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  1. [Script] Autohotkey AFK PVP Script
  2. [script] pray autohotkey script
  3. [Release] Lazy professions - level the professions afk!
  4. JavaScript Lazy Professions
  5. [C#] NWOHack - An open-source in-process memory hack for NeverWinter
  6. Full Command List. (easy bots)
  7. Botting spots / tips ?
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  12. [Bot] AutoIT img/text searching
  13. [Bot] Autoprofessionbot V1.0 - release
  14. [Tool] NWO - Camerahack
  15. [Auto-Clicker] Glory Potion buyer
  16. [Auto-Clicker] Injury kit hotkey script
  17. [Tool] Changing armor during combat to use multiple enchants
  18. Winterbuddy - new buddy bot.
  19. [Auto-Clicker] Please help for script or bot mailbox neverwinter
  20. [Tool] Script for weapon
  21. [Bot] APB Infinite
  22. [Bot] Sword Coast Adventures
  23. [Bot] [Browser Bot] Neverwinter Profession Script Bot
  24. [Bot] APB Ultimate
  25. [Hack] Gold/Astral/Zen Hacks?
  26. [Bot] dwarfBeard - Gateway profession manager +more
  27. [Bot] VMware Workstation
  28. [Auto-Clicker] REfine enchants
  29. [Auto-Clicker] Auto Hold Left Key and Press F?
  30. [Bot] Prayer Bot (you can specify amount of characters, new, autoit)
  31. [Bot] new prayer bot, uses timer, preparation for mod6 invoking changes...
  32. [Bot] Anti-AFK bot
  33. [Bot] Prayer Script - BigRedBrent / NeverwinterInvokeBot
  34. [Bot] PrayProfessionGO, So we did profession bot......
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  37. [Auto-Clicker] Chimpeon
  38. [Bot] NEW OGAME BOT ScriptOg