• 9.1 June 29th

    9.1 Finally got its long awaited release date June 29th. Here is everything you can get excited over in just under two weeks!

    The Maw

    The Maw expands in 9.1 adding a completely new zone which includes invasions. The new zone, Korthia, is similar to a Timeless Isle as it has many daily quests including ways to help you unlock mounts in the maw and cleansing yourself of Eye of the Jailer which in turn allows for longer stays down under. Assaults are also being added to the Maw similar to patch 8.3. I think these assaults are the main reason their adding ways to cleanse yourself of the Eye of the Jailer debuff.


    Everybody's favorite Torghast is getting some shiny new updates including new wings, changes including removal of death counter, and more levels to climb. A new raid is also coming called Sanctum of Domination themed around the Tower of the Damned. Enemies you might be familiar with such as Kel'Thuzad, Sylvanas Windrunner, and many more. Miss mega dungeons like Karazhan? Tazavesh, the Veiled Market is a new mega dungeon with 8 bosses. A reward inside includes a Pirate Dragon mount.

    Mythic + is getting new affix and a recolored Sintouched Deathwalker for the Keystone Master achievement.


    PvP talents will be getting some buffs and nerfs as well as two new mount rewards for Gladiator and Vicious Gorm. PvP gear will also be stronger in PvP situations and weaker in PvE.
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