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  9. [Tool] Heroes Config (Change Map/Heroes/AI/Announcer) + Map Pack
  10. I need the maps of “Dragon Shire” and “Haunted Mines”
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  16. Got access to Heroes? Post your b-tag here to find players to play with!
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  18. [Tool] Heroes Of The Storm Replay Player supports Ver.30414
  19. Anyone figure out the Blizz server/Starcraft 2 error with HeroesConfig + 29755? >.<
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  31. All my friends got HotS, but not me. Anything I could do to change that?
  32. Can anyone give me one Heroes of the Storm Alpha account to test it ?
  33. Willing to lend out my Heroes of the Storm acc
  34. Files Structure replay Heroes of the Storm
  35. Can give you acc to test
  36. [HotS] Constant Data (Enums, Structs, Etc)
  37. No trading in this section
  38. [Video] HotS Hottest Plays, A Compilation of Awesome Heroes Plays
  39. Bot for Heroes of the Storm
  40. Free Beta invs:
  41. First youtube video
  42. [How-To] Config for most lowest parametres?
  43. Does anyone have a extra HoTs account they would let me play one Pleaseeeeeeeee?
  44. i am willing to...
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  46. Order HoTS Account for Hours
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  48. [Guide] Cloud 9's Tier List (iDream)
  49. Sgt.Hammer Rockets
  50. How do u add or delete files from CASC?
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  52. [HotS][0.8.0 33684] Beta Info Dump Thread
  53. 250 Beta Keys !!!
  54. Free Beta Access (HotS)
  55. Streaming HotS - Knox (everyone welcomed)
  56. Why no any exploits or bots for HotS yet?
  57. Does any1 have a spare beta key
  58. HotS Builder for Android
  59. [NA] Recruiting for Professional Competitive HotS team
  60. Anyone want a Closed Beta Key?
  61. Giving away 4 Heroes of the Storm beta keys EU!
  62. We need an glitches/exploration forum for HotS
  63. anyone have a spare HoTS Beta Key?
  64. anyone have Heroes of the Storm US beta key
  65. I've got US beta Keys!
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  69. 4 free EU keys
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  72. [Release] I need HotS US KEY :)
  73. [HOTS] The StormBros
  74. [TOOL SUGGESTION] Sound Editor / Announcer editor
  75. Hots Beta / Will Accounts reset at game launch?
  76. Favourite Char?
  77. How did they do it? Load unavailable Heroes
  78. Giveaway - 6x HotS BETA Keys
  79. Thrall Video with lots of Kael'thas related shenanigans
  80. [Release] Free Hots beta keys
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  82. possible abathur exploit
  83. So I think I had one of my best games tonight with Illidan
  84. 1000 Gold nearly for free!
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  86. Question about the maphack thing.
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  88. Funny Gameplay Episode 2
  89. Is there a private Server ?
  90. [Guide] Illidan Hero Highlight (parody)
  91. [Bot] StormBuddy
  92. Any knows how open .m3 file?
  93. Promotional prices ending on Stormbuddy.
  94. [Tool] Database for Hots: Heroes of the Storm for iPhone & iPad
  95. Let's talk Cho'gall!
  96. Let's Talk Towers of Doom!
  97. [Tutorial] [Proved Fix] Heroes of the Storm: how to fix low FPS / Lag issue
  98. Bnet Account RaF
  99. Let's talk Lunara. High Skill Cap or Ass?
  100. [How-To] You can receive 2 dailies / day
  101. Looking for some ppl to play ranked with me :)
  102. Looking for Profit Oriented, Hard Knocks Hots Coach. Bill me every time I die.
  103. [Hack] Is there a paid, working maphack?
  104. Anything in the works?