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  1. Behind The SW Portal
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  3. [Legit] On Top Of A House In Moonglade And Shrines
  4. [Legit] The Caverns Of Time
  5. [Legit] How To: On Top Part Of SW Auction House
  6. [Question] WIP: Has anyone tried getting to old Outlands in the Deadmines instance?
  7. [Legit] On Top Of Undercity
  8. [Legit] On Top Of Gilneas Behind The Greymane Wall
  9. [Legit] Old Ironforge Using Elixir Of Giant Growth
  10. [Legit] Ironforge Airfield
  11. [Legit] West Tirisfal Glades
  12. [Legit] Hyjal
  13. [Legit] Underwater Village In Tanaris
  14. [Legit] Booty Bay
  15. [Legit] On top of buildings in Moonbrook/Westfall
  16. [Legit] How To Get To The Deadmines Secret Area