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  1. [HOW TO] Protect against Warden
  2. [HOW TO] Solve DirectX overlay issue
  3. [HOW TO] HUD is not visible/does not start
  4. [HOW TO] Solve your antivirus problems
  5. [HOW TO] Transparency problems
  6. Download link
  7. [Question] THUD Donators Tag
  8. [How To] 2 parts of char on screen in menu and game caused by 3dvision nvidia
  9. [Bug] EXP to next Level
  10. How to disable grey background behind items?
  11. about zhCN
  12. Plugins "installation"
  13. Message in plugin.txt
  14. [Bug] Rift Keystone showing wrong number
  15. [Question] Paragon
  16. Cant see the dropped legendary names, elites affixes and monsters on the map.
  17. Can't read D3 memory.
  18. How does TH identify primal ancients
  19. Help with plugin log
  20. TurboHUD won't start
  21. How to disable Pickup range?
  22. Windows 10. Totally lost HUD
  23. [Development] Plugin for buffs
  24. [Question] relating to updates
  25. How to enable PICKIT?
  26. getting lagged when using the protection from warden
  27. How to change language of THUD ?
  28. CoE circle near my toon
  29. How to make a range indicator for gems like Zei ?
  30. [Win10] Unrecognized executable or libary: Infinity.Lua.dll
  31. InArmorySet display error set name
  32. [Bug] Item not flashing for cube power extract.
  33. [Bug] Unable to retrieve latest version info for TurboHUD
  34. [Bug] Equipped gem value inaccurate after upgrade
  35. BUG Greater rift key count
  36. When downloading the new Version of THUD, how to keep my Settings?
  37. [Bug] 3 bug
  38. [Question] Is it possible to remove the bar on the right downstairs?
  39. [Request] Missing cosmetics
  40. [Request] Speaking TH
  41. [Bug] OtherPlayersPlugin
  42. [Request] Zippy Share
  43. [Question] How to remove player's name ?
  44. [Bug] Missing Rack
  45. [Request] Perendi falling rocks Ring
  46. [Question] How to delete default in DangerousMonsterPlugin
  47. [Question] Antivirus Problems
  48. [Request] Hud.Render.UIHidden
  49. [Bug] Ancient items
  50. [Bug] minor spelling error in NotifyAtRiftPercentagePlugin
  51. [Question] Disabling damage numbers
  52. [Bug] TTS is not working with ruRU
  53. [Bug] Monster maxhealthy occasionally abnormal
  54. [How To] terminate TurboHUD because Diablo 3 is not running
  55. [Request] Toughness indicator in Health Globe Bar; Map indicator from circles to squares?
  56. [How To] TTS is finally back!
  57. [Bug] exceptions
  58. [Bug] Error with the latest ItemPlugin
  59. [Bug] in new release STABLE for Diablo III (v7.2)
  60. [Question] GoblingPlugin
  61. [How To] TurboHUD doesn't work :((((
  62. [Question] Items change color plugin?
  63. [Question] Turbohud.exe vanishes?
  64. [How To] Tts
  65. [Question] Turbo Hud not working
  66. [Question] PickIt - Help on how to disable it?
  67. [Question] Removing names of legs on ground?
  68. [How To] Disable run/session stats and player stats?
  69. [Question] game funs fine normally; runs at 25 fps with turbohud on
  70. [Question] Protecting against Warden on Win10?
  71. [Bug] Incorrect spirit cost for Wave of Light - Monk
  72. [Question] THud TCP Problem.
  73. [Bug] THUD can't create config
  74. [Bug] TH Crush
  75. [Question] Season Journey
  76. [Question] Icons on screen moving instead of staying still
  77. [How To] Disable Paragon_Capture
  78. [Bug] The Hamelin is not included in the BOSS
  79. [Question] Cant get Turbohud.exe to extract
  80. [How To] How can I disable AoE indicators from elites?
  81. [Question] Antivirus changes?
  82. [How To] Custom plugins exceptions
  83. [Question] Minimap bug
  84. [Question] Secondary Account cannot connect to B.Net now?
  85. [Bug] black circle on char and map
  86. [How To] Request Archon Timer on Player
  87. [Bug] A strange exception
  88. [How To] Comprehensive Troubleshoot
  89. [Request] Request inner sactuary on screen ring
  90. [Bug] Potion timer
  91. [Question] Stormreaver theme
  92. [Question] Hide plugins when Map is Active?
  93. [Question] Does TurboHUD support multi-monitor setups?
  94. [Request] UseLegendaryItemTexture
  95. [Bug] turbohud is flickering
  96. [How To] How do plugins work?
  97. [Bug] PlayerBottomBuffListPlugin position BUG
  98. [Bug] Win10 Redstone 2 NO Aero
  99. [How To] Deaths breath tracking
  100. [Request] Keys per hour Plugin
  101. [Question] Is there a manual for TurboHUD?
  102. [Bug] Something is going wrong recently....
  103. [How To] Convention of Elements position for current player on top of char
  104. [Request] Arcane affix laser timer
  105. [How To] Need help removing most features
  106. [Question] How to add certain SnoID for groundcircles decorators?
  107. [Question] Custom PickIT files
  108. [Question] ScreenCapture on {event}
  109. [Request] Loading Screen
  110. [Question] Two Monitors, focus window
  111. [Bug] Turbo-HUD disappears when ALT+TAB
  112. [How To] Write a method that returns a string?
  113. [Question] Skill,- items groundrangecircle
  114. [Question] TH stoped working after last Bnet Crash?
  115. [Request] Old Plugin wich shows a dot under the trash
  116. [How To] Read weapon damage rolls?
  117. [Question] What does this green bar represent?
  118. [How To] TURBO no work
  119. [Question] Freezing for six seconds every so often?
  120. [Question] Change Primal Colors, Radius....?
  121. [Bug] New win 10 update cant run 32 bit d3
  122. [Bug] api-ms-win-core-console-l1-1-0
  123. [Bug] TurboHud Can't read D3 memory.
  124. [Bug] Bug picture transparency
  125. [Question] cant get Turbohud to work please help
  126. [How To] Fix Black Circle
  127. [Question] turbohud isn't wokring help
  128. [How To] TurboHUD switch off
  129. [Bug] No Connection With The Dashboard Error
  130. [Question] TH crashing
  131. [Question] Pargon capture
  132. [Bug] No Connection With The Dashboard....
  133. [Question] Configurate Hitboxes and stuff
  134. [Question] Achievements missing ?
  135. [How To] Remove Paragon & Exp/Hr top bar
  136. [How To] Oculus
  137. [Question] Exe wont run
  138. [Question] 64bit support?
  139. [Question] How to set the yard distance for rift progress
  140. [Bug] Flicking on/off/on/off sometimes. I have to reload D3 until it stops.
  141. [Question] Skilldmg in Pickit
  142. [Question] Hello I have a question about the items
  143. [Question] Black circle in the healthbar and items without icons
  144. [Bug] Please delete this Thread
  145. [Bug] Help ! Plugin conflict
  146. [Bug] Minimap Black
  147. [Question] Unidentified item name on ground
  148. [Request] Is there any way to know who Banner is?
  149. [Question] How do I disable greying out items in my Inventory?
  150. [How To] please help me
  151. [How To] Big Archont Timer
  152. [Question] Hud main account?
  153. [Question] Extend BuffRule by remaining Cooldown
  154. [Question] Show item perfection?
  155. [Question] Properly Extend BuffRuleCalculator
  156. [Question] THD suddenly can't read D3 memory
  157. [Question] How to activate MonsterCirclePlugin ?
  158. [Question] Grey items.. What do they mean?
  159. [How To] How to modify the statistics by F5
  160. [Bug] TH lag
  161. [Request] GroundShapeDecorator and "-1" Radius
  162. [How To] How to disable the black stuff on the minimap?
  163. [Question] are snippets gone?
  164. [Bug] THUD Lag/Minimap way behind
  165. [Question] EXE doenst run (log inside)
  166. [Question] TurbuHud doesnt start
  167. [Question] Show how many monsters are bleeding within 20 yards?
  168. [Question] TurboHUD caused the screen to freeze
  169. [Question] Exp Tracker
  170. [Request] Modified MonsterHealthBarPlugin
  171. [Bug] Over 1000 exceptions during bounty!
  172. [Question] TurboHUD for PTR Can't detect your BattleTag.
  173. [Bug] Current EHP for AttributeLabelListPlugin why is it always different?
  174. [Bug] The two expression may have BUG
  175. [Question] TurboHUD not Detecting Diablo 3
  176. [Question] Install plugins?
  177. [Request] compatible ZOOMHACK?
  178. [Question] Greyed out items
  179. [Question] Can't launch TH anymore
  180. [Question] System administrator permission required...
  181. [Bug] FYI - Dashboard is down
  182. [Question] Asking for help, a custom question
  183. [Question] Display "Sheet Dps" on Display.
  184. [Request] Text to speech for Boss spawns
  185. [Question] Who can write this plugin?About the HellfireAmulet mission
  186. [Question] Cant read D3 Memory
  187. [Question] Progress with THud for 2.6.xx
  188. [Request] Permanent map overlay or map on another monitor?
  189. [How To] THUD Won't Open
  190. [Question] Turbohud 2.6
  191. [Bug] Overwrite the old, have an exception
  192. [Question] Help, Plugins
  193. [Question] harrington waistgaurd
  194. [How To] Fix the process vanishing issue
  195. [Bug] Chest marking missing on new maps
  196. [Request] Add Smaller Background Brush to Label Decorators
  197. [Bug] Unable to Disable Cursed Chest Ground Labels
  198. [Question] TurboHUD Error With 32Bit Error
  199. [Bug] Update in zippy share is wrong EXE
  200. [Question] TurboMGR not working....
  201. [How To] THUD not working with Hotfix Patch
  202. [Bug] Unable to draw the overlay content if Diablo 3 is running in 'fullscreen' mode.
  203. [Question] Can't detect your BattleTag
  204. [Question] Exceptions ?
  205. [Question] How Can I Remove Unidentified Legendary Ground Labels?
  206. [Question] Is streamlining THud possible?
  207. [Bug] expressions error
  208. [Bug] Xp/H not working
  209. [Question] Turbo not working?
  210. [Question] Add skillbuffs to PlayerBuffList
  211. [Bug] Exceptions! (808)
  212. [Request] Necro buff/pet tracking
  213. [Bug] Terminate TurboHUD because Diablo 3 is not running issue
  214. [Bug] Turbohud Issue
  215. [Question] TurboHUD + ISBoxer
  216. [Question] Necro Skeleton Mage counter
  217. [Bug] Exceptions While Playing Necro Trag'Oul Build
  218. [Question] Disabling TH overlay
  219. [How To] Stones
  220. [Question] Turbohud not working
  221. [Question] Dont work?
  222. [Question] Download links not working?
  223. [Bug] Crashing due to memory loss eorror
  224. [Bug] New Updated THud not displaying anything
  225. [Bug] 64Bit BETA Necromancer Rathma
  226. [Question] Quick question.
  227. [Question] Only Map
  228. Cannot Delete exe File
  229. [Bug] 32bit Some plugins exceptions occur occasionally
  230. [Request] Simple plugin that will display resource counter in the middleish on screen
  231. [Request] Killstreak sounds plugin
  232. [Question] Help plz can open TH
  233. [Bug] mini map bug frozen-have link
  234. [Request] possible to do this with thud?
  235. [Bug] 657 exceptions (32bit) on Unbending Fate map Act 4
  236. [How To] Hud not working?
  237. [Bug] Warden Protection Bug
  238. [Question] TurboHUD 64bit get crash
  239. [Bug] Game beeing black until kill TH process
  240. [Bug] a lot of Exceptions
  241. [Bug] error: unrecognized exec.....
  242. [Bug] Problem with TH
  243. [Bug] 64bit conflicts with some of China's Bank browser controls
  244. [Request] WD LoN plugin
  245. [Bug] the 2.6 new BOSS not included in the BOSS group
  246. [Question] Can't read D3 Memory..
  247. [Request] Cannot get GR dialog box's UI
  248. [How To] I know this is something stupid simple to fix but I'm over thinking it.
  249. [How To] Rathma plugin coding help
  250. [Request] Harrington Waistguard plugin