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  1. [MOD] TurboHUD <-- The very first thread TurboHUD had ever
  2. TURBOHUD site got deleted
  3. Welcome back KJ :)
  4. old donators and beta testers
  5. TopLeft and TopRight BuffListPlugins customization
  6. [Request] Haunt and Locust Swarm indicator
  7. List of features?
  8. [Question] Tracking Debuffs
  9. [Request] Zei Stone range indicator
  10. [Request] Wizard plugin from old forum
  11. [Question] Paragon screenshots
  12. [Request] Blood shard icon on map and ground
  13. [Guide] Default theme customization 101
  14. Submitting old plugins but not the owner
  15. [Turbohud] with 8x msaa
  16. [Bug] experience reading issue
  17. [Question] Primal Ancients decorator
  18. Buff Id's
  19. Buff FD on ExpBar
  20. [Request] InventoryMaterialCountPlugin change
  21. [Guide] Intellisense for plugins
  22. [Request] Illusionist filter -> StandardMonsterPlugin
  23. [Request] CoE Buff
  24. is there a good video showcasing what this hud actually does? (new to diablo III)
  25. COE Buff
  26. [How To] Grey item overlay
  27. [Request] Bounty Table change
  28. [Request] Stricken stacks Plugin
  29. [Question] How do I ask for my class?
  30. [Request] A handful of plug-in requests from a multiple rank 1 holder - push plug-ins!
  31. [Question] I can`t open TurboHUD
  32. Weird D3 launch behavior when using THUD protetion mode
  33. TTS now enabled, can we have some examples !
  34. THUD Not currently working, worked a couple days ago
  35. Harrington clickable item marker?
  36. OC Interviews KillerJohn
  37. [Question] How to enable user plug-in?
  38. Unequipped items in inventory are dark
  39. [Question] Cant play with turbo hud
  40. [Question] Demon Hunter unknow pluging need help pls.
  41. [Request] Show items on characters in inventory from lobby
  42. Detecting Princess Lilian
  43. [Question] I can`t open TurboHUD. thud have not reaction. plz help
  44. Shitty workaround for transparency issues on insider builds
  45. Disable some features
  46. Snippet Collection Thread
  47. Snippet Collection Discussion
  48. [Question] Goblin Shrines/Packs - When do they load?
  49. [Question] Return Hitbox value?
  50. [Request] Elite Health % In Monsters Circles On Minimap Plugin
  51. [How To] [Help] with legendary count
  52. putting circle around yourself
  53. Buffs by character
  54. [Request] debug mode show SNo ID object onscreen
  55. [Question] Chat Highlighting
  56. leaderboard ingame website
  57. COE plugin fix
  58. How to not show Leg names before ID'ing them?
  59. disabling affixes from elites
  60. [Question] Anyone has the EliteDistancePlugin form old forum?
  61. [How To] Add Sand Dervish and Dune Dervish to Dangerous Mobs
  62. [Request] How to customize the color
  63. Disable all but minimap
  64. Oculus circle
  65. [Request] @KJ Add more Shapes to GroundShapeDecorator
  66. [Request] Zeis, Power Hungry and Audacity circles
  67. [Question] I have a question about the oculus buff
  68. [Request] Request: Zei's Stone Range Indicator
  69. Contact to ENIGMA?
  70. [Request] Health/Ressource Arcs
  71. [Request] Death's breaths tracking
  72. [Question] Change size of player labels
  73. [Question] PLay sound on skill cooldown
  74. Betrayed on-death poison cloud radius
  75. [Request] Viisual tracking for soul harvest
  76. [Request] Help from returning user from year+ ago
  77. Set building item highlighting
  78. Diablo 32bit Client Stuck at loading
  79. [How-To] YoloMouse Replacement - Thanks Prrovoss!
  80. [Request] Visual aid for range around your character
  81. [How-To] How to show the range of this gems
  82. Parthan defender toughness
  83. [Question] Damage to boss deal by party members
  84. [Request] Damage & Count down circle of Spirit barrage
  85. [Request] HealthGlobetracker
  86. Setting up
  87. Problem with turbohud
  88. Bosses
  89. [Question] Quick question...
  90. [Bug] TurboHUD doesn't work (Unable to download current realm from:
  91. [Question] Turning off Death's Breath on the minimap
  92. [Question] Is there any way to display a BANE OF THE STRICKEN gem stacks?
  93. harrington waistgaurd minimap?
  94. [How To] Disable all sound notifications
  95. [Request] Show skill cooldown all the time.
  96. [Request] Attack speed alert plugin
  97. [Bug] When I start TurboHUD often flickering can solve it?
  98. [Request] Gruesome Feats Stacks
  99. Circle around specific pet
  100. Attack Speed Under Feet
  101. error code?
  102. Goblins show on map
  103. Thud is die?
  104. Pick It - Remove Greyed
  105. anyone got a nice and clean thud?
  106. Dear KJ
  107. x64 PUBLIC beta thread
  108. Pickit file - monk season 11
  109. [How-To] Auto run Thud when Diablo 3 starts
  110. [Question] Obs +th
  111. [Request] Show armory set name equipped above inventory
  112. not working
  113. 2.6.0.a information
  114. The amnt of Faceplant needed with all these Blizavision's *break-dates*
  115. [Question] How to disable specific elite affixes
  116. [Question] Pickit updated for necromancer?
  117. TurboHud Not Detecting Windowed Fullscreen
  118. [Question] Plugins
  119. [Question] Immunity to control plugin
  120. [Question] <Solved> Circle with spaces
  121. [Question] Elem. DPS on Exp-Bar
  122. [Bug] <Solved> Frailty Aura
  123. How to disable pickit now?
  124. [Question] Server tracking?
  125. [Request] Shenlong's debuff SNO?
  126. new content SnoID
  127. [Question] Big dotted circles since
  128. [Request] Simple plugin that will display resource counter in the middleish on screen
  129. [Request] Decrepify belt buff
  130. Stat Trackers
  131. [Question] Why always says in groups exceptions
  132. System Specs
  133. [Request] Occulus Ring Circle Marker
  134. [Question] Any way to auto loot certain items??
  135. [request] Greater Rift pylon spawn chance % plug-in
  136. [Bug] Gem levels not proper during game, x64 version
  137. [Request] Show who has Nemesis bracers equipped
  138. [Bug] Buff icons incorrectly duplicating over top of others
  139. [Bug] Only bottom player has dps bar
  140. Grey inventory items
  141. [Question] New Thud user guide?
  142. [Request] Plugin showing elite affix on minimap + elite healthbars
  143. [How To] Detect set buff
  144. [How To] Can't seem to disable ui parts
  145. Missing Vesalius
  146. [Question] How is the grey item sell filter calculated?
  147. Coe tts
  148. [Request] COE Buff not rotating
  149. Armory Plugin?
  150. [Question] Thud api?
  151. What is log n?
  152. DMGmeter doesnt work..
  153. change language from eng to ger
  154. [Question] modify RiftPlugin.cs
  155. [How To] How to remove the icon( BETA)
  156. Turbohud issue
  157. InspectorGadget
  158. confused about new format even after reading -themes?
  159. [Request] Together we can find the Pylon Spawn opportunity
  160. [Large Art] a meme
  161. Unable to connect to dashboard august 15th
  162. LON WD Plugins?
  163. The PTR is back up
  164. [Question] Does HUD ever get an update for PTR
  165. party members as the top layer on the minimap?
  166. (%) Crowd Control Resist on Boss
  167. Arrow sign on Top of Elites' Head
  168. [Request] Pylon Check Plugin
  169. Classmarkers that Differenciate between DPS Necro and ZDPS Necro
  170. [Request] some type of better necro proc indication
  171. TopExperienceStatistics with different colors / textures
  172. indicate party members?
  173. [Request] NECRO: Number of mages/pets displayed better
  174. [Request] proc indication for all teammates next to portrait
  175. Portrait 0,0,0
  176. [Question] Is there a way to do maths with PickupRange and FloorCoordinate ?
  177. [Question] Problems with (v7.3)
  178. What does release before the filename mean?
  179. [Question] New Plugin Idee
  180. Goblin TTS not working
  181. Having some fun with code generation
  182. [Request] Simulacrum & Land of Dead activation tracking
  183. Special colour
  184. New THUD User Looking For Info
  185. TurboHud on Mac?
  186. How to disable some hud components?
  187. [Question] RG killing time
  188. [Question] Inspecting own inventory
  189. Command Skeletons are active
  190. [Question] Item perfection discussion
  191. DLL Import in plugin (Way to disable the anti DLL import for my own local use?)
  192. Projected 2.6.1 Live Date
  193. No Overlay
  194. [Question] Number of hunts by player
  195. wrong section sry
  196. [Question] how to change the color of the makabre's explosions
  197. Grotesque explosion sound
  198. [Question] Any documentation for plugin dev?
  199. 64 bits client and DPS meter?
  200. map uncover possible?
  201. Beam of Light from Legendary
  202. [Question] Paragon-Info(RGK) & Passive-LifeGlobe(WD)
  203. [Request] Is it possible to show the control immunity of RG or rare elites?
  204. [Request] Is it possible to show % cumulatively losing life for Necro's passive Blood is Power
  205. TurboHUD 2.6.1 PTR is outdated for live server
  206. New Stats Needed for THud Patch - Please HELP
  207. Donation
  208. How do I move the 'z axis' of rendered text?
  209. Just a small question..
  210. Please back F2 key back
  211. pickit suggestion (question)
  212. [Bug] Paragon capture cancel Thud overlay display
  213. beta
  214. problem with zippyshare
  215. [How-To] can't access turbohud
  216. What will happened with the plugins..
  217. Updates to TurboHud hours before a 2x Goblin Event
  218. F4 what happened ?
  219. What are the beeps?
  220. Please Help
  221. How to disable paragon capture and hide overlay?
  222. Skill damage calculation
  223. Error on damage
  224. Double help me
  225. Tal Rasha Stack buff
  226. my exe's disapeared this morning
  227. [Question] Let TH focus on current running Diablo, not showing info of other Diablo
  228. Centralized GitHub repo for plugins
  229. [Request] indicator for useless/legacy legs?
  230. 7.6 Dead Plugins
  231. I dont understand.
  232. [How To] How to disable item fadeout
  233. Curses on the RG and Elites
  234. [How To] WE can draw Oculus Ring Buff Circle in TurboHUD
  235. [Question] Lookin for Plugin that shows the Armorybuild on Item
  236. [Question] PlayerBottomBuffListPlugin Unable to add Triumvirate To Buff List
  237. Is there a way to record the screen without THUD showing ?
  238. [Question] anybody can tell me why about this?
  239. Affixes on Minimap
  240. [Request] Band of Might reminder plugin
  241. [Question] How to disable features?
  242. [Question] mendu hud ?
  243. how to disable plagued circles?
  244. Land of Death Cool-Down Plugin
  245. Trouble getting Buff icons near my player?
  246. THUD Total Customization Package
  247. [Bug] duplicated buff bar fix ?
  248. [Question] Green Bar on the left side of my Character
  249. Help downloading turbohud for D3 please?
  250. [Request] EliteMonsterSkillPlugin -> ArcaneDecorator -> Radius = 32f