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  1. [Question] Hello KJ, A New Feature in 1.17 version?
  2. [Request] Service announcement - beta testing
  3. [Request] Speech for gems
  4. [Request] (and newer) error report
  5. [Question] Is there a guide?
  6. [Question] How can i find far-away monsters on minimap early?
  7. [How To] Position change of the CoE Buffbar
  8. [How To] Turn of some functions
  9. [Question] What are these numbers at the top? If not useful, which plugin do I need to disable
  10. [Bug] THud disappears for 5 - 10 seconds upon gaining a Paragon
  11. [Question] 144hz monitor
  12. [Question] Help To remove stat tracker f5 one
  13. [Request] Fix Hud.Game.Me.ArmorySets 5/10 index for 'ItemAnnIds'
  14. [Question] Elite highlighting Plugin?
  15. [Question] TurboHUD not opening at all
  16. [Question] please help me
  17. [Question] MiniMap Not Allways Showing Map
  18. [Bug] TurboHud not working on windows 7?
  19. [Question] plugin solution?
  20. [Bug] Exception causing HUD to not draw overlays, can still see map outlines but no mobs
  21. [Request] Better THUD compiler error messages
  22. [Bug] Long title of ancient items
  23. [Request] Request: TextLabel under own feet
  24. [Bug] Extract Legendary Power
  25. [Question] TurboHUD and Plugins question
  26. [Question] Focus/restrain fix position
  27. [Question] Basic Turbohud.
  28. [Question] Letterbox video option messing up TurboHud overlay
  29. [Bug] Rare case of items without name / grounddecorator
  30. [Request] Can we have IItemPerfection for weapon socket from Ramaladni's Gift?
  31. [Request] Unable to retrieve the latest version...
  32. [Question] Is item.AnnId unique across all items?
  33. [Request] bool CanBePicked
  34. [Question] How do I detect when the rift guardian is killed? [SOLVED]
  35. [Question] Missing counter of GR Stones
  36. [Question] When I need to implement ITransparentCollection
  37. [Request] Crash after a minute or two of running
  38. [Question] How to change TurboHUD resolution
  39. [Question] Is there a way to track followers?
  40. [Question] Help please
  41. [Question] FPS drops when using TurboHUD
  42. [Question] HELP how to turn off auto screen shot
  43. [Bug] greater rift time is not correct
  44. [Question] Change HUD Scale
  45. [Question] How do I disable the translucent ring around my character as it moves? [SOLVED]
  46. [Request] Looking for the 6pc Helltooth buff indicator, Jeram's Revenge
  47. [Question] Customized Loot Filter
  48. [Question] PickIt Questions
  49. [Question] New Build has some exceptions....if
  50. [Question] autohide disable / Manual
  51. [Question] How to remove the Stat Tracker Plugin?
  52. [Bug] [v8.0] UiHiddenPlayerSkillBarPlugin named "UiHiddenPortraitSkillBarPlugin.cs"
  53. [Request] New damage suffixes
  54. [How To] how can i download Thud
  55. [Question] % and info on skill action touch skill
  56. [How To] terminate TurboHUD because Diablo 3 is not running
  57. [How To] TH suddenly became transparent !?
  58. [Question] TurboHUD new versions are not working
  59. [How To] How to deactivate the plugin drawing the pink border
  60. [How To] EliteAffixPlugin
  61. [Question] How do I modify it to see the Archon cooldown in the Archon transformation?
  62. [Question] How to disable the cooldown announcement
  63. [Question] Turbohud does not start
  64. [Bug] Memory Leak...?
  65. [Question] TH. Help me
  66. [Question] How to remove this???
  67. [Question] Skillbars DPS remove
  68. [Request] can anybody helps to update the pylon marker plugin to V9?
  69. [How To] ExperienceOverBarPlugin
  70. [Question] Chat window open / animationstate
  71. [Question] How u make the plugin work for v9.0
  72. [Question] Looking for an assist with this plugin...
  73. [How To] How to remove these few features?
  74. [Question] Help me ,The hud is running, but the plugin is not applied
  75. [How To] remove all features except the map infos
  76. [Bug] Health Potion timer goes wild
  77. [Bug] Sound in Left ear only
  78. [Question] AnimSnoEnum of Stonesinger summons Turret ?
  79. [Bug] Call when a used skill's cooldown is started or expired
  80. [Bug] Volume goes to 1 on Sound Mixer with each restart
  81. [Bug] Hud.Game.Me.ParagonTotalExp == 0 for paragon 1000 player
  82. [Bug] Legendary Gems Rank bug - the really old one
  83. [Request] Request for a whisper/message notification
  84. [Bug] Dont works any plugins on new realease TH
  85. [Question] 403 Forbidden
  86. [How To] Remove affixes from elite minions and some circles from Affixes on the ground
  87. [Question] Detailed Progressmeter
  88. [Bug] Hud (v9.0) is not working here ... (v8.0) was working fine till today
  89. [Question] is there a plugin to show dynamic dps and toughness?
  90. [Bug] Issues with plugins v9
  91. [Question] Land/Simu restant UP TIME
  92. [Request] Can anybody helps to update the [Psycho] ClassMarkersPlugin
  93. [Question] Why does one of the plugins change the color of the monstercircle plugin?
  94. [Question] Version 8 vs version 9
  95. [How To] MobsOnMapColorPlugin.cs - help fix it
  96. [Request] Rat simu/land plugin
  97. [Question] Error CS0266 - ActorSnoEnum assistance
  98. [Question] exceptions.txt
  99. [Question] Plugin that displays the APS of a necro when Skelly Archers are up?
  100. [How To] Sand Wasp
  101. [Request] Do not abort compilation if unable to delete previous run's compilation output files
  102. [Request] Can anyone make this useful plugin (pylon % when detected and floor) make work in 9.0
  103. [Question] zodiac sno
  104. [Question] other players' location in a rift
  105. [Question] Blacklisting specific items from PickIt
  106. [Question] Information Bar above skillbar
  107. [Question] Disable illusionist copy point in mini map and show pylons at progress bar
  108. [Question] Any chance to use TurboHUD on the 32 bit launcher?
  109. [Bug] OnChatLineChanged
  110. [Question] Turbohud doesnt start
  111. [Request] selected_language zhCN cannot be used?
  112. [Question] Who knows what plugin this is?
  113. [Question] hello guys i'm korean Fix my problem.
  114. [Request] Elemental exposure passive
  115. [Question] Istvans Buff Tracker?
  116. [How To] Fix for this exception?
  117. [How To] How do I download this? Not sure where to save it or anything :(
  118. [Bug] HUD Overlay dosent match
  119. [Request] fix code for v9.0
  120. [Request] Any possible way to get player.Highest4PlayerRiftLevel information in TH?
  121. [Question] player.Hero.BattleTag errors
  122. [Question] TH pops up and shut down
  123. [How To] How to remove monster name in TH
  124. [How To] How to remove all buff icon of Pylon in top right in TH
  125. [How To] How to change the color of monk's "Inner Sanctuary " in TH
  126. [How To] Help to remove it from the screen
  127. [How To] How to close ??
  128. [How To] How to remove it(mosnter 's skill cycle) in TH?
  129. [Question] pools
  130. [Question] How to show elite monster health bars separately?
  131. [How To] How do I find texture id's of map icons and other ui elements?
  132. [Question] Default volume TH
  133. [How To] Seems i am overwriting everything when activating plugins (with TCT)
  134. [Question] Cannot download Turbo HUD ?
  135. [How To] Print Screen Issue
  136. [Question] Is there an alternate method to get the current build?
  137. [Request] Conduit Damage Plugin
  138. [How To] Remove number above skill
  139. [How To] How to remove player's bottom "Focus ring" and "Restraint ring" buffer icon ?
  140. [Question] EnableSpeak question
  141. [Question] TurboHUD graying out all items in inventory? known issue?
  142. [Question] Exception in latest Thud Build
  143. [How To] How to remove them ?( RareMinion's dotted circle and HP number)
  144. [How To] Thud 9.0
  145. [Bug] Bug with icon
  146. [Question] Big red H next to elites
  147. [Question] turbohud not launching
  148. [Bug] Possible defect - overlay paint error [Int32]
  149. [Bug] problem with turboHUD
  150. [Question] Exceptions
  151. [Question] TurboHud screenshots
  152. [How To] Help with Frozen affix Decorator
  153. [Question] Party member COE rotation
  154. [Request] Colorization change for enemies afflicted by LoTD
  155. [How To] I can't use,who can help me?
  156. [Question] Help to modify a Skeletal Mage plugin
  157. [Request] ANY help for the Sprinter/SpeedRacer 1h Act1to5 conquest
  158. [How To] Have an icon to show a specific skill cooldown at left side of player? ex: Epiphany
  159. [Bug] server IP
  160. [Request] who can help me to edit InventoryAndStashPlugin.cs for glq?
  161. [Request] HELP.. need to see my skill cooldown around my char. ex: Epiphany
  162. [Request] Interface
  163. [Question] TTS Ancient and Primal
  164. [Question] how to add a plugin ?
  165. [Bug] THud makes screen go black and can only see thud layout
  166. [Request] Elite-Pack-Pointer-Plugin
  167. [Question] Turbo hud cant read d3 memory.
  168. [Question] Checking on if turbohud can change what is shown.
  169. [Bug] experience per hour glitching out
  170. [Bug] Kanai's cube recipes and collection missing from ClipState
  171. [Bug] ? BattleTagAbovePortrait = HeroName ?
  172. [Question] Minimap outside
  173. [Question] Disabling Map hack ?
  174. [Question] wizard buffs center
  175. [How To] How to play without the ground and mob things
  176. [Question] TurboHud works but displaying nothing
  177. [Bug] Diablo 3 Is Not Running. - Logs.
  178. [Question] Dx12
  179. [Question] turbohud exceptions when trying to install plugins
  180. [Request] how do you change icon for ancient items?
  181. [How To] How to insert Outline (Border) ?
  182. [Question] EXP counter spinning
  183. [Question] MiniMap revealing
  184. [Question] Did I miss an update? Thud not working fully
  185. [How To] How do we change (add) the Attribute LabelList over Player Skills ?
  186. [Request] Ziipyshare Download Link Broken
  187. [Bug] zyhelper issue
  188. [Question] What does each minimap circle color represents?
  189. [Question] XP broken
  190. [How To] Command Skeleton Target
  191. [Question] SummonCount plugin modify
  192. [Question] How to remove Buff icons above skill bar?
  193. [Question] Item Perfection
  194. [Question] What is the meaning of SNO?
  195. [Question] Function of istanceToMe
  196. [Question] what is this and how to fix
  197. [Question] Disable / Enable pylon spawn on minimap
  198. [Question] Change Primal color?
  199. [How To] Change Language. I tried everything
  200. [Question] I have the following EXCEPTIONS