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  • OwnedCore Report #102 - The Witcher >Sponsored by BoostBay<

    Greetings OC and welcome to the 102nd OC Report. We had a switch in sponsorship hence last weeks being mia but we should be back on a weekly track from here on out. Since the last Report we had some cool news such as World of Warcraft Classic adding AV, Twitch signing big streamer contracts, and Witcher coming out on Netflix finally. Hope you enjoy!

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    The Witcher

    After many trailers, teasers, and hype The Witcher finally released on Netflix. As always when it comes to video game adaptations to either movies or television series there is a lot of skepticism due to the track record of doing such being so bad. I'll just flat out say it I am only 4 episodes in and so far the show is fantastic. People are definitely looking for that Game of Thrones fix and in a lot of reviews you see them saying "this fills the hole that GoT left" but I have to disagree personally. I think its a great show in its own right and maybe after a couple more seasons well appreciate it more as a GoT competitor but as it stands I don't feel comfortable saying "this is the next Game of Thrones". Now I have never read the books or played any of the games for The Witcher but I still find the story in the Netflix series to be easy to follow and I definitely don't feel like I need to go back and read a book or play a game to get stuff. The Witcher is actually played by former Superman actor Henry Cavill which to me was a great cast not only because he looks awesome but he is a huge fantasy buff. In an interview on Conan he even goes into detail about how he missed the call to play Superman the first time due being busy on World of Warcraft. Overall if you have a Netflix account or like most of us a cousin with one, I definitely recommend giving this show a shot. It definitely has potential to be something huge and if your a fantasy buff this might fill that hole GoT left in your heart.

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Coming up on two weeks now AV and WSG were released upon Azeroth in Classic WoW. The World PVP grind and capital cities being taken over permanently by opposing factions has come to a halt. With BG's came a lot of hype because it was less about zerging in the open world either being the underdog faction of your server barely being able to go into Blackrock Mountain or being the overdog where it took hours to find 1-2 players to kill. The BG announcement definitely was a sigh of relief. That was until people realized that Alterac Valley, WoW's 40v40 PVE/PVP Battleground, would be by far the ultimate way to grind honor. In 2019 gaming is all about min-maxing what you can get out of your time. Add in a terrible Classic WoW PVP system where you are literally competing for time played it was obvious that in order to rank up and obtain any serious rank (11-14) you would need to basically live inside Alterac Valley while on World of Warcraft. Once this was realized that sigh of relief that we got battlegrounds finally came to an end and a new stress was upon us. The stress of queuing the same BG for 12-16 hours a day depending on your server PvP competition.

    Not only is AV an absolute zerg fest with tons of random objectives but it is really hard to get 40 people to play it optimally in order to min-max your honor gained per hour. Why not just queue with a huge group if it's so hard to control the zerg you might ask? Well you cannot. Unlike WSG and in the future Arathi Basin, AV is only solo queue. This means that your efficiency is in the hands of 39 other players who are definitely not in there for the same reasons as others. Some want to just have fun, others are afk, some need rep, others want honor. This has caused AV to become despised. Now if you're Alliance things actually arent so bad and I say that lightly. If you have a WSG premade that can pretty much gaurentee fast wins WSG is actually more optimal due to Alliance queue times across all BG's being instant. Don't have a good WSG premade on Alliance? There are Discords that are setting up AV queues with roles so you can queue at the same time and based on which games you get in you join that games channel and try working together. You can even freely decline the queue pop if you get in the wrong AV # as the majority and specifically queue for their # AV because the queues are instant. Horde do not have this luxury due to 10-20 minute queue times, declining is not an option.

    Outside of the honor grind AV brings great reputation rewards including a ton of spell damage offhands that are BIS, a healer offhand that is BIS for shamans until AQ, and a ring for melee/hunters with hit and crit % that is also BIS at the moment. Alongside AV came the keyring addition as well so you can finally drag all the keys from your bank into a separate bag designated for keys! This is definitely a life saver.

    One week later we also got the news of paid character transfers available in Classic WoW. That is right, paid character transfers are finally in the game with some restrictions. One of the main ones being that you cannot transfer to some of the higher pop servers but obviously you can transfer off of them. Other than this there are basically no limitations except PVE realms to PvP realms. Personally I don't care that this came out but I do think Blizzard messed up big time with Classic and servers/transfers prior. They didn't add enough servers from the start and than not limiting free transfers off high pop realms to specific factions have left most servers about 70-30 faction ratios or worse. If Blizzard did this all over again I think the fix from launch would be to have faction specific queues. I think that alone would have helped with faction imbalance from the start. A lot of people didn't play on high pop servers due to the massive queue times in weeks 1-2 but if those queue times didn't exist for lets say the Alliance on US-Stalagg where only like 25% of the server is Alliance then that would have kept more Alliance on that server from the get go and possibly evened it out.


    Twitch signs streamers

    Not too long ago Ninja, the biggest name in streaming and gaming at the moment, signed a contract with newly formed and Twitch competitor Mixer. This was a shock to the streaming world. Many thoughts went through peoples minds. Why would you leave Twitch when its clearly #1 and you have built such an insane platform? I wonder how much he got paid to leave? So on and so forth. Ninja during Fortnite's rise became Twitch's most followed channel by a large margin. He was the face of the website. Turns out Ninja was looking to have Twitch pay him, rightfully so, because there were a lot of competitors like Mixer, Youtube, and even Facebook gaming trying to buy their relevancy as a headstart to compete with Twitch. Clearly based on his move Twitch didn't offer him anything or see the need to pay him nearly what he wanted so he left. Soon after Ninja came Shroud, also one of the biggest streamers to reside on Twitch. He signed a multi-year deal with Mixer like Ninja. This was just the beginning. Ever since Mixer, Youtube, and Facebook have been paying big money to get solidified fan bases to come over to their platforms. Whether this will work in the long term is another discussion but the point here is Twitch finally smelt the roses and recently offered Dr Lupo, Lirik, and TimTheTatman, 3 very large streamers on Twitch, multi-year contracts said to be in the millions. This is great for competition because lets be honest if it wasn't for Ninja sticking up for what he thought was his worth and basically getting the ball rolling on stream platform competition these 3 Twitch Streamers probably would never have gotten a deal as good as this one.

    So now what? Is this going to keep happening? My guess is yes. Twitch is probably going to offer competitive rates to their biggest names in the coming years simply because those same people are probably being bombarded with offers from other up and coming streaming platforms. Competition is good and these streamers are going to be filthy rich in this up and coming battle of the streaming platforms.

    Clips of the Week

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    I felt this clip on a personal level
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