videos this week that they are officially quitting and/or not covering World of Warcraft. Madseason stated it had nothing to do with the current allegations against Blizzard and goes on to list why he is leaving WoW but Preach definitely said the recent allegations on top of the game not living up to his standards both played a role. Both videos below.

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