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  1. [World Building] The New Way to get to GM Island on Live Servers
  2. [World Building] Project Alpha
  3. [Area Edit] Durotar to a grassy area
  4. [World Building] Finally....
  5. [Race and Area Edit] High Elven Quel'Thalas
  6. [Zone Change] Gideon's Biggest Christmas release! - Snowy Mulgore !!
  7. [World Building] My AFK island in AV!
  8. [World Building] My path to GM island
  9. [Azeroth Reskin]Project Chaos
  10. [World Building] The Lost Island In Westfall
  11. [Custom Model] Rebellion
  12. [World Building] A Larger GM Island
  13. [World Building] Path to GM Chair
  14. [World Building] Stormwind LOL Edit.
  15. [World Building] Hawaiian Island!!!
  16. [World Edit] Path to SW Secret House
  17. [World Edit] Quicker Path for Alliance to get to SM
  18. [Area Change] Lexforge! (Both Dun Morogh and Ironforge, Huge edit)
  19. [Area Change] Burning Valley.
  20. [Huge DBC Edit] Azeroth > Outlands
  21. [Zone Change] Its Never Enough - Elwynn has Reborn
  22. [Area Change] Desolace Dream Edit!
  23. [DBC Edit] Ghost World
  24. [RELEASE] Programmer/Designer Isle
  25. [World Building] Thunder Falls Castle
  26. [World Edit] Redridge, Burning Steppes, and Searing Gorge to Elwynn Forest
  27. [Worldbuillding]Valley of Nasty Dreams
  28. [World Edit] Camp Narache (Mulgore) ---> The Stoned Dimension
  29. [World Change] Durotar, from sandy desert, to nice forest
  30. [Area Change] Sunnyvale - Upgraded
  31. [Area Change Teaser] Azeroth Redone - Huge Area Edit
  32. [Huge Area Change] Azeroth Redone 0.1
  33. [Area Change] Zangar - Teldrassil
  34. [World Building] GM Island outside Booty Bay
  35. [WIP World Building] Everglades
  36. [World Building] Guild Island
  37. [World Build] Dreamwood
  38. [Areachange] Crystalsong Mountains - 2nd place in the Model Editing contest
  39. [Area Change] Red Ridge to hyjal..ish
  40. [Areachange] Gideon's Purple Diamond Forest - 1th place in the Area Change contest!
  41. [Model Swap] Ultimate Warlock and Minions
  42. [World Edit + Question] World to Tanaris/Stranglethorn
  43. [Area Change] A Frosty Durotar
  44. [Areachange] Shattanaar City
  45. [Area Edit] Bloodspill Basin, Need Input!
  46. [Area Changing] Azshara Crater to Azsharanaar Region
  47. [Area Change] Life come back to Durotar
  48. [World building] Baseball Field!
  49. [Area Change] Life fades away from Durotar [WIP]
  50. [World Building] European Football Field (soccer)
  51. [Release] Project Frozen Core!
  52. [Area change] Path to if airport!
  53. [Area Changes] by BSM & Me (and one with xayo) Many Pics!
  54. [Mixe]Xayos Stuff/the Xayo is so awesome thread
  55. [World Building] Goldshire and Zep tower into...
  56. [Release] Some Changes from Tigu :P
  57. [Area Change] The Forgotten Pass
  58. [World Building] Moon Island
  59. [Area Change]GM Island
  60. [World Building] Showing off: Un'Goro Valley
  61. [World Building] Goblin Town
  62. [WIP] Forgotten GM Island
  63. [World building] Chill Island!
  64. [Area Change] Tirisfal Glades Opened!
  65. [World Building] Troll ruins maze
  66. [World Building] Exodus Island
  67. [Area Change] Durotar Destroyed
  68. [Area Changes] Backabacka's Snowy Area Changes
  69. [Area Change] Snowy Silverpine
  70. [Zone Edit] Terokkar Jungle
  71. [World Building] The Forgtten Outpost (custom city)
  72. [Zone Edit] [WIP] Durotar to Barrens
  73. [Zone Edit] [Release] Barrentar.
  74. [Zone Edit][WIP] Mulgore in fall (Autumn)
  75. [Zone Edit][Release] Mulgore in fall (Autumn)
  76. [Zone Edit]Durotar to something pretty :D
  77. [WorldBuilding] PacMan Iland
  78. [World Building] Que'l Lorien Monastery
  79. [World Building] Marlor Island & Battleball Stadium
  80. [WIP] Corrupted Stormwind (Updated!)
  81. [AREA CHANGE] pre scourge plague lands
  82. [Instance swap] Zul'farrak --> Ulduar
  83. [World Building] Adamar Valley, Adamar city
  84. [worldbuilding]Ethyra Island
  85. [worldbuilding]Shruiks collection [Lots of Pics&Dls]
  86. [Worldbuild] Mondus Nova
  87. [WIP] Blasted Lands, Searing Gorge -> Redridge Valley/pass
  88. [WIP] Xel's Lake of Dreams and Emerald Temple (Swamp of Sorrows edit)
  89. [World Edit] Krustenkaese's Island 1.1
  90. [WIP] Westfall Forest
  91. [Area Change][WIP] The First Era Project - A New World...
  92. [WIP] New Stromgarde
  93. [World Building] Durotar Island
  94. [World Build] New houses on the second Tanaris Isle
  95. [Area Change] GM Island
  96. [World Building] Ice Island
  97. [Area Change] Mirror Lake High Elven House
  98. [worldbuild][WIP]City behind Stormwind
  99. [Area Change][Wip] Durotar Volcano
  100. [Area Change] The ocean burned up!
  101. [Area Change]Frozen Redridge
  102. [WIP] Park
  103. [Area Change]Tanaris -> Nice forest :D
  104. [WIP/Area Change]Snow over Deadwind
  105. [WIP] Snowy Area Changes 3.0.x
  106. [Release] Baron easy mount farming
  107. [World Build] Isengard/Orthanc
  108. [Map~ADTs]Kalidar
  109. [WIP] Dun Lava (Area Change by Xel!)
  110. [RELEASED] Northshire Abbey to Burning Steppes Walk Path !
  111. [Prroject] Small Town
  112. [world build] area build diary releases
  113. [World Building] - Gm island Stranglethorn style!
  114. [Area Add] GM Island Small Add
  115. [WIP] Gilijim's isle!
  116. [World Building] Morza Island (Also known as "My Island")
  117. [World Building] Imlad Morgul
  118. [Project] Elwynn Dream
  119. [World Building]Isle of Zul
  120. [Project]The Revival of Kel'Thuzad
  121. [Areachange] Dream Wood [Elwynn Forest]
  122. [World Building] Some island :D
  123. [Area Change] Renaming Zone?
  124. [Model Edit] Emerald Dream Finally Finished. (Complete)
  125. [Area Change] Question About a WMO
  126. [Showoff] My crappy island
  127. [WiP]Hearts Kingdom - Village of Hearts
  128. [WIP]Hearts Kingdom - Destiny's Islands
  129. [WIP]Heartless Island - Hearts Kingdom (From Kingdom Hearts)
  130. [World Building] Deadwind Keep
  131. [Area Change]Dont give an idiot photoshop..
  132. [Area Build] Alliance mall zone.
  133. [World Building] [Area Change] The First Era Project (Epic Comeback)
  134. [WorldBuilding] Forlorn Ridge Arena
  135. [World Building] Dragonkin islands
  136. [World Building] Karazhan in Elwynn Forest! (Download!)
  137. [WIP] STV to Dun Morogh! (Area Change by Xel)
  138. [World Building][WIP] Aramodan
  139. [World Building] [WIP] Thondroril Village (TFE Feature)
  140. [World Building] [TFE Feature] Agamand Isle, "The City of Agamand" (Release!)
  141. [World Building]BugCraft's Private Island
  142. [World Building] Solace - Isle of Sorcery [TFE Feature]
  143. [World Building][WIP] Some of my stuff.
  144. [Showoff + Question] Alterac Valley -> Mushroom Valley
  145. [Project] Return Of Gilneas
  146. [Project] Cataclysm. Editors wanted!
  147. [World Building] The Easiest way to GM island!
  148. [World Building] The Golden Hills - Isle of Cursed Divinity
  149. [World Building] [WIP] All my unreleased world builds (unrelated to TFE)
  150. [Area change]Darkshore zone revamp(much more friendly) download
  151. [World Building] [WIP] Stoneridge Valley; Stoneridge City
  152. [World Build] Isle of Blind Purity
  153. [Project] Kabazal (goblin starting zone) <TFE Feature>
  154. [World Building] [WIP] Ordais Kingdom
  155. [Showoff] My unofficial Kezan isle
  156. [wip][showoff] Capital City
  157. [World Building] Get on top of Ironforge Easy!
  158. [World Build][WIP] Isle of Inspiration
  159. [Release] Destroy Crossroads While Unseen!
  160. [World Building] Stormridge
  161. [Area Change][WIP] Howling Peninsula!
  162. [Showoff]Custom Races(here:Worgen)
  163. [AreaChange][WIP]Grassotar
  164. [Area Change] Silver pine
  165. [Area Change] Snow in Teldrassil and Darkshore!
  166. [World Building] Newfire City [Progress]
  167. [World Building] Island of Destiny
  168. [World Build] [Area Change] Dashen'o Valley
  169. [Area Change] GM Island
  170. [World Build] Hyjal Mountain-Path
  171. [Area Build] Arthas Last Fortification (by daviddaz, Spain ^^)
  172. [World Building] Path to Mount Hyjal
  173. [World Building] Path to Dwarven Village
  174. [Area Change] [World Building] Gamemaster Island
  175. [World Building] Gilneas
  176. [World Building] Brightshore (Download)
  177. [World Building][WIP]MC Island
  178. [World Building] AĆ©mere Forest (None-Official Name) [Progress]
  179. [World Building][Area Change][Showoff] Tanaris Jungle
  180. [World Building] Forgotten Island
  181. [Orgrimmar] Duel Hiding Spot
  182. [Area Change] Hylian Fields of Khaz Modan
  183. [Area Change] Barrens before X3, Cataclysm (download)
  184. [Area Change] Durotar affected by X3, Cataclysm (downlaod)
  185. [WIP][Cataclysm] Unofficial version of Desolace
  186. [World Building] Town in south of Shadowfang
  187. [Worldbuild] Sunhawk island (ADT's)
  188. [World Building]New Stormguard keep and Southshore.
  189. [ADTs] Icecrown level 3
  190. [WIP] Gillijim's Isle Remake - Winter time
  191. [Zone edit] Swamp of Sorrows -> Zangarmarsh
  192. [Model Editing / Worldbuilding] Noggiting 1.12.1
  193. [TIP / Batch File]
  194. [WIP] Brightwynd Valley
  195. [WIP][Showoff][3.x][Area Change] - Cursed Elwynn Forest
  196. [Project][Showoff] - Lost Isle
  197. [Collection] Mc
  198. [World building] Gilneas
  199. [Progress][Worldbuild] Shen'dralar island
  200. [WorldBuild] Essentia
  201. [WIP]Project Ashbringer
  202. [WIP] [Showoff] The Dragon Land
  203. [ShowOff] [AreaChange] Stromgarde
  204. [AreaChange] Andorhal
  205. [MapSwap] Ahn'Qiraj -> Kalidar
  206. [Areachange] Plagued Elwynn finished!!
  207. [Wip][Showoff] Last stand Valley
  208. [World Building][Development] Northpine Isle
  209. [Showoff][Areachange] YASR, Yet Another Stromgarde Rebuilt
  210. [Showoff] [Area Change] Stratholme Progress
  211. [Showoff][Wip] New Durnholde Keep!
  212. [WIP][AreaChange] New Swamp of Sorrow
  213. [WIP][Areachange] Drought in Mulgore
  214. [WIP] Leveling Zone - Legendary WoW
  215. [WIP] Zantas' Ironforge
  216. [Release] a more enjoyable and less dull Elwynn forrest :D
  217. [World Building] Deadwind Keep - new thread
  218. [Wip] Blackrock Summit - New Instance
  219. [World Building][Release] Expanded Goldshire
  220. [Showoff] [The Emerald Sanctuary - Updated/Complete]
  221. [World Building][Show Off] Klein's collection of old world builds!
  222. [Area Change] Snow in Elwynn!
  223. [World Building] Project Cataclysm - Orgrimmar gates
  224. [World Building] [New Orgrimmar Gate]
  225. [Custom sword] Dark Matter Blade
  226. [World Building][WIP] Arkhaios
  227. [World Building] Island of the Greenleaf Trolls
  228. [World Building][Orgrimmar Back Entrance]
  229. [WIP][First NoggitEdit]Por-ah Island
  230. [World Building][Release] Beyond Greymane wall
  231. [Conceptual Showoff] Automated terrain
  232. [Showoff] Northern Lordaeron
  233. [Showoff] [First World Edit] Gnestor Isle
  234. [World Building] Desolace
  235. [Simple]Greymane wall gate opened
  236. [WiP] [Show-off] Andorhal
  237. [Release] A reborn Westfall :D
  238. [3.3.3][Simple] Top of Orgrimmar Path
  239. [Release] Path to Emerald dream in Azeroth
  240. [World Building]First Edit (LOTS OF PICS)
  241. [Simple]Path to dev zone in Utguarde Keep
  242. [Wip][Showoff] Lordaeron Highlands
  243. [Development] korhal + Dalaran
  244. [World Building][W.I.P] My world Building
  245. [Showoff][AreaChange] New Stromgarde
  246. [Showoff][Expanded Ratchet]
  247. [Release]The Abandoned Camp Revived
  248. [Showoff] Keranos
  249. [Rules] Advanced Model Edits
  250. [showoff] New korhal!