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  3. New Beta Wave on Tuesday (27/08/2013)
  4. Blizzard's CM_Zeriyah update on EU beta
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  6. Hearthstone EU client update
  7. Is Hearthstone really Pay 2 Win ? Decide for yourself.
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  10. EU Beta is HERE / CONFIRMED
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  14. anyone try those hearthstone keygens?
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  18. Idea for a hearthstone memory reader program
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  20. Modify basically all text in the game
  21. Helimage4's Stream Arena and Warlock play!!!!
  22. [Guide] Shaman
  23. [Guide] Weaponized Warrior
  24. Any good suggestions for a newbie priest? pls help~!
  25. [exploit] See your next card.
  26. File editing and a few fun things you can do to your hearthstone!
  27. Getting annoyed
  28. Hey guys look what i made :)
  29. Is this site legit?
  30. Can one be Banned for Exploiting Bug in Beta
  31. Deleted
  32. Hearthstone: DiEMOndArena {Grand Master} Making 'em Rage Quit! - Episode 1
  33. Win any Game with Hunter (Including Arena) Big Bug
  34. Truesilver champion exploit/bug
  35. [Guide] Hunter: Unleash the Wins
  36. [Tool] View your opponents BattleTag
  37. [Guide] Shaman v2
  38. (?) Hearthstone Bots
  39. Little trick to stole cards (as priest)
  40. Alexstrasza + Soulpriest Bug
  41. Finding memory values?
  42. Gold farming boost for the whole community- Idea for them botters out there
  43. PSA: Disenchant These Nerfed Cards ASAP!
  44. New ranked mode incoming!
  45. blood imp bug
  46. Onyxia vs. Alexstrasza | Episode 1: A Duel Between Two Brothers IRL!
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  49. Stormwind Knight's Revenge saves the day!
  50. Hearthstone on tablet/smartphone
  51. Rank 1 instructional video and stream
  52. Hearthstone and dawngate
  53. Knowing your limits and... Why you should never be greedy!?!
  54. A lot of nerfs incoming! Disenchant your cards for a full value!
  55. [EU] Do NOT remove quests after the patch - it's bugged, new quest does not appear
  56. a nice easy to get MAGE deck....
  57. Hearthstone Booster Pack Breakdown: This is what you can expect per pack!
  58. Hearthstone open beta live
  59. Is there a way to run HS twice on 1 computer?
  60. There WILL be a Death Knight & Monk class!
  61. [tip] "fullscreen" on a secondary monitor
  62. from NetEase inc. hearthstone plugin
  63. This is the Worst Thing That They Have yet to Fix in Beta...
  64. "HS" What will happen with cards from open beta in the full release of HS?
  65. Possible Death Knight card leak? Links inside.
  66. BattleCore Invitational #1 decklists
  67. Possible Weapons Exploit
  68. Hunter Misdirection Bug???
  69. Possible Dodge a loss in arena
  70. Alt Tab glitch/warning
  71. 100 gold in 2 minutes
  72. 12-0 Arena every single time (Possbile working in ranked aswell)
  73. Rerolling quests more than once a day
  74. Using Practice Mode bots to bot?
  75. Bot of stone.
  76. HearthstoneBot
  77. Just Another Hearthstone Bot
  78. Deck construction script
  79. Python color bot thread deleted?
  80. Endscene Detour
  81. Play on iPad ANYWHERE NOW!
  82. Hearthbuddy
  83. HearthStone in FAST MODE
  84. Hearthstone Expansion - Curse of Naxxramas
  85. Hearthstone Datamining?
  86. Hearthstone is now available on Ipad
  87. Tutorial: How to change cardbacks clientside
  88. Hearthstone Unity3D Tool I found... Is This Legitimate? Useful?
  89. How to run many Hearthstone on 1 PC + How to get Fireside Friends card back
  90. How to get a new shirt cards
  91. Force a Stalemate and bug the match.
  92. Get the Fireside Friends card back for Hearthstone - free and easy
  93. How to relate image names of cards with their data in the XML files?
  94. Local file editing?
  95. WTT NA Hearthstone account for a LoL account
  96. Duplicate gold exploit
  97. One shot Lord Jaraxxus (Free win)
  98. Do not buy hearthbuddy with bitcoin!!
  99. Change quests more than once per day
  100. Hearthstone comedy series?
  101. new draw glitch hack
  102. 1 Billion Health HS Card
  103. New bot infinite card packs?
  104. Private server
  105. Hearthstone Bot (Including Source)
  106. [HELP]Unity3D Menu disappearing,(when finishing match)
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  108. [Auto Deck Counter] - Free Tool - Very useful
  109. Hearthstone Deck Tracker / see witch cards you can pick & witch your enemy has used*
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  111. net.DEK - Chrome addon to revolutionize sharing decks and importing them into Hearth.
  112. [Open Beta Free] - HearthRanger - Hearthstone Bot by HearthRanger.com
  113. Bug on EU for more then 30 Wins per Day
  114. What's the best HearthStone Bot?
  115. Legend Grind Service
  116. Hearthsmashed~ Scriptie beginner seeking guidance
  117. Curse of Naxxramas: Beat All 3 Normal Bosses w/ 1 Deck!
  118. Hearthstone Naxx first 3 bosses HC - Decks
  119. Secret in Hearthstone!
  120. Hearthcrawler Questions
  121. how to pre purchase Naxx wings with gold
  122. Voidcaller Bug - Have more than 7 minions out!
  123. [Theory] Hearthstone decks for botting
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  126. Bot idea
  127. Reroll Quests & Get the 100G Quest Everyday!
  128. Heathstone Tips and Tricks
  129. Google employee predicts enemy deck content
  130. SmartBot - best bot for Hearthstone
  131. Hearthstone Gold Bug
  132. Streaming my way to the Hearthstoneâ„¢ Innkeeper's Tavern by tomSeliX
  133. Bot development help? PegasusShared.GameType? Can't find PegasusShared namespace.
  134. Ranked decks for Hearthcrawler
  135. bot warning, tons of asian botters banned
  136. HearthStone Dashboard Beta 2 *fixed hopefully*
  137. Collection exporter
  138. Need some help getting some textures from the game
  139. Cheap Hearthstone rank/gold frame boosting
  140. Banwave in russia?
  141. Sorry HS players..
  142. Turn Skip Exploit
  143. Save More Than 9 Decks with This Script...
  144. Power definitions
  145. Any hooks or programs to extract data to another program?
  146. Hearthstone Image editing
  147. WTT: Hearthbuddy 1 session lifetime
  148. Possible Extra Pack Exploit? Or just a UI Bug
  149. Hearthstone deck videos
  150. [WTS] Hearthstone account EU
  151. Interested in hiring a HS booster capable of legend and/or arena boosting
  152. what happened to hearthcrawler.
  153. Get Windowed fullscreen mode back
  154. [VIDEO] Some Funny Videos
  155. Arcane Missles for 40 Hours
  156. EU vs CN - Grand Final Highlights
  157. Is it possible to Bot using the output_log.txt and mouse commands?
  158. [FIXED] Crash the game with Recombobulator
  159. Need some aid !
  160. Possible unlimited Gold Exploit
  161. Hs for iphone released
  162. [Gamebreaking] Win EVERY single game!
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  165. Game Killer for Android
  166. Hearthstone Amazing Game Collections
  167. [Guide] Get more packs for your money - limited time/occasional
  168. How to use Nozdormu
  169. Top legend player doing rank boosting all the way to legend -- goodservice and price
  170. [Bot/Engine] LogicBreakers Release
  171. irst Quality Cheap Boosting Service By Top 100 Legend Player
  172. FREE - 3 Booster packs + Cardback GALAXY
  173. ez legend with coaching :D
  174. Auto Conceder
  175. Get Legend at any Rank
  176. Open Grand Tournament Packs early?
  177. Hearthstone game server emulator?
  178. See cards your opponent draws before they play them.
  179. Quitting selling it for $30 click for more info
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  181. WARNING SmartBot shady stuff going on
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  183. [Active] Minor exploit : Double Effigy
  184. [How-To] Free Hearthstone iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet and Phone Packs
  185. Looking for someone to do the solo adventures for me or walk me through them
  186. [Active] Hearstone - XP in private matches
  187. [Active] Heartstone - double dust for disenchanting a card (random dupe)
  188. [Achievement] Hearthstone - Best of Bane of Boom
  189. Been almost a year since ive been on HS which bot do you use?
  190. Whisper of the Old Gods (New expansion) Trailer
  191. [Achievement] easy Lady Paladin hero
  192. [Active] Hearthstone 9/10 wins This Weeks Tavern Brawl. Kel'Thuzad vs Rafaam,Ill link video.
  193. [Event] Tons of free packs with the OLD GODS Release!!
  194. [Tool] Ctrl Alt to Hearthstone - A lightweight standalone netdecking tool
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  197. (Request) Any bots for farming The Elder Scrolls: Legends practice mode?
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  199. "Play a Friend!" quest share
  200. [Bot] Looking for private or free bot(Need advice)
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  202. [Active] Crafting Medivh's Valet a week before it's release
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  206. Anyone know HS patch URL?
  207. best bot atm?
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  209. uMod question
  210. Free hearthstone bot?
  211. How much is my account worth?
  212. [Tool] Combo Helper [No Injection]
  213. Memory reading and editing?
  214. Hey guys, what currently the best paid bot for hearthstone?
  215. Hearthstone crash Bug - Possible 100% win rate
  216. HearthStone KI created - need some Controls
  217. Question about HS ban
  218. New fireside hero
  219. [Active] Free Nemsy Necrofizzle How to | GUIDE |
  220. Change Emote / Hero text text
  221. Upcomind nerfs
  222. HDT Conceder plugin