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  1. [Active] Start the game with Pikachu as your Pokemon
  2. [Guide] Pokemon Go APK for those unable to find it on the Play Store
  3. [Active] How to fake locations and get the Pokemons fast (iphone only)
  4. [Tutorial] Simple but effective way to capture 1 step away Pokemon
  5. [Active] GPS Hack on Android (REQUIRES ROOT!)
  6. [Active] PokeMon Go! Hatching Eggs quicker!
  7. [Guide] Easy EXP
  8. [Active] Pokeball Trick Throw
  9. [How-To] get pikachu as your starter
  10. [Guide] Tips and tricks that are not so commonly known (yet)
  11. [Guide] Easily Create, Import and Use Large/Complex GPS Spoofing Route GPX Files for Android
  12. [Fixed] Pokemon Go Double Rep Event! July 7 - July 17
  13. [Active] improve loadtimes, not agaist EULA/TOS
  14. [Guide] Download and play Pokémon GO on iOS/Android (bypassing restriction)
  15. [Active] only grass type pokemon+egg hatching
  16. [How-To] Get XP fast
  17. [How-To] Download and play Pokemon GO on iPhone - The easy way!
  18. [How-To] Pokemon GO on the PC with fakeGPS locations
  19. [Guide] Retrieve Thrown Pokeballs
  20. [Guide] Faster Ingress Intel on your Phone (find pokestops easily)
  21. Poor GPS Signal & walking to random areas.
  22. [Active] Easy Catching
  23. [Guide] Spawn points repeat
  24. [Active] Fake GPS on PC with Bluestacks (how to)
  25. [Active] Permanent incense/XP egg
  26. [Guide] Save your Pokeballs
  27. [Active] Lure Module & Incense Abuse: Endless Pokemon Capturing With Little Effort
  28. [Guide] Never miss a Curve Ball throw
  29. [Active] Max Gym Amount Longer
  30. [How-To] [iPhone] PokemonGoAnywhere - tap to walk around map in Pokemon Go
  31. [Active] Collection of GPS Locations
  32. [Active] Auto-Hatching Eggs w/ Blustacks & Fake GPS, even while soft banned
  33. [Active] Using Ingress app as a Pokemon Go Maphack to find rare Pokemon
  34. [Tutorial] Keybinds on Bluestacks: Optimizing Your Gameplay for Maximum Efficiency
  35. [Guide] How I got Lockito working with BlueStacks
  36. [Tutorial] Mathematical Values of Pkmn Exp in Pkmn Go
  37. [How-To] Bluestacks Split Screen Pokemon Go and Fake Gps
  38. [Auto-Clicker] Never miss a pokeball again! (Bluestacks)
  39. [How-To] Get atleast one another throw if the pokeball is stuck when the server overloads
  40. [Active] Easy First Center Pokeball throw
  41. [Active] exploit taken down by reddit
  42. [Damage Increase] Getting the most from your gym fights
  43. [Active] Where to setup your location (lots of pokestops and gyms)
  44. [How-To] [Android] Malicious Pokemon GO .apks
  45. [How-To] Soft bans - What we know, should you be worried and how to avoid it
  46. [Bot] Pokeball Farming
  47. [Guide] Pokemon GO: Server Availability, Getting Started, Bots & Common Problems
  48. Location spoof confirmations.
  49. [How-To] Use Nox instead of Bluestacks
  50. [How-To] Auto PokeStops
  51. [How-To] Avoid possible Ban for NOX by Change your Phone Type / Resoultion
  52. [Active] [Sydney, AU] Two lots of Four Stacked Pokestops within 250m of Each Other
  53. Pre-installed Nox Pokemon GO 3.7 with working location settings window (not white)
  54. Gpx Routes
  55. [How-To] Prevent the pokeball from getting stuck [Iphone Only]
  56. [How-To] Make Eevee evolve into whatever transformation you need!
  57. [Guide] Iphone 4S loading bug fix
  58. [Bot] [INFO ONLY] Reddit Pokemongodev have already made a pokestop bot
  59. [Active] No Questions Here
  60. [Guide] Very Detailed on Nox and Pokemon Go
  61. Location of capure shows white square?
  62. [Guide] Get precise location of nearby Pokemon
  63. [Guide] The 3 Pokemon Eggs and what they each hatch
  64. [How-To] Use NOX without any lag
  65. [Active] [x64] Use MEmu Play Instead of BlueStacks and Nox
  66. [Auto-Clicker] [Nox] Throwing macro's
  67. [How-To] Community Effort to Solve Nox Errors
  68. [Active] Speed up animation or skip it?
  69. [Active] Does Nox work on Macbooks?
  70. [How-To] Throw balls easy! (Samsung multi window device only)
  71. [How-To] Nox Pokestop Macro?
  72. [Release] Best macros for Nox
  73. [Guide] Even more precise location of nearby pokemon ON MAP!
  74. [How-To] Auto-updating Pokemon GO map scanner
  75. [Guide] Auto-Updating pokemon go map
  76. [Tool] some1 from Nox here, to fix the google crash pls ?
  77. [Guide] Control which Eevee-evolution you get - 100% success rate
  78. [Tool] Is there any way to run fake gps without rooting phone ?
  79. [How-To] Create Auto Throw Macro For MEmu
  80. [Guide] Simple Guide, Find Pokemon when out and about (using the map cheat)
  81. [Active] some one help me
  82. [Detected] Stuck at loading
  83. [Active] Me and my friends in sydney are having a pokestop module party
  84. [Bot] Pokestop Macro Proof of Concept
  85. [Tool] Active pokemon map
  86. [Active] Nox Multiboxing: 2nd Instance Having GPS issues
  87. [Tool] nox app pokemon go, need help
  88. [How-To] how can you hide WASD top center map?
  89. [Tutorial] My WASD movement is bugged?
  90. [Release] Pokémon Go Joystick xposed app
  91. [Active] Lockito makes nox crash
  92. [Guide] XP requirements and prizes for levels
  93. [Release] [NOX]PokeStop farm Sydney
  94. [How-To] Nox Google Sync Issue
  95. [Detected] Pokemon GO NOX Character running insane fast HELP PLEASE
  96. [How-To] Help In GYM and Pokespot
  97. [Release] mobile to tablet view in game
  98. [Active] First known Perma ban
  99. [Tutorial] I need help
  100. [Guide] 6 pokestops 1 spot
  101. [How-To] Anyone have success in South Korea yet?
  102. [Active] Flyby Explorer + Bluestacks?
  103. [How-To] Make much longer GPX routes easier
  104. [Release] Pokestop Macro for Nox
  105. [Active] How to turn off base Virtual Location in Nox?
  106. [How-To] Run Nox in VMWare?
  107. [How-To] Fix lockito importing
  108. [How-To] correct Example.py needed for coordinates to show on map PLZ
  109. [Tool] Pokemon Go - Excel Pokemon Checklist - 718 Different Pokemons
  110. [Bot] Automatic Pokemon catcher is ban ?
  111. [Guide] Evolve faster with multiple phones
  112. [Guide] Experience Farm in Background!
  113. [Bot] C# Bot
  114. [How-To] [Video] Make much longer GPX routes easier (Nox+Lockito)
  115. [How-To] Pokemon go + Ingress Split Screen Nox
  116. [Active] Nox app player freezes PC
  117. [How-To] Nox fps problem
  118. [Active] Real-time Rare Pokemon Hunting
  119. [How-To] C# Bot for Farming Pokestops & Catching Pokemon
  120. [Hack] Add second account to PokemonGO?
  121. [Tutorial] Video On How To Auto-Farm PokeStops!
  122. [Tool] Pokemon NoGo - play from PC with keyboard
  123. [How-To] loading white Pokemon go ball in the upper left corner wont go away
  124. [Active] LIVE Pokemon Go Map - Desktop App
  125. [Guide] MAX CP Values
  126. [Tool] looking for an alternative to nox and MEmu
  127. [Active] Has Anyone Spoof-Walked Long Distances Yet?
  128. [Tool] Pokevision, another web based map for Pokémon Go
  129. [Tool] PokeVision - Track Pokemons without any software!
  130. [Fixed] FIX for Windows 10, Pokemon Go on Nox + VT + Avast users
  131. [How-To] POKEMON GO ERROR when i click on pokemon
  132. [Detected] Will I be banned?
  133. [Tool] C# Bot Stop & Restart Script (VBS)
  134. [Tool] Found Something on Reddit. Data Aggregator to Check Each Pokemon Data.
  135. [Active] Farfetch'd Confirmed Sokcho w/ proof
  136. [Detected] I got banned
  137. [How-To] How long to wait before making a huge change in Location?
  138. [Bot] Python Pokemon Bot
  139. [Active] (HELP) NOX PLAYER NOT WORKING! PLEASE HELP!!! (Can't login to googl account+freeze)
  140. [Tool] Pogo server checker/pokescanner list
  141. [Release] New Patch / Update, someone can Datamine?
  142. [Active] [Archive] A comprehensive collection of all MAPS, BOTS, CALCULATORS, GUIDES etc.
  143. [Bot] Necronomicon's Version of FeroxRev's Bot
  144. [Guide] Pokemon GO: Max CP, Max HP, Type Resistances, Stamina, Attack, Defense, Types, Captur
  145. [Tool] need help about pokemon go bot
  146. [How-To] With the new update (nox)
  147. [Active] Collection of Pokemon Go Tools and Sites
  148. [Tool] Hacked version for iOS without jailbreak
  149. [Release] transfer more pokemon (nearly all) (program.cs)
  150. [Bot] Anyone have any network dumps?
  151. [Bot] Pokemon API grab character level & print to bot
  152. [Bot] ferox vs necro - which is better?
  153. [Active] nox memory and cpu setting
  154. [Active] Real Time Pokemon Go Map that actually works
  155. [Tool] My Touchscreen gets really laggy when I play Pkgo on Nox!! Any Advice?
  156. [Tool] PokeCoins Hack?
  157. [Active] Need help automating/finding EXACT IV's easier using this method
  158. [Active] Nox+Lockito, what is the best speed?
  159. [Guide] Softban - duration?
  160. [Guide] How To-NOT get softbann your REAL account!
  161. [Tool] GPS Faker with Root
  162. [Release] [UPDATED] Pokemon Bot in C# Community Version
  163. [Bot] any bot that is working witb bs?
  164. [Tool] Great Bot Farming spots!
  165. [Release] Necrobot - sniping | egghatch | gpx | lure | incense | & more
  166. [Release] Pokevision - Find all Pokemon near you !
  167. [Detected] Nox - Sync is currently experinecing problems.
  168. [Active] White box instead of map - Caught pokemon
  169. [How-To] Step by Step How To run the FeroxRev Bot
  170. [Bot] i want pokemon commnutiy bot full transfer list can some one give me?
  171. [How-To] Google Auto Login in C# Community Version
  172. [Bot] is the necro bot project over? switching to ferox gives me issues regarding transfer
  173. [Active] Coordinates for 6-7 lures nearby and tons of Common-Rare Pokemon
  174. [Guide] Unexpected error plz help me guys
  175. [Bot] Pokecolor 1.0 Google works but Ptc does not
  176. [Guide] Pokemon GO - OFFLINE - Read First
  177. [Bot] INFO: Currently botting with PTC aren't stable
  178. [How-To] What is your quickest and most efficient levelling method?
  179. [Bot] Can someone help me setup?
  180. [Bot] Good location for botting?
  181. [Active] Question - How often can you jump and how far without getting a soft ban?
  182. [How-To] change your start date at pokemon go
  183. [Bot] What's the current best bot? And any, that can camp 6 pokestops?
  184. [Guide] PokemonGo Ultimate Thread (Useful Links & Downloads)
  185. [Damage Increase] Is your main safe if you bot on secondary accounts?
  186. [Bot] Location Very Inaccurate C# Community Bot
  187. [Guide] Fair Warning - The anticheat may have just been turned on
  188. [Tutorial] STEP by STEP - Editing, Compiling and Using DetectiveSquirrel's (Community) Bot.
  189. [Release] Check the max combat power for your pokemon (cp)
  190. [Bot] ShiftCode's PokeBot2
  191. [Release] Maclone's Community Versions - Compiled, ready to go PokemonGo bots
  192. [Bot] Perma Ban?
  193. [How-To] Has anyone caught a Farfetch'd in Tokyio yet? If so, where?
  194. [Detected] Accounts Getting Deleted?
  195. [Guide] How to update your bots and keep your changes locally
  196. [Bot] Pokémon Stay Home - A Bot Not Based on Rocket API
  197. [Guide] delete
  198. [Release] Call attention to users for the BAN!
  199. [Guide] [Guide] Avoid softban while "sniping" Pokemons (Nox App)
  200. [Bot] HELPP!! PokeBOT2 crashing evrey few minets
  201. [Active] HTML works with Naming Pokemon
  202. [Active] Which bot is the fastest?
  203. [Tool] Toggle your Poke Bot On/Off over the Internet v2
  204. [Tool] Pokemon Account Viewer
  205. [Active] Which bot shows your current level?
  206. [Bot] Trying to adjust code in the bots -- need a few easy answers for these coding issues
  207. [Guide] Pokemon perfection. Understanding your bot.
  208. [Tool] IV based evolve/transfer tool
  209. [Tool] Lightweight alternative to NOX/BlueStacks
  210. [Bot] noob question
  211. [How-To] Fix for missing/malformed setting
  212. [Guide] Pikachu nest
  213. [Guide] More Eeves than you can handle
  214. [Active] Guys i have a problem someone help me ?
  215. [Active] Location
  216. [Bot] QUESTION - Linux bot available?
  217. [Active] Active Rare Pokemon Callouts
  218. [Bot] Why I can't catch Dratini in Lylidale Lake by using Auto ?
  219. [Active] return bot to original location when cannot find pokemon
  220. [Guide] how to take coord by pokevision?
  221. [Bot] Unexpected stop? Restarting in 20 seconds.
  222. [Active] What does skipped mean in bot?
  223. [Bot] Speed of bot and the place to bot??
  224. [Release] Botmap v1.0 - Realtime map for pokemon bots
  225. [Bot] Any bot currently supports auto incubate eggs?
  226. [Bot] [request]Teach how to compile please?
  227. [Tool] Pokevision helper
  228. [Active] how trow good whit mouse'?
  229. [Active] BOT and playng at same time?
  230. [Detected] has any1 been banned yet? reddit fakes?
  231. [Bot] Spegeli's bot spinoff (High exp/hr & Up-to-date code)
  232. [Active] Precompiled Bots
  233. [Tutorial] TIPS & Error Troubleshooting (Including How-To Compilation)
  234. [Active] Fast EXP
  235. [Active] Move account after botting
  236. [Bot] *** PokeBuddy (Pokemon Go Autofarm, Autocatch,etc..) NICE UI! ***
  237. [Active] Write Down your best pokemon for Gym Battles
  238. [Guide] Data Mined Info - Current known list
  239. [Guide] auto-pathing with NOX/Lockito results in 'gps signal not found'
  240. [Bot] WHEN i edit bots settings i always take this error
  241. [How-To] Reminder legendary bird today at comic hall H, lets get it
  242. [Active] set bot to log in whit PTC help
  243. [Bot] #RELEASE - PoGo Bot v 1.0 - lvl 22+ in 1 day - EASY setup
  244. [Active] Pokemons in your area!
  245. [Tool] Any BallThrowing Macro For Leapdroid or Memu
  246. [Active] First legendary pokemon! ( Comic con )
  247. [Tool] For Those with lag issue in PokemonGo use This Emulator
  248. [Guide] [How to run] Open Source Pokemon Go Bot [Noob friendly/Windows7]
  249. [Active] Pokemon Go Confirmed News in Comic Con
  250. [Bot] [OFF] Got my first 100% perfect pokemon.