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  1. Bow melee damage is bugged
  2. Get level 60 under 10 minutes. (any unoffical server)
  3. Duping Method (HURRY BEFORE PATCHED)
  4. How to go through walls. Super raiding exploit.
  5. Small Exploit for Wood/Thatch/Fibre
  6. Spectate mode on official/unofficial servers
  7. Paint/vandalize other people's bases
  8. Quickly tame carnivores
  9. [Auto-Clicker] PIN Code Bot
  10. [Hack] Need hack testing
  11. Dye Exploit
  12. [Hack] Looking for BE undetecded Aimbot
  13. [Dupe] Looking for a good active Dube, Willing to pay.
  14. LF someone to undermesh center server
  15. [Active] pve xbox one only
  16. [Active] Need help on small tribes center2 server pls. hackers op
  17. Looking for dupe/mesh spot
  18. aimbot looking for tribe
  19. [Active] Taming exploit (get dinos lvl +2,000)
  20. Looking for a glitch to go out of the skybox on rag, I can pay!
  21. [Dupe] Non-patched dupe glitch
  22. Ark taming light glitch
  23. Paying well for a private dupe method
  24. [Dupe] Selling ARK dupe method and other exploits
  25. LF some to mesh pearl's cave center or ice
  26. I can see through mesh on any map