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  1. Which of these MMOs are you looking forward to the most in 2014?
  2. Poll Forum FAQ
  3. This is a test poll. Did it work?
  4. How many Polls to rule them all ?
  5. What should maclone's nickname be
  6. Milkshake
  7. Would you buy gold from Blizzard if they sold it?
  8. How hard were you slapped by the ban hammer of blizz?
  9. Will you continue playing after PQR ban-tsumani?
  10. If blizzard to stop operating in world of warcraft, you will choose what game?
  11. Ownedcore Tournament [POLL]
  12. Are you gong to play Elder Scrolls Online?
  13. What Counter Strike do you own?
  14. Aestysu and his Vegemite.
  15. Iced tea or hot tea?
  16. POLL - Top 5 favorite things about Mist's of Pandaria
  17. [WoW] What class will your main character be in Warlords of Draenor
  18. Member of the month poll!
  19. Parog for president
  20. Where is the portal to Draenor going to be?
  21. Horde bike or Alliance bike? (Azeroth Choppers)
  22. Name My Night Club
  23. LED Room or Bar for nightclub
  24. What is your preferred web browser?
  25. Do you want wowhead links here?
  26. Favorite Pot Noodle Flavour!
  27. What power would you rather have?
  28. [META] Vote for the best Poll in OwnedCore's history!
  29. Would you like to see clickerheroes getting it's own section?
  30. Marmite...
  31. Getting to know your other Ownedcore members?
  32. What are you looking forward to most in WoD?
  33. What is Your Favorite Class to Level from 1-90?
  34. Botting Which game made you the most Money a day?
  35. What would you guys expect from a WoW game hack and how much would you pay for it?
  36. Oc ts3
  37. Would you prefer to write addons in JavaScript?
  38. Vulnerability Disclosures on my website
  39. Would you like to see new smileys for the bawx?
  40. How do you buy videogame services from people selling them?
  41. Adds support for the Redline
  42. Which username? Confucius or Myshkin?
  43. Should boosting companys be allowed to sell if they get DQ'ed
  44. [Star Wars - The Force Awakens] Kylo Ren.. - Badass or wimp? *SPOILER ALERT*
  45. If the elder rank color was to change, which color should it be?
  46. AMD fx-8300 or Intel core i5-4440?
  47. Screen Recording Suite Of Choice ?
  48. Leveling Addon of Choice ?
  49. Need help for my project
  50. IRC Client of Choice ?
  51. How many WoW addons do you have ?
  52. Superbowl
  53. have you ever participated in rmt?
  54. Will you be playing Classic WoW when it comes out?
  55. Best Shoot & Looter?
  56. Which of these Magento 2 Extensions do you think are good value for money?
  57. Do you believe in the supernatural?
  58. Was Corona an accident or not ? What do you think ?