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  6. Class color chat
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  8. Dungeons Layering - Possibly Raid Bosses as well. Multiple Kills
  9. AntiAFK as a Hunter
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  11. WoW Classic Exploit ZF Zombie Grind 50k XP Hour
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  13. WoW Classic Exploit Item Dupe - Skin Manipulation - Potential for more
  14. Easy dungeon resetting without leaving instance
  15. WoW Classic Exploit Wow Classic Exploit Guide
  16. Blackrock Depths xp farm (Prison Instant Spawn, +100k/hour)
  17. WoW Classic Exploit (Warlock) Have more than one enslaved demon at a time
  18. WoW Classic Exploit Infinite 100% afk friendly weapon skill
  19. Runeblade of Rivendare OP healing snapshotting
  20. WoW Classic Exploit Guaranteed Speed Win in AV for Horde!!!!
  21. Avoiding 6 hour Onyxia Buff cool down. Alliance and Horde.
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  24. [Hunter] single solo pull any mob in the game including Garr (no adds)
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  26. WoW Classic Cheat Move between cities when HS is on CD
  27. WoW Classic Exploit Prepare for any AV fix tomorrow! (workaround)
  28. WoW Classic Exploit I am posting a discord link as the exploit, please read more
  29. Unlimited Elementium Ore / Easy BWL Trash Epics
  30. Love is in the air, faster Gift of friendship farming
  31. 4 Warsong Gulch Glitches - That makes the flag safe
  32. WoW Classic Exploit Use a ban to ya advantage
  33. WoW Classic Exploit Small barrier glitch in mage quarters
  34. Ontop of Stormwind Auction House
  35. WoW Classic Exploit Stratholme Side Entrance Without Key
  36. Despawn the Tower/Bunker Archers in Alterac Valley (Rogues & Hunters)
  37. Massive Warrior self healing. Works anywhere.
  38. WoW Classic Cheat Ab weekends
  39. WoW Classic Exploit How to get more bracket 14 slots!!! (in before hot fix massive exploit)
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  41. WoW Classic Exploit Mob tagging with a lvl 1 and lvl 60
  42. neutral AH sniping
  43. [Challenge] Auto invite from keyword
  44. Any methoods to make character to locked servers?
  45. Change nickname with reports ?
  46. [EVENT BASED] infinite slowfall
  47. WoW Classic Exploit Behind AQ gates early
  48. WoW Classic Guide Open Large Scarab Coffers Without Lockout | Skip Twin Emperors Trash Fast
  49. WoW Classic Exploit Free Rename for any char
  50. WoW Classic Exploit AQ40 Solo Farm | 200-300g/hr | Hunter, Shaman, Warlock, Rogue | No Lockout Needed | Skip to C'thun
  51. WoW Classic Exploit Top of Crossroads Inn tower