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  1. [Guide] How to get black desert guides, jp/kr
  2. [Guide] Mounts
  3. [Guide] Nodes and How They Work in General
  4. [Guide] Combat Skill Book Combo vs. Cancels
  5. [Guide] Video/Graphic Performance Tweaks and Guide
  6. [Guide] one stop shop for guides
  7. [Guide] How to find another player!
  8. [How-To] Level Strength/stamina afk without hacks
  9. [How-To] Increase your inventory slots / ALL Inventory Expansion quests with links
  10. [Guide] - MAP - Fishing hotspots and treasure chest spots
  11. [How-To] How to run many client Black Desert on 1 PC
  12. [Guide] Calpheon Daily Quests under 15 minutes for Contribution
  13. [Guide] Horse Breeding Calculator
  14. [Guide] BDOTools
  15. [Guide] All Inventory Increasing Quest!
  16. [Guide] Upcoming Valencia Patch Guide