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  1. "PTC servers are probably down OR your credentials are wrong try google"
  2. When are we gonna get a Gym Fighting/ Gym Maintaining bot?
  3. Please do not code a bot-battle-gym. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
  4. It's official we wont get perma banned
  5. Permabans might be happening
  6. [Question] Unable to auth and other issues
  7. [Guide] PokeDowns PoodleCorp
  8. Which bot is the most efficient and fastest at the moment?
  9. WASD keys not working pleae help
  10. Bots for Android possible?
  11. Spin to unban removed?
  12. GPS Spoofing locally?
  13. sorting program
  14. Upgrade 98 & 99 IV or wait for all 100%?
  15. (Help) Can you pick team once you are over level 5?
  16. pokemon go ptc down?
  17. [UPDATE] Pokemon GO newest update
  18. [Question] Config
  19. With the new update/nerf, which pokemons are now considered the strongest?
  20. [Question] HaxtonBot configuration question
  21. Dragonites MIA?
  22. Just Curious?
  23. Specific PTC account cannot login just spins and spins
  24. [Question] How to get Joystick on Lollipop? (NO ROOT)
  25. I cant get rooted GPS spoof to work with most recent pokemon go
  26. CHEAP train set for egg hatching?
  27. [Question] How to sell pokemon go accounts?
  28. Which bot are you using?
  29. [Question] How is everyone botting ?
  30. Pokesnipers not working
  31. [Question] Mr. Mime! WHERE THE HELL?!
  32. [Question] Koffing's Nest
  33. [Question] PokeSnipers Not Working - Any Alternatives
  34. Does anyone actually buy Pokemon Go accounts?
  35. [Question] Any can giveme link to the discord chat for rares
  36. I need bot that will hatch my eggs..
  37. My NecroBot is not evolving any of my Pokemon :(
  38. Good Starter where??
  39. Any bot working with raspberry pi?
  40. Recommendations for stardust farming, limited EXP
  41. PokeBall throwing
  42. Discord Invite
  43. Nox - I can't see Gyms
  44. Pokemon Gym Status
  45. Mass Show Account Levels?
  46. [Question] Reduce cmd cpu usage
  47. [Question] how to enable snipe rare pokemons in necrobot?
  48. [How-To] working discord sniping?
  49. [Request] Pokemon Hack for Newb
  50. Pokemon Level?!
  51. Team Instinct Requirement! Lets Take Gym together
  52. [Question] I'm going to be report by (litterally) all of my town
  53. [Question] multiple accounts?
  54. Can NOX still get me banned even though I've stopped using it?
  55. 90plus_ivonly
  56. [Question] Is there site / bot to show your account details?
  57. [Request] Pokemon and type locations
  58. Is there a map only for Pokestops?
  59. [How-To] Follow Bot progress while being AFK
  60. Looking for discord servers
  61. [Question] 8787 MassXP v0.3.1+Haxton+PokeVisionFinder+Pokesniper all together?
  62. Where is Kangaskhan?!
  63. [Request] Discord Bot
  64. Question about PokeSniper2
  65. [Question] Is there a pokemon renaming tool that's NOT for IVs only?
  66. mew two? location 1,1 ?
  67. Where to get magikarp?
  68. I need a invite to discord channel 90plus_ivonly plz
  69. [How-To] thrash[solved]
  70. A bot that snows how many pokemon you've caught out of all catcheable pokemon?
  71. Articuno Give ???
  72. [Question] Transfer all Pokemon config?
  73. Mew and Mewtwo release ?
  74. [Question] Which is the best bot to find new/rare Pokemon?
  75. Pokesniper for MacOS?
  76. [Question] Necrobot + PogoFeeder Help
  77. [Request] IV Calculator Bot
  78. Slow down bots and snipers?
  79. [Question] mass account farming
  80. Selling accounts on eBay?
  81. JSON Exception: You need to properly configure your GoogleUsername using quotations
  82. Any good alternative trackers? (NONE BOT RELATED)
  83. Manage Pokemon Go account
  84. [Question] Just reached level 40, What now?
  85. Addicted to Pokemon Go
  86. [Question] How can I safely snipe with pokesniper while necro's bot is running?
  87. [Question] What is the best Website that posts Coords for Rare Pokemons?
  88. [Update]We are all generally ****ed
  89. Best leveling bot?
  90. Change in GPS calls in v.31 ?
  91. [Question] No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small?
  92. [Question] Articuno hack?
  93. [Question] Pokemon inventory and management
  94. [Request] help me please bot does not work
  95. [Question] What happened? The new update?
  96. Pokemon Finder
  97. I Can't Wait New Bot Update
  98. [Bug] PokeMoBot and Necrobot Down?
  99. (ATTENTION) No usable PokeStops found in your area.
  100. [Question] Login you account after botting might get you perm ban in future?
  101. Moment of reflection - POKETHANKS
  102. Best & cheapest vps for botting?
  103. Niantic opens up form to report cheaters
  104. No bot is working for me?
  105. [Request] catch certain pokemon
  106. Teaming up for gym coins
  107. [Question] Are there any known Weedle/Pidgey nests?
  108. Are there any website or app that shows gym locations? Thanks :D
  109. Ban wave soon
  110. Looking for inventory manual manager... with UI please
  111. [Question] Pokeadvisor
  112. Banned
  113. Pokemon GO ARTICUNO is REAL with proof!
  114. [Question] Change NOX WASD movement speed
  115. Someone else logged into my Pokemon account?
  116. Nox bug google account
  117. [Question] NOX - Pokemon GO Niantic Screen Problem
  118. [Question] I saw mewto on PogoLocationFeeder Bug???
  119. Nox - PGo app asking to update, play store says not compatible with device
  120. PokemonGO Bans are slowly coming in!
  121. Pokemons IV
  122. Niantic to file a lawsuit to any devs trying to hack their API
  123. DO you guys have 0% IV pokemon?
  124. Spare Accounts
  125. slut.io "not paid"
  126. [Question] Safe to Use Manual Sniping Method?
  127. ACTUAL 'ban' and email from Niantic
  128. What is '' % IV '' for pokemon?
  129. Detected Cheater Poke Advisor !
  130. Banning of bots to be implemented soon.
  131. That Coming #John Hanke
  132. [Question] Android 4.4.2 GPS Spoof?
  133. Pokemon go permanent ban
  134. [How-To] PokeAdvisor - How to get unlabeled as a cheater
  135. Looking for team mystic to take over gyms with nox pm me
  136. Dont be greedy, again.
  137. [Question] Game developers, why so little effort?
  138. Do I have to remove Bluestacks
  139. [Question] There is a way to get randoms Pokemons?
  140. Niantic can not have any log files when Bann
  141. [Guide] For Mystic team: Location of stable GYM. Never be kicked out of the GYM
  142. [Guide] Is there a good way to level up while the bots are down?
  143. Well that sucks...
  144. Let's Talk About In-Game Trading
  145. Risk of Buying PoGo Account?
  146. Bots
  147. Nox - Landscape mode ?
  149. [Question] Are there any confirmed spawn nests?
  150. How-To? Overfill items?
  151. [Guide] What is the best bot, config and location for some high xp/h?
  152. people saying Ban wave incoming does that mean?
  153. SUMMARY/UPDATE at API fix from Reddit Unknown6 Team
  154. Thinking outside the box
  155. I wanna take down the tuff gyms. Post their coords here
  156. Multiple languages
  157. Playing Ingress using the same spoofs as Pogo.
  158. Question about Fake GPS, IP and VPN
  159. [Question] Pokemon running away, Pokestop not dropping item?
  160. Do anyone know what happened to Skiplagged?
  161. [Question] Will this be a never ending story now? Reason bots will not exist anymore
  162. [Question] Pokemmo and your thoughts
  163. Detected Cheater?
  164. [Question] Number of hosted Gym
  165. How does skiplagged work?
  166. Log on my friend phone with my botted account
  167. [Question] Are there any Tap-to-walk / Joystick hacks for Bluestacks?
  168. Looking for team Valor spots
  169. Pokesniper Alternative?
  170. We are close.
  171. Anyone know how to get tons of ultra balls and berries
  172. Which website is best for sniping?
  173. How do I get nox?
  174. [Question] Im sure not all bot's down since 8/6.
  175. Nox is laggy, and glitchy. What other emus can i use?
  176. pokesnipers down again?
  177. PokeAdvisor Beware
  178. Team Instinct Gym
  179. Nox Bots safer than API Bots?
  180. New api - necrobot new update
  181. [Question] Email was Suspended Upon buying Account
  182. [Question] 2 Questions. Sorry for the confusing title.
  183. ANy config way to use the IV and rename function?
  184. [Discussion] A Thank-you thread to all of the developers!
  185. [Question] best pokego radar/map live on (android) ?
  186. Teleporting to Specific Pokemon for encounter and teleporting back before pokeball?
  187. INGRESS and PoGo, both from niantic, botting detected on INGRESS
  188. Content in elite pokego exploits ?
  189. Wait up, be warned.
  190. [Question] Working Bot for low spec PC (and non-savvy user!)
  191. [Question] Pokesniper : Dodge the softban
  192. Becareful of these programs that collect your email and password
  193. [Question] Coords/Snipe Discord Chat Bot
  194. [Question] GPS Controls (no xposed)
  195. [Question] Pokemon go Location Feeder?
  196. How to keep my character unnamed?
  197. [Question] Any Abra location?
  198. inventory full
  199. NecroBOT Config
  200. Why my 100 iv snorlax is weaker than lower cp snorlax?
  201. NecroBot high RAM usage
  202. My necrobot just catches and transfers everything! It rarely evolves. Help pls.
  203. [Bug] Freezes when engaging with pokemon
  204. [Question] NecroBot Default settings ABOUT EVOLVING
  205. [Question] Iv tool
  206. [Question] Is there any working live map?
  207. New Necrobot Config
  208. No Pokesoft XP, I'm sure it's not a softban.
  209. Necro bot, keeps relogging error
  210. Keep getting this error : ystem.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Paramete
  211. [Question] how to fix this ?
  212. [Question] Necrobot + Autosnipe?
  213. Selling Accounts, learning the ropes.
  214. [Request] A mentor. Someone who can help me.
  215. [How-To] Farm ONLY pokemons/stardust without bot?
  216. [How-To] How do you MASS BOT?
  217. Transfer pokemon bot
  218. [Guide] Are there any inventory management tools?
  219. [Question] is the server down or.... ?
  220. Wow 4k people active and growing here at OwnedCore
  221. [Question] Disable bot from spinning Pokestops?
  222. [Request] Good locations for bots?
  223. Auto PokeSnipe on android?
  224. [Question] PokeSniper never once caught a pokemon!
  225. [Bug] Naming Bug, Server Error, cannot play on account
  226. [Question] Problem: Normal poke balls always miss.
  227. [Bug] Running NecroBot with 8787 config for 2.5 hours and im getting low exp.
  228. [Question] Why won't Niantic finish this?
  229. [Question] Creating many email Accounts or PTC ???
  230. [Question] How do I create a lot of accounts?
  231. [Question] Pokemon not appearing problem
  232. [Request] Thrower
  233. Logs with Necrobot
  234. PokemonGo API rate limit ?
  235. Can't login from PTC?
  236. Alternative PokeAdvisor
  237. [ASK] Is there any bot with this feature
  238. Guys, who can share the haxton bot zip, mine cannot work... updating inventory..
  239. What to do with Server? Pokemon ?
  240. Whats in Elite Pokemon GO Exploits?
  241. [Question] Stop Softbans?
  242. [Question] How to unban your account ?
  243. PTC Account Verification?
  244. [Question] What happens if you keep botting with a different device?
  245. [Question] Locations soft/hard ban
  246. [Question] Bot that support account with google 2 step verification ??
  247. Higher level character
  248. Can you disable walking or pokestop looting?
  249. [Question] what iv % do u need for pokemon
  250. poketricks.xyz (Genrate Coins) = Scam?