• MAJOR Battlegrounds Update to Classic WoW

    A few weeks ago Blizzard caved in and allowed a test on NA servers of Horde vs Horde queues similar to retails Rated Battlegrounds. This came with a lot of backlash from Alliance but love from Horde. Right now Classic is suffering from the same thing retail is suffering from and that is a overpopulated Horde. Due to this Horde queues for BG's range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and the BC honor rates are much much lower than they were in Classic. Because of this the participation in arena on Horde is at an all time low compared to its population. After the "test" was done for a few days it was never to be seen again. Alliance queue stayed instant , Horde participation was up, and everything seemed to be perfect. Until now. The biggest major PvP change is now upon us.

    Over the last few days, we’ve read thousands of pieces of feedback on the same-faction Battleground test, and we’ve been working through what we can do in Burning Crusade Classic to meet as many of our goals as possible.

    Some players literally asked for more understanding of our goals, so we’d like to list out the goals we think are most pertinent to the Battleground queue situation:

    • Emulate the design pillars and intentions of original Burning Crusade game systems.

    • Leverage modern tech and design to address modern issues.

    • Make surgical changes to the game to improve the player experience.

    • Address player concerns in ways that capture the spirit of the original design of the game.

    We’ll plan to run the next test for a week, starting with weekly maintenance (tomorrow, Tuesday, July 20 in this region), by enabling all of the following:

    • Same-faction Battlegrounds will be allowed by the matchmaker.

    • The matchmaker will take a little more time to find an opposite-faction match than it did during the first test.

    • Groups will be restricted to a maximum of 5 players when joining the queue.

    • We’re adding an enlistment bonus for Alliance players who participate.
    This is massive. So same faction is back and they are removing 10 man pre-mades and instead limiting them to 5 man. They say this limitation is to allow you to "quest while in queue" because a 10 man puts you in a raid where you cannot do quests but that is definitely a lie. It's probably because 90% of the games you get into as a Horde right now after the long queue is verse a premade that just stomps you and they are catering to that. As a Horde player this is great as an Alliance BG player who likes to premade this is awful. The enlistment bonus is also an interesting addition. What will be in this bonus? It says consumables but no specifics. This could impact the Alliance market if there are some herbs in there in decent quantity. On some mega servers with only 1-2 layers herbs are hard to come by with the competition in the open world. Something to definitely keep an eye on.

    All in all this is for the best when it comes to the health of the game.
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