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  1. Who is part of an existing guild that is re-rolling for Classic?
  2. Classic guild recruitment- server laughing skull*
  3. [HEROD-PVP] [HORDE] [HARDCORE] <Vicarious> TOP3 Private Server Guild
  4. <RAW> [Zandalar Tribe][EU] - A hardcore PvP and PvE guild. Dedicated players welcome
  5. [EU][ALLIANCE] <Affliction> South African-based guild
  6. [US] [PvP] <Dead Naga Storage> [Horde][Hardcore][Progression]
  7. YEETICUS MAXIMUS | NA | Horde | PvP| Herod | Late night Sundays/Mondays raiding
  8. [us] [pvp] [horde] <dead naga storage>[incendius server][hardcore][progression]