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  1. [Request] ItemsPlugin customization
  2. [Question] How to show CoE under/top of character
  3. [Request] Arcane affix does not appear
  4. [Question] Plugins not working
  5. [Request] Wizard Locator Plugin
  6. [Question] How to fork a plugin?
  7. [Bug] The sno number of Monk CripplingWave seems not correct.
  8. [Request] A plugin for only one skill cooldown
  9. [Question] Task menager kills turbohud
  10. [Question] Firebird 20 stacks large icon
  11. [Request] Play sound when a rainbow goblin is near/on screen?
  12. [Bug] Locus Swarm bug?
  13. [Question] Inventory Config
  14. [Bug] Red exit is shown green (Jere Harash's Path I)
  15. [Question] How to make CoE just 1 icon but with highest element cooldown
  16. [Request] Dropped ancient items counter
  17. [Request] TH Not Working
  18. [Request] hope to get a plugin for Pain Enhancer effect
  19. [Request] Unable to retrieve latest version info for TurbuHUD
  20. [Request] Request modified countdown type to be float,not int
  21. [Request] TURBOHUD EXCEPTIONS help
  22. [Question] Inner sanctuary cd under player?
  23. [Request] How to display the meteor circle
  24. [How To] Followed TCT instructions, still incredibly lost.
  25. [Question] Reinsttalled D3 - THUD not working
  26. [Request] Halo of Karini Buff
  27. [Bug] Can't disable Auto Paragon Screenshot
  28. [Question] highlighted enemy plug-in
  29. [Question] Need few tips about IF conditions
  30. [How To] Circle under each elite monster (except illusionist clones)
  31. [How To] set bonus sno
  32. [How To] Turn off the blue wordings in bounties
  33. [Question] Diablo 3 not running
  34. [How To] How to edit 'EliteMonsterAffixPlugin.cs' to remove affix labels from rare minions
  35. [Bug] New Error Message for me
  36. [Question] Não funcionando na Temporada 13
  37. [Question] TurboHud Not Loading
  38. [How To] Enigma Maphack Not Loading
  39. [Question] TurboHUD can't detect your battletag
  40. [How To] Download
  41. [Bug] >>> BETA bug reporting thread <<<
  42. [Question] Names on Minimap?
  43. [Question] Is there a way to change monster marker size in minimap?
  44. [Request] unable to retrieve latest version info for turbohud
  45. [Question] int.Parse()
  46. [How To] how to resolve this exception
  47. [How To] ocullus/sanctuary
  48. [Question] IP
  49. [Question] Show ignore pain on party
  50. [Question] How to capture an item ?
  51. [Question] remove unit
  52. [Request] feature/plugin request
  53. [Request] TurboMGR - Red Numbers ???
  54. [How To] Plz help me! How to eliminate affix labels from rare minions!
  55. [Request] minimap reveal can add tow options, like as Enigma.maphack?
  56. [Bug] Black Screen
  57. [How To] Remove pink dots on minimap
  58. [Bug] No Dashboard Connection
  59. [Request] Potion Cooldown
  60. [How To] item grayed
  61. [Question] Thud randomly crashing
  62. [Question] Is there a way to reset play time for each rift runs?
  63. [Question] How to remove attribute (skills/stats bar)
  64. [Question] Filled circles
  65. [Bug] Possible Intervention from Blizzard
  66. [Bug] Alt+C is not working
  67. [Bug] Some exceptions log about OnCooldownExpired
  68. [Question] terminate TurboHUD because Diablo 3 is not running
  69. [Question] How to disable legendaries names completely?
  70. [Question] Another disable plugins question
  71. [Question] Nothing seems to be working
  72. [Bug] BETA thread (2018 May)
  73. [Question] Turbohud not working
  74. [Question] kj question....
  75. [How To] How to custom the radius of a Decorator?
  76. [Question] Yellow bountys on map?
  77. [Bug] StandardMonsterPlugin.cs / RiftPlugin.cs
  78. [Question] THUD Directx Issue not solved
  79. [Question] Get Mantra Active Buff
  80. [How To] Where can I modify the opacity of the minimap?
  81. [Question] Help with CreateBrush metod arguments explain and more
  82. [How To] How to disable the character list in main menu
  83. [Question] About warden and TurboHUD
  84. [Request] New patch
  85. [Question] Map expand?
  86. [How To] Other Players Rotations
  87. [Request] Rift plugin is not working on 18.6.5 version
  88. [How To] Want to do something when using TownPortal, MapPortal or EndMapPylon
  89. [Bug] Debug -> dump_players.txt
  90. [Bug] Exceptions on win10 1607(os 14393.1593)
  91. [Request] Multibox support
  92. [Request] minimap reveal with a goblin spawn range circle??
  93. [Question] TurboHUD WIN10 64 Bit not working
  94. [Bug] Turbo HUD not hidding when Diablo is out of focus
  95. [How To] Loose stones indicate
  96. [Question] about the Large numbers
  97. [Question] Need help, TurboHUD sucking a lot of data from my limited Network.
  98. [Question] Screenshot
  99. [Question] Occulus buff
  100. [Question] I need help for Turbohud(d3)
  101. [Request] Could anybody help me modify this script?
  102. [Request] Circle around the lowest creature on screen
  103. [Question] Turbohud Does Nothing
  104. [Question] HUD Not Working
  105. [How To] Possible to anchor minimap to center of screen like on PoE?
  106. [Question] Crash right after clicking .exe
  107. [Question] Is Turbohud Safe to use right now?
  108. [Question] Showing buffs under player
  109. [How To] Issue with level up screen shots.
  110. [Bug] Default PlayerBottomBuffListPlugin.cs not display FnR cooldown
  111. [How To] Download link for TurboHUD not working
  112. [How To] About the ObsidianRingoftheZodiac
  113. [How To] turbohud + isoboxer help please!
  114. [How To] Tracking selected cooldowns
  115. [Bug] THud overlay freezes up
  116. [Question] Turbo.Plugins.User problem
  117. [How To] Chance of Ancient and Primal Plugins
  118. [Question] Remove useless plugins
  119. [How To] convention of elements ring status counter
  120. [How To] Remove poison
  121. [Question] WD haunt and locust
  122. [Question] Same 4 exceptions every loading screen....
  123. [Question] Not working
  124. [Question] Player Details on Top
  125. [Question] Draw clipped in the minimap ?
  126. [How To] Sound output into different device.
  127. [How To] How do I remove teammates COE icons
  128. [How To] 136 Exceptions
  129. [Question] How to disable this ?
  130. [Question] hud not launching
  131. [Question] Problem low fps with windowed mode fullscreen
  132. [Question] Pls help
  133. [Question] If you use "GeForce Experience / In Game Overlay" for screen recording I need help
  134. [Question] How to check if skill is using Nth rune?
  135. [How To] Can not start TurboHUD.exe
  136. [Request] No gems equipped
  137. [Question] unable to retrieve latest version info
  138. [How To] Items in inventory grayed out
  139. [How To] Show Sweeping wind timer under player
  140. [How To] Help - plugin turbohud
  141. [Question] Unable to make plugin to work
  142. [Question] How to remove these circles??
  143. [How To] How take screen capture and game recording with osb with turbohud overlay ?
  144. [Question] Boss Names per TTS in Grater Rifts
  145. [Question] Dropped Items
  146. [Question] TurboHud Plugins
  147. [Question] How i remove these bar and these 0?
  148. [How To] How to remove these?
  149. [Question] new update posted to D3
  150. [Bug] Some problems of Chinese users about the original TurboHUD
  151. [Question] TurboHUD Error... Help
  152. [How To] problem turbo nothing on screen
  153. [How To] How do you change layout and so on in THUD?
  154. [How To] TurboHUD - Game not installed
  155. [Bug] exceptions
  156. [How To] remove rngd, slow icons atc..
  157. [Bug] Topic for HUD issues (affects only some people)
  158. [How To] Issues with Thud- Please help
  159. [How To] any Idea how to remove or edit these icons?
  160. [Bug] (v7.7) exceptions
  161. [Question] Convention of elements
  162. [Question] How i can turn off - Green circle from plugin
  163. [How To] Paragon level up hud hides for few seconds
  164. [Bug] Wrong Version ingame
  165. [Question] Map opacity
  166. [Question] Paragon Points
  167. [Question] Thud acting real funky
  168. [Question] Lag Spikes only with THUD active?
  169. [Question] possible hide rare item?
  170. [How To] Move Arcanbar Text
  171. [Question] Plugin to notify/tell zMonk when to blind for a molten and grotesque explosion?
  172. [Question] Working Audible Pylon Plugin
  173. [Bug] TurboHUD not running correctly. TurboHUD (v7.7)
  174. [Question] TurboHUD doesn't load at all
  175. [Question] Elite positions
  176. [How To] Remove Players stats
  177. [Question] unrecognized executable or library. terminating. turboHUD.exe
  178. [Bug] did a complete install
  179. [Bug] Crashed
  180. [Bug] How the name of plugin?
  181. [Bug] Version a lot of exceptions
  182. [Question] How the name of plugin?
  183. [Bug] exception error since
  184. [How To] How do I remove the bottom right stat window circle
  185. [Bug] [SOLVED] TurboHUD Smooth As Silk
  186. [Question] Change text to speech voice language?
  187. [Question] Elite Plugin
  188. [How To] Hello screen display question.
  189. [Request] Trying to use a plugin but i guess it is broken
  190. [Question] Party Buff
  191. [Request] Bliz is going to break Thud on tuesday, just before final pushes for hundreds of us
  192. [Request] dear KillerJohn... Please change the data storage method to the server storage method
  193. [Bug] Mini map layover Tripping out
  194. [Request] Sanctuary config or fix this plugin!!
  195. [Bug] UI disappear when many monster
  196. [How To] Percentages of health
  197. [Question] mob issue
  198. [Question] Capture Paragon Screenshots
  199. [Question] What is this radius and how can i disable it
  200. [Question] New User Questions about UI Changes
  201. [Question] Overlay vanishes
  202. [How To] Video settings not saving on turbohud?
  203. [How To] Nephalem rift runtimes?
  204. [How To] Paragon Swapping?
  205. [Request] I need help
  206. [Bug] Windows Update 1809 -> TH slow
  207. [Question] .RAR file stopped working, + TurboHUD.exe changed its name in my folder! :/
  208. [Question] THud making D3 Crash
  209. [Question] THUD Closing Immediately
  210. [Question] Exceptions
  211. [How To] Some items are highlighted and some aren't?
  212. [Question] plugin rendering priority
  213. [Question] Is there a plugin of, at zbarb POV in Rats run group ?
  214. [Question] Focus & Restraint
  215. [Question] Search feature in not working right ?
  216. [How To] Turbohud.exe shows as XML configuration file
  217. [Question] Range Indicator
  218. [Question] thud not launching
  219. [Question] Name of the plugin in charge of this
  220. [How To] Disable a certain hud element + Q about the manager
  221. [How To] Remove ground circle from forgotten souls?
  222. [Question] can i use turbo hud on PTR?
  223. [Question] IMonster get Buff, possible via sno ?
  224. [Bug] Possible bug
  225. [How To] Change color of Elite Monster Affix
  226. [Question] New to TurboHud
  227. [Question] Display remaining time on Wrath of berserker/Ignore pain
  228. [How To] Add circles for all necromancer pets for all other classes to see
  229. [Question] THUD problem after new 4k resolution
  230. [Bug] - Lots of broken plug ins, thud no longer shows monster dots on minimap?
  231. [Bug] new patch
  232. [Question] IPlayerArmorySet interface question
  233. [Question] TurboHUD's overlays happen when I take action, can I delay them? (Lag compensation)
  234. [Question] How does GetAttributeValue work?
  235. [Bug] Ancient / Primal borders no longer showing
  236. [Question] Does not show resources
  237. [Question] Latency problem / Lag when TurboHud is running!
  238. [How To] Show "Demon" Mobs on Minimap
  239. [How To] Radius around me
  240. [How To] How to capture total damage ?
  241. [How To] How to remove this
  242. [Request] Turbohud not running correctly
  243. [Bug] problem TCT | Outil de personnalisation TurboHUD
  244. [Question] Pestilence
  245. [Request] Buff active on monster ?
  246. [Question] TurboHUD loads, but no overlay
  247. [Question] TH no work
  248. [Request] HELP! TurboHud Problems 2k19 :/
  249. [Question] I from china. Unable to connect to server
  250. [Question] how to see all clickables? (harrington waistgaurd)