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  1. [Release] Levelbuddy - new multibox software for WoW Classic
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  3. [Release] United Combat Solutions (UCS): Advanced Platform for Combat Rotations and Scripts
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  20. Wow Process Isolation
  21. [Release] Awk & awk av
  22. Free pixel fishing BOT
  23. Natural Fisher - A pixel based fishing bot
  25. [Bot] Alterac Valley Bot [Background, Mobile Push Notifications, Pixelbased & more]
  26. Classic + Retail WoW - AFK Tool for BG's | AFK Crafting / Disenchanting + Much More
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  35. [Bot] [FREE] AWK Products Trials! [Guaranteed 0% ban chance]
  36. How to break the limit of "CanSendAuctionQuery"?
  37. Can Blizzard detect macro recorder running in background?
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  43. [AFK GUARD] Alert and Respond to in game Whispers/Channels from Discord | Free Beta
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  45. [BOT][Auto Dungeon]Fully automatic mage dungeon farming bot
  46. [Bot] wowclassicbot.com is 100% scam.
  47. A tutorial (mostly just commented code) to make a pixel fishing bot
  48. [Salvation] Character Monitoring Dashboard & Whisper Alerting & Responding.. FREE :)
  49. WOW Fish Bot - Easy and completely pixel based
  50. [FREE] Cerebrum WoW Classic Bot - Grinding, Gathering, Questing, Routines + MORE
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  52. I'm looking for a working WoW Classic Fishing BOT
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