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  1. Making an ArcEmu server Public W/O Hamachi!
  2. Azshara Crater on ARCEmu 3.x
  3. LUA 3 in 1 Morph/Buff/Heal NPC
  4. [GUIDE] Expanding: Book of the Wise
  5. Flying Mounts in Azeroth
  6. [EPIC] Setting up a private server from Start to Finish!
  7. How to script LUA complete tut.
  8. [LUA, SQL] Teleporter
  9. [EPIC] How to put a server online.[Noobie Proof!]
  10. [Legendary Guide] Compile ArcEmu From Scratch
  11. [LUA Scripting] For Beginners 1.0
  12. [Guide] Making a Private Server w/ Hamachi
  13. [LUA Scripting] Guide 2.0
  14. How To Make NPC/MOBs drop items
  15. Downloading and Installing MySQL 5.0 and SQLyog!
  16. Donation Systems And How To Maximize Your Profits
  17. [Guide] Getting your server public! [Non-Hamachi]
  18. Jacks ArcEmu compiling Video Tutorial
  19. Complete Video guide for seeting up ArcEmu
  20. Please help me with linux server start
  21. [Tut] How to Create Custom Instance (for nubs)
  22. [How To] edit arcemu core self complied core needed
  23. Free personal LUA Courses!
  24. Free Personal Emulation Courses
  25. Making an arcemu server and making it public without hamachi
  26. Connect to a LAN Server/Website!
  27. How to compile ArcEmu
  28. How to compile Bosses in C++
  29. [Video] How to make a 3.0.9 server
  30. Bugged Weapons, Gear, and Auto Attack
  31. need help with shaman totems
  32. [GUIDE][Noob-Easy] How To Remove Red Question Marks On Custom Item's!
  33. Compiling:Aspire/Hearthstone and Installing RivalDB
  34. Gm/Admin commands Made easy for noobs
  35. How to change starting talents points [arcemu]
  36. How to do A character Transfer through the Db And some other usefull "character" tips
  37. How To Find Display ID Via Model Viewer, Create An Item (Weapon) And More++
  38. How to Change Music [No MPQ Making Required]
  39. Some Ideas for your Server
  40. How To Host 2 Realms on 1 Computer
  41. [Guide] Running A Succesful Private Server
  42. Title ID's
  43. Item Spells!!! -Noob Freindly (like always)
  44. Strange thing with adding Objects...
  45. Cigma Repack + Guide v2 [Images]
  46. [GUIDE]Through the Database [MOB SCRIPTING]
  47. Remove Buff from NPC??
  48. [TuT - With Pics]: How to compile custom Boss/Npc C++
  49. Stepping Into C++ [Updated]
  50. How To Make Custom Signs
  51. Wats up with Russia anyways?
  52. [ArcEmu]Making your server public without using Hamachi! (Advanced, but works)
  53. [Epic Guide] Setting Up and Running an ArcEmu Server from Scratch!
  54. [Guide] Creating Quests For Newbs [ArcEmu]
  55. One line FREE all.
  56. [LUA]Teleporter
  57. Guide: To add adminstrator on a website!
  58. FTP Server
  59. [GUIDE] How to update server with revs
  60. Profession sql Scripting [Beginner] ArcEmu
  61. How to change custom vendors <names>
  62. [Utility] Backup and Downgrade to 3.0.1
  63. [Guide]Lua [Beginner]
  64. Make your server public. NO HAMACHI
  65. [Guide] Scripting Items In LUA
  66. [SQL] A Beginner's Guide
  67. WTB Public W/O hamachi guide removal?
  68. [Guide]How to Change the Starter Location!
  69. [Guide] How to Advanced Lua.
  70. Making server Public Problems - Read here
  71. Making Server Public | Also Listed a Problem Other guides dont mention
  72. [Guide][Aspire] Hearthstone Server Setup [Easy & Newb friendly]
  73. [Guide][DNS] How to make server public [Easy & Newb Friendly]
  74. [GUIDE] Lua - Begginers -> Advanced
  75. VERY EASY WoW 2.4.3 TBC Server (also with Hamachi/LAN)
  76. How to compile arcemu
  77. [Guide]How to Port forward (router and no router)
  78. [Guide] Having 3.1.1 & playing on 3.0.9 servers
  79. [EPIC GUIDE] How To Make a 3.1 Server With ArcEmu/Hearthstone and Edit It!
  80. How to make a item cost honor,arena points and tokens
  81. How to make custom mounts!
  82. {EPIC} How to get your ArcEmu private server up and going for Dummies
  83. [NOOB] How To Make Mobs
  84. Create a WoW Private server Website Easy & Fast! (Web Creator)
  85. [Guide] Make Large Go Objects Work Properly!
  86. [MANGOS] getting an npc to use AoE spells on friendly players
  87. [GUIDE] Make a sign
  88. (TUT) How to enter custom objects / find them out.
  89. How to Compile Hearthstone Core
  90. [Guide-Fix] How to get stats visible [Mangos]
  91. How to make a staff only realm
  92. How to make your website Secure
  93. How to depatch WoW
  94. [GUIDE] how to get your server public whit hamachi..easy.
  95. [C++] Gossip Example Script/Guide
  96. How to understand Lua - The Basics
  97. Mangos Custom Buildings !
  98. How to public your server(100% work)+guide port forwading
  99. Npc Lua Teleport Script
  100. [Easy Guide] Get up your website online!
  101. Title ID list
  102. [Guide] Give A User Permission to Access Your Database
  103. [tutorial] Compiling custom scripts
  104. PreSetup PBWoW
  105. [Guide] How to easily add a C++ script to your server
  106. [ASCENT] Adding custom GM commands w/ pics!
  107. Your guide to compiling Arcemu.
  108. Make a catapult that throw you away!
  109. How to make 2 realms
  110. [Solution] Custom Items
  111. [Video] How to compile.
  112. 2 Quick Methods to Downgrade 3.1.1 - 3.0.9
  113. [Guide] How to create a monster, + Lua guide
  114. [Guide] Lua Gossip on Items (Average)
  115. [Guide] How to compile anything /w pics
  116. [GUIDE] How to make a new currency and adding it to your DB
  117. How to make custom starting items
  118. [ADVICE] Here is some advice for people stuck with portforwarding.
  119. A Simple SQL trick for Beginners!
  121. [Noob Friendly] Creating Custom requirement for your vendor
  122. How to compile arcemu 3.1.x!
  123. How To Make a Public Server
  124. How To Make a Goblin Race
  125. [Guide] Compiling Flexible DB Editor
  126. How To Compile Noob Friendly for 3.1.x
  127. [GUIDE] MaNGOS 3.1.3 Super Simple Server Setup Wizard (noobpack+)
  128. [VIDEO GUIDE] How to download, compile, and configure MaNGOS with UDB
  129. [C++] Creating A Custom User Command
  130. How to make a NPC follow another npc!
  131. [GUIDE] How to make a MaNGOS Server
  132. Understanding Lua
  133. The Ulitmate Soruce! (ALL IN ONE)
  134. How to update the DB in your repack
  135. [LUA] Portal Creation
  136. Removing a Spell from Mangos
  137. [Lua] A small introduction to tables
  138. How to Compile your own maps for any Revision
  139. MySQL Help
  140. [Tutorial] How to have colors on your menu (LUA)
  141. [Wow-v Turorial] How to make Blizzlike items. By Darkwiz787.
  142. mangos quest xp
  143. [Tut - Pictures]: How to Compile C++ Scripts following your ExtraScripts Folder.
  144. How to script a npc in c++
  145. A list of Good Lua Commands!!!
  146. Working with SQL Querys and How to Make them!
  147. [Share] Lua Commands.
  148. [Noob Friendly] Creating a Sanctuary or Free For All Zone
  149. [GUIDE]Your Public Server from Scratch
  150. How to compile Mangos 3.1.X!
  151. [ULTIMATE] Lua Guide & Tutorial
  152. Compiling Spurious Emulator
  153. How to advertise your server
  154. [Noob Friendly] Custom Factions
  155. Installing MaNGOS 3.1.3
  156. Creating Creatures
  157. Make your own custom Sign
  158. COMPLETE Lua command List!! VERY USEFUL!!!!!
  159. Create a Heal NPC
  160. [LUA] Let a mob cast a spell, On another mob
  161. [Noob Friendly] Custom Flight Paths (Requires client side patch)
  162. How to make an NPC do something on Right Click!
  163. [Guide] 3.0.9 ArcEmu Server Guide, Weapon and NPC Tut, and Public W/+W/out Hamachi
  164. Understanding The basics of Lua Locals!
  165. How to make a Webserver with nice forums !
  166. Making portals in LUA
  167. Amazing Lua guide!!!
  168. Making Quests: Arc-Emu
  169. How to make an Area a Free For all PVP
  170. Namexx's 3.1.3 TrinityCore Server - Best 3.1.3 Repack - Public Server Guide
  171. Cleaning Up Your Database (Ascent derivatives - Aspire, Hearth, Arc, etc)
  172. [GUIDE] More Advanced Lua
  173. How to make a new currency and adding it to your DB.
  174. How to set up a Remote MYSql Connection
  175. [guides] boss and gossip npc in c++
  176. How to make a zone a sanctuary.
  177. Mall Guard NO C++ and NO LUA
  178. [Tut] How to make custom items, And add them to the DB!
  179. [Arcemu] How to make your server public with hamachi N00B friendly and fast
  180. [Guide]Fixing the Talent bug! *Arcemu*
  181. [EPICZ] Scriptdev2 Compiling / Making your mobs attack! USER-FRIENDLY
  182. [EPICZ] VMap/LoS guide for mangos in 1-2-3 [NOOB-FRIENDLY]
  183. [Guide] How to make a server work for all wotlk patches
  184. Make/Use Custom Launcher(s)
  185. How to restart mysql password
  186. How to customized Bosses and the Loots
  187. [ArcEmu] 3.1.3 Server. Very Very VERY Easy.
  188. How to add spells to GameObjects.
  189. [Template/Guide] Easy Teleporter NPC for all your servers needs!!
  190. [Tut] How to remove the red ? mark from custom items! [/Tut]
  191. [tut]How to make a vendor
  192. [Hint for beginners] How to equip weapons to NPC's
  193. Quick easy way to make PhpBB3 create a game account for Mangos (3.1.3)
  194. NPC lua spell commands [GUIDE]
  195. [GUIDE] Repair MAJOR ERROR/WARNING on creature_spawns [Wrong Column Count]
  196. [Guide] Add a 'Reload ScriptEngine Command'
  197. {Guide } Making a Simple Mob \ Npc Using Quice (with Images ) In Extreme details
  198. How to make a 3.2.0 Server and fix bugs!
  199. [Guide] Add a 'Reload ScriptEngine Command' - ArcEmu Version
  200. [Guide] Free ventrilo server
  201. [Lua Guide] Teleport NPC
  202. [Lua Guide] Level NPC
  203. [noob friendly]making custom items and import em
  204. [noob friendly]making custom items and import em
  205. [Lua Guide] Morpher NPC
  206. [ArcEmu Guide] How To Compile And Edit Your Own Repack.
  207. How to compile ArcEmu 3.2.0 Step By Step!
  208. Setting up a Second Realm
  209. How to change start locations, no skills needed
  210. Mangos Commands with examples
  211. Ascent Private server commands
  212. [GUIDE MAC] How to setup a WoW server on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow leopard)
  213. P1ratens Info Heaven.
  214. How to make a Shopping Mall guide + Decorations ID
  215. Custom Talents - How To (Scrub Friendly)
  216. [GUIDE] MaNGOS 3.2.2a - Now in 3 Flavors!
  217. Arc-Emu vmaps v3 guide
  218. [Lua] Adding a cooldown to your gossip script
  219. [Guide Mac ] Setup a 3.2.2 Mac server (Arcemu)
  220. Need spell script !
  221. [Arcemu] How to edit Spawn Locations, items, and spells
  222. Compiling custom scripts on Linux
  223. [EPIC GUIDE] Make any private server public non hamachi
  224. How to now connect to Private Servers with a BNET merged client.
  225. Amusing script functions
  226. The ultimate dedicated server guide + links to filez! [Txt n Img heavy]
  227. [Lua] How to script a quest.
  228. [Guide]How to make NPC casting spells(LUA)
  229. Macro for adding all available In-game titles on a Mangos based server
  230. Create a custom class.
  231. C++ TuT Creature AI.
  232. how to compile a trinitycore+start the server.
  233. {SuperGuide} Create,Compile,Configure,MaNGOS + UDB + Scriptdev2(IMAGES)
  234. !GUIDE! Setup LAN server MaNGOs Platinum 1.12.1
  235. Emulation: The Basics.
  236. How to get your Server+Website Live!
  237. [Lua] How to write notes to yourself
  238. [List] LuaHypArc Command List
  239. Mangos Weapon and Class Trainers
  240. How to : Basic Gossip NPC
  241. [BEG]Mangos for 1.1.2 Need Help plz
  242. [ArcEmu] All Game-Master/Admin Commands
  243. [Arcemu Compiling Guide] How to compile Vmap, Map, DBC extractor
  244. [Linux] Compiling Guide - ArcEmu 3.3 / 3.2
  245. How to fix your ArcEmu repack for 3.3.0a! (need a 3.3.0a repack already)
  246. How to Compile Extra C++ Scripts in Arcemu
  247. [Lua] Gossip Dropdown Menus
  248. {SuperGuide} Compiling Scripts using Scriptdev2 in MaNGOS
  249. [Easy]Creating your own custom portals
  250. How to make custom Extended_cost + pics