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  1. [Bug] My two plugins, 32bit and 64bit, may have exceptions
  2. [Bug] Development Hell map bug
  3. [Question] Namespace error troubleshooting
  4. [Bug] HUD memory usage is high
  5. [How To] affixes
  6. [Question] Is THud supposed to work in Challenge Rifts?
  7. [Bug] Turbohud freezing after screen freeze
  8. [Bug] THUD crashed my RAM
  9. [How To] see if elites are cursed
  10. [Request] IMonster Debuff Need some new and fixed
  11. [Bug] KJ, BUG in a particular location
  12. [Bug] Black Screen THUD
  13. [How To] ChampionPack FloorCoordinate
  14. [Question] paragon express
  15. [How To] How do I remove the cube icon from items in my inventory?
  16. [Bug] Maybe Bug? Or me being stupid. Probably both! DPS Not working correctly.
  17. Essence meter just like health meter?
  18. [Question] Reposition COE buff
  19. [Bug] 64Bit Exceptions only occuring in public games
  20. [Question] I Dont got an essence meter like i see my health!
  21. [Bug] Side area of the Ruins Of Sescheron map
  22. [Question] Need a tutorial
  23. [How To] Disable Circles under Player
  24. [Bug] Anyone else getting a black screen?
  25. [How To] how to change language of turbohud
  26. [Question] dps / toughness
  27. [Question] 64bit problem
  28. [Bug] TurboHUD 64 bit memory usage is high
  29. [Question] 2 questions on new turbohud/manager
  30. [Bug] Two old XML plugins cause HUD stop work
  31. [Question] TurboHUD UI flickers on startup
  32. [Question] Overlay Turbohud
  33. [Request] WD Paldrens of skeleton king
  34. [Bug] Invisible monster ground circle radius is too big (FIX).
  35. [How To] Disable Plugins?
  36. [Request] Please convert remaining .xml's in config\ui_default to .cs plugins
  37. [Question] how to stop screenshots being taken on paragon level-ups?
  38. [Question] Unable to retrieve latest version info
  39. [Request] Bone Armor Drop-off Warning
  40. [Request] Bul-Kathos Wedding Band Range Circle
  41. [How To] Is there a way to get data for the other players ?
  42. [Question] question about plugins?
  43. [Bug] thud not starting
  44. [Bug] the skill sound_notification dosn't support the necromancer?
  45. [Request] Ranged attack solid color-circle/dot indicator.
  46. [Bug] Issue with countdown radius (ex: on hydra)
  47. [Bug] Exceptions using 64 bit
  48. [Request] How to replace resource cost reduction tile above XPbar with current movespeed, etc.
  49. [Request] Command Skeletons
  50. [Request] is possible add this?
  51. [Bug] Latest download of 64bit - Unrecognized executable or library: terminating TurboMGR.e
  52. [Bug] TH crash after lunch
  53. [Bug] TH to
  54. [Question] Any plugin to indentify the NON illusionist?
  55. [Bug] 64Bit, dumping of ui elemts seems to fail
  56. [Question] how read item affixes
  57. [Question] How to get a legendary gem level ?
  58. [Bug] JewelRank doesn't update + offset drawing on square items in the inventory
  59. [Request] Need Help FR Plugins
  60. [Question] Diablo 3 not running - x64 D3/TurboHud
  61. [Request] Check Debuff on Monster by PowerSNO value
  62. [Question] New Plugin
  63. [Request] Plugin : Show Playername above Banner in town
  64. [Question] THUD disappearing periodically?
  65. [How To] Plugins not working
  66. [How To] Downloading turbohud file
  67. [Request] Number of corpses just like essense/skeletal mages
  68. [Request] Stash search functionality
  69. [Bug] When game lag, TurboHud froze and then stuck
  70. [Question] Hud lag on 64bit, especially in 4man play
  71. [Question] Hiding the Minions on the mini-map
  72. [How To] Change circle from inner sanctuary to the old size
  73. [Request] Rainbow goblin hunt plugin
  74. [How To] Legendary Items Border in inventory
  75. [Request] [TurboMGR] Please add support for 3rd stash page
  76. [Request] Total Experience Gained
  77. [Bug] Spirit Guards when cubed does not show up at the type of inventory when equipped
  78. [Request] Item.Perfections - Power_Cooldown_Reduction_Percent_All rounding prob
  79. [Bug] Problem using 2 plugins
  80. [Bug] The Fixed of 17.10.4 build seems to have no effect
  81. [Bug] New Skeletal Mage Buff (PTR)
  82. [Bug] Help: terminate TurboHUD because Diablo 3 is not running
  83. [Question] Disable Minimap Reveal
  84. [Bug] TurboHud cant detect battle tag
  85. [Question] What is TurboMGR and how do i use it
  86. [How To] Cant Read D3 Memory?
  87. [Request] need discord
  88. [Request] ItemKeepDecision Rework
  89. [Bug] Unable to draw overlay if in "fullscreen" mode, yet I use windowed fullscreen
  90. [Question] TurboHUD overlay disabled Because TurboHUD is outdated
  91. [Bug] The Girdle of Giants not have CanCubed ico
  92. [Request] Players in X yards
  93. [How To] TurboHUD is online again! Lets go boys
  94. [Bug] getting exception when activating a skill with cooldown
  95. [Bug] Paragon capture causes TH to go permanently blank
  96. [Question] What specific data is collected by TH for Dashboard?
  97. [Bug] CooldownSoundPlayerPlugin
  98. [Bug] Partyinspector
  99. [Bug] THUD stopped working
  100. [Bug] TH no more overlay after every GR
  101. [Request] Self Cooldown indicator
  102. [Bug] 17.11.4 Speak can't work?
  103. [Bug] 17.11.4 (64bit)Can't work for me!
  104. [Bug] A BUG, appeared in 17.11.3 and 4 build
  105. [Question] How to change hotkeys
  106. [Bug] on last Update 7.4
  107. [Question] CAN'T LAUNCH thud without using VPN
  108. [Question] Wormhole Decorator
  109. [Bug] 17.11.3, 17.11.4, has stopped working on some users's OS
  110. [Request] Monk mantra/Buff
  111. [How To] how to remove greyed out items in inventory
  112. [Question] get some exceptions
  113. [Bug] Exception Errors
  114. [How To] Newbies Start HERE
  115. [Question] No detail on map
  116. [Question] Extract data with plugin interface
  117. [Bug] Latest version (v7.5) 64-bit hotkeys
  118. [Question] Is something wrong with "config" file to cancel auto screenshots ?
  119. [Question] CooldownSoundPlayerPlugin.cs Customization
  120. [Question] Possible to get essence number on essence pool?
  121. [Request] TurboMGR
  122. [Question] Health Globe Healing Bonus
  123. [Question] Patch
  124. [Question] Please Help with message from TH
  125. [How To] Paragon capture
  126. [Bug] Turbohud Causes Teleport Sound bug with Wizard
  127. [Bug] thud closing after a while (exception)
  128. [Question] Tal Rasha Stack buff
  129. [Bug] Issue running on a 4K screen
  130. [Question] Turbohud wont start
  131. [Bug] Letterbox no longer supported? (the d3 video setting for the 16:10 ratio displays)
  132. [Question] PluginChanged - quick settings reload?
  133. [Question] Possible Sweeping winds display like focus/restraint set bouse?
  134. [Question] Basic Tutorial?
  135. [Request] Firebats (Cloud of Bats) range-indicator circle.
  136. [How To] Remove this???
  137. [Question] Modify color / opacity of Map and Minimap
  138. [Question] How to use the updated TTS functionality?
  139. [Question] Bane of the Trapped Radius Aura?
  140. [Question] Turbohud 32bit help
  141. [Question] TurboHUD broken?
  142. [Question] Disable Lobby Top HUD
  143. [Bug] Paragon Screenshot and Languages Translation doesn't works
  144. [Question] ThUD dont run on RUNAS
  145. [Request] TTS on low health
  146. [Question] Hud loads very slow after teleporting to other levels
  147. [Question] Cant use PickIt
  148. [Request] Need a hand disabling/removing a bunch of features
  149. [Bug] TurboHud 64 bit memory leak
  150. [Bug] Error with TurboMGR.exe
  151. [Question] How to remove this? + how can i change color of ancients?
  152. [Question] Turbohud does not start! Help!
  153. [Request] (SOLVED) TH goes off randomly
  154. [Question] highlighting templar follower?
  155. [Question] How do i remove stat window?
  156. [How To] how remove circles???
  157. [Bug] Why does item.FullNameLocalized include a english type name?
  158. [Request] Request again, support multiple game windows
  159. [Bug] DX version selection
  160. [Bug] making screenshots crashes THUD
  161. [Question] TUrbohud dosent Start Error
  162. [Request] Modify the xp tracker top screen
  163. [Question] Turbohud connection?
  164. [Question] Hello!help me!
  165. [Question] What is ClipState?
  166. [How To] create an icon showing a skill RUNE stacks like "assimilation" of way of 100 fists?
  167. [Question] old snippet update - timer with popup for COE?
  168. [Question] Wizard archon wierd ingame sound?
  169. [Question] Possible to hide yellow + blue items?
  170. [Question] Convention of Elements by player
  171. [Question] why does tHUD terminates on start?
  172. [Question] how to get plugin
  173. [Question] Friend having issue about thud
  174. [Question] Can't connect to Dashboard
  175. [Question] No connection with Dashboard: something wrong with me or a general issue ?
  176. [Request] "Increased Attack Speed" Item.Perfection.Attribute.Code value changed?
  177. [Bug] "Run DPS" and "Max DPS" in Stats Tracker not accumulating
  178. [How To] Make non-programmers configure TH [Request]
  179. [Request] IItem.IsVendorBought
  180. [Bug] Incorrect skill damage calculations?
  181. [Question] Translate
  182. [Bug] Poisoned corpse radius is way too big
  183. [Question] addons..
  184. [Question] Help adding a simple text label
  185. [Question] Buffs code
  186. [Question] How do I disable the 3 dmg numbers by portrait, and top paragon stats?
  187. [Question] How to force 32bit thud Diablo 3 in a 62bit Win7
  188. [Bug] EliteMonsterAffixPlugin.cs
  189. [Bug] Atack speed whith Flying dragon
  190. [Request] Pylon player name usage
  191. [How To] How change lang for korea...? elitemonsterAffix
  192. [Question] Disabling a bunch of addons
  193. [Request] Linux support?
  194. [Question] item Perfection and KeepDecision confusion with "sell darkening"
  195. [Question] Pastebin plugins
  196. [How To] Use Addons
  197. [Request] KJ : PluginEnablerOrDisablerPlugin : Hero name or class customization
  198. [Request] problem at launch
  199. [Question] ground circle issue
  200. [Question] Help, Turbohud 64bit doesn't start!
  201. [Request] TurboHud: Can't detect your Battletag.
  202. [Request] RGK, Stricken Stacks Calculator
  203. [Question] Help : TurboHud Not Detecting Window mode
  204. [Question] Remove PlayerBottomBuffListPlugin BuffRule
  205. [Bug] Can't start TurboHUD after update
  206. [Bug] Issues starting turboHud
  207. [Request] a hotkey to force THUD to refresh its overlay
  208. [Request] Goblin found alert
  209. [Bug] While THUD overlay lagging, F4key doesn't work either.
  210. [Bug] Thud starts but wont run when in game.
  211. [Question] 32 bit Diablo 3 crash.
  212. [Request] hi looking for a few plugins
  213. [Question] PlayerSkill DamageBonus
  214. [Question] unable to retrieve latest version info for TH (how to bypass pastebin.com filtering)
  215. [Request] indicator of "blood is power" passive
  216. [Bug] No connection with Dashboard!
  217. [Question] Grey'd out items in inventory
  218. [Bug] exceptions with the latest THUD beta version
  219. [Bug] map reveal
  220. [Question] How to remove middle screen ring overlay?
  221. [Request] a plugin for strongarm bracers
  222. [Question] TurboMGR unable to connect to TCP
  223. [Bug] news endless exceptions with the newer latest beta version
  224. [Bug] ui_default_buffs missing buffs from other players
  225. [Question] TurboHud not works on windows 10?
  226. [Question] Has IBuff.TimeLeft() a bug?
  227. [Question] ISnoItemList SET items?
  228. [Question] PlayerBottomBuffListPlugin.cs
  229. [Question] Need help with a bit of customization
  230. [Bug] A BUG that can't be NULL for CooldownSoundPlayerPlugin
  231. [Request] Norton flagging zippyshare.com site as Dangerous Web Page Blocked
  232. [Question] Does the Buffs of Set work?
  233. [Question] Remove labels from minions
  234. [Question] Why does the error come up?
  235. [Question] i want remove oculus circle& timer.
  236. [Question] Cannot write to file
  237. [Bug] Overlay disabled
  238. [Question] Turbohud outdated
  239. [Question] Map reveal
  240. [Question] Removing green entrance and red exit
  241. [Question] TurboHud outdated, no download link?
  242. [Question] No connection to dashboard while using "TurboHUD (v7.6) 64 Bit"
  243. [Bug] Overlay shows, But Gameplay Screen is Black
  244. [Request] Looking for CoE Buff Indicator under my toon
  245. [Question] Buffs, CD numbers and player tags
  246. [How To] Install Plugins and run TurboHUD
  247. [Question] How to get the value {value1}?
  248. [Question] Exception errors
  249. [Question] why windows defender detects virus in each version
  250. [Question] Primal Ancient Drop