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  1. how is D3mimic bot doing so far??? (2012)
  2. [Request] Bot to farm jars in royal crypts!
  3. [request] AH sniping tool
  4. Questions & Requests Rules
  5. [Question] How to detect the HP left ingame?
  6. Autoswap MF gear
  7. Act 3 quest 1 autoit script
  8. Graphic mod request
  9. Are there any Bots/Programs that work with a Mac?
  10. Act 1 infernot bot -Sarkoth-
  11. Izkatu Boss Bot (REQUEST)
  12. I think D3a (from BH) might have keylogger
  13. Anyone have a stream of a bot going?
  14. leveling bot, 3 60s in less then 20 hours. testing interest
  15. Hellbuddy vs Immortal bot?
  16. Quick question about Immortal Bot
  17. Gold hack
  18. D3TNT BOT how is this but doing so far?
  19. Secondary account question
  20. Keystroke sequencers vs. Warden
  21. Looking to get an AH bot built, Paying well
  22. Bot on Mac
  23. Gold farming bot.
  24. Scared to use bot
  25. Some auto it help
  26. [Request] Autoit AH Help
  27. Decided to start botting, need some advice
  28. Question about bots?
  29. Does it matter how many hrs i bot?
  30. None of these scripts work as promised.
  31. Regarding: rndWalker (D3A bot)
  32. Paid for Bot over 40 minutes ago, didn't get any email. ...
  33. So I've Decided to Bot, Need Some Tips
  34. Need a realllllly simple script for AUTO IT!
  35. Need macro to switch gear with a razer naga
  36. Immortal Bot .exe Issue
  37. Memory Reading Question
  38. WHat happened to virtual steroids?
  39. (Request) How to make script for D3
  40. noobie bot questions
  41. Winautomation?
  42. Botting consequences
  43. [Request] ZK Bot
  44. AutoIT Barbarian Script (Royal Crypts)
  45. Immortal work with the program 'wine'? To run on mac?
  46. [Request] AutoIT scripts for Monks
  47. Questions about AutoIt3.
  48. Question about botting on a different account.
  49. AutoIT Barbarian Act III Script anyone?
  50. Question about editting Autoit scripts
  51. Ban Waves Question
  52. Diablo 3 wizzard gold farming request !
  53. HOW TO Step by step - AUTOIT 1 second FULL GEAR SWAP SCRIPT
  54. AutoIT noob, need some help please
  55. Hellbuddy free trial
  56. The world needs a nice Crypts AutoIt script for DH at a resolution Everyone can use!
  57. Need simple autoit script
  58. Demonbuddy launching TODAY!
  59. [immortal] Poblem slow loading scripts
  60. Sarkoth Gold Farm for Witch Doctor?
  61. Multiboxing bots - how to?
  62. First Timer
  63. WTB C++ functions to screenshot and send clicks/mouse clicks to minimized d3 window
  64. [request] [immortal bot script / help] Azmodan (core) farming script for DH
  65. DH Farm Script for 800x600 Window Mode
  66. Captain Haile's Supply Chest AUTOIT 200-400kg/hour w GF 1680x1050 or less
  67. (Request ) How to use the scrips to farm?? Help please
  68. Problem for WD Farming (Using the given script for WD) In Royal Crypts
  69. New to immortal please help :)
  70. Sark Script for Barb? (AutoIT)
  71. [ASK] How to set up immortals bot for multiple accounts?
  72. [question] [immortal bot] Can it show gold chests on minimap?
  73. Which is safer to use AutoIT Scripts Or D3A?
  74. New to AutoIT need help with random mouse clicks
  75. best bot and best spot for most Gold per hour
  76. [question] nb botter
  77. Simple AutoIt script help.
  78. [AutoIt] Need Macro Recorder Help
  79. Immortal Bot, can someone send me a Core of Arreat script?
  80. Requesting an bot for Iskatu farming on act4 inferno (1st boss)
  81. [AutoIT] boting while using the computer
  82. [AutoIT] Act 2 Goblin farming ( Barb)
  83. Question regarding the $directory var
  84. Diablo 3 bots and safety
  85. Simple noob problem
  86. [Request] Is KuRIoS going review demonbuddy?
  87. [DemonBuddy] Waypoints/Locations?
  88. Very noobie questions, but I'm quite new to the botting scene.
  89. Botting Newb
  90. [DemonBuddy] Profile not creating A4 games. Bug?
  91. AutoIT and leave/join game
  92. [Request] notAres Sakoth script port for 1280x720 res support
  93. Immortal self starting?
  94. Post 1.02c botting obstacle?
  95. When is immortal back?
  96. How does PixelSearch work for item names?
  97. Request Real ID Blocker for Diablo 3
  98. Where can I buy Immortalbot and how much does it cost?
  99. Post 1.02C AutoIT Botting Question
  100. Questions about setting up a botting account
  101. New to Auotit. Looking for some guidance please
  102. Question to the BANNED botters out there.
  103. Virgin Botter
  104. [Request] Conversion from 1920x1080 to 800x600
  105. [REQUEST] Maphack + Sarkoth (Script or Bot-Profile?)
  106. [Request] Autoit AH Help
  107. new to d3 demonbuddy having issue
  108. The best way to launder your botted gold to your main account?
  109. (Request) Script For lvling
  110. [Request] Autoit Script assitance
  111. Are these scripts detectable?
  112. Is there a way in AutoIt to check if a mouse button is currently down?
  113. [Request] Need help for Sarkoth notAres' DH script
  114. Bots for Mac
  115. DB plugin question
  116. Blues from Sarkoth runs. Better to vendor, or salvage?
  117. [Request] Complete idiot needs help with AutoIT
  118. Do you bot on a secondary account ?
  119. How well does your bot perform? (Numbers for different bots / different classes)
  120. WTB script for stealing gold in trade
  121. Efficient Bot (AI) Theory
  122. 1360x768 Sarkoth gold farm bot
  123. Notares Script Question
  124. [Request] Help w/Basic AHK macro (for AH)
  125. How to fix issues with ImageSearch?
  126. AutoIT detectable?
  127. Any Witchdoctor scripts that can run on Laptops(1366x768 res or lower)
  128. AutiIT help - random
  129. Please,any boys for mac?
  130. For all DemonBuddy users, Request Sarkoth Demonhunter 7 Vault version
  131. How do i use Autoit?
  132. Sarkoth/Dank Cellar Wizard HELP!!!
  133. Which bot to get?
  134. Not sure if this is in the right place to ask this...
  135. What gear should i have botting?
  136. Sarkaroth Cellar detect problem
  137. Problem with screen resolution? Need help please :)
  138. Randomness in AutoHotkey
  139. Testing for ImageSearch Problems
  140. Trying to stash and vendor loot with PixelSearch; best color to use?
  141. Auto game login script
  142. [Request] AutoIt Item Finder & picker upper.
  143. 800x600 Sarkoth Gold and Item Farming AutoIT
  144. Sarkoth run for barbarian [1600x900 or 1680x1050)
  145. auto click the disconnect and resume game
  146. Script for recocnizing gold on ground
  147. AutoIt and the other bots.....
  148. What bots are available?
  149. Memory invasive botting -- dangerous?
  150. [DemonBuddy] Plugin - log off on death
  151. How to get AutoIt to work?
  152. Is there a way to disable actual mouse input when a AutoIt script is running?
  153. Need ZK bot made in autoit.
  154. PixelColor WMWare
  155. Is there an action house BOT?
  156. I buy a bot for Demon Hunter Legit and work
  157. Immortal Bot
  158. Question on selling my AH Bot...
  159. Need Help with AutoIt and How to Run a Script
  160. Demonbuddy or Immortal bot ?
  161. [Request] Tool to lower Graphics for less CPU usage
  162. AH bots what do you look for to make money?
  163. [Request] Item text color editor
  164. Is there a bot for commodities?
  165. How to alt tab during autoIT
  166. Anyone banned yet for using macro?
  167. Chance getting caught?
  168. Will pay for someone to teach me how to use Autoit Scripts
  169. Offer EU gold need 800x600 pngs for NotAres
  170. would it be impossible to make a bot for Warriors Rest?
  171. [Mimic bot] Anyone already used it?
  172. Diablo Auctioneer Assistance
  173. Newb question with Autoit
  174. Need help on VMWare
  175. hello, can someone make an autoit script for 3x ZK since infinite is patched?
  176. AH Question
  177. [REQ] Barb Auto-Sprint Script
  178. HARDCORE bots?
  179. Editing the Stashing Part of the script
  180. Question about bots
  181. Bot 800x600 for monks?
  182. New cdkey attach to main?
  183. [Request] Act 4 Quest I AI-script
  184. Magic Find Gear Switcher script?
  185. Immortal Bot Force Leaves game after three deaths
  186. I need help getting notAres 1.9.3 to 800x600 or a 800x600 similar to his script
  187. Dank Cellar teleporting issues HELP PLEASE!
  188. Post AH-bots banwave - Who still uses his AH bot?
  189. DB Sarkoth AGB farming
  190. exp / leveling script?
  191. How is it possible to avg more than 350k+ gold/hr with Dank Cellar Bot?
  192. looking for a demonbuddy or immortal bot
  193. Need help to prevent popup
  194. Request/Idea for AH Bot
  195. Do you get banned on your main account if you bot on secondary account?
  196. Anyone else notice that the Sarkoth gold amounts have been lowered?
  197. request/bot farming gold barb 1440x900
  198. did anyone ever get banned for ONLY using GOLD farming bot?
  199. What is the best way to make diablo 3 take less cpu usage?
  200. [Request] 450k GPH script
  201. Can D3 catch simple bots?
  202. Diablo 3 Crashes when I run bot
  203. Requesting AutoIt Template for 1360x768
  204. VMWare and Blizzard banning question: Different IP and MAC addresses
  205. decent Dank Cellar auoit script (Wizz or DH) 350K+/hour help
  206. Basic Botting Questions
  207. Move mouse with c++
  208. Hellbuddy sarkoth script request
  209. is there a mac version?
  210. Need help setting up bot
  211. Problems with farming bot help please
  212. New to using bots.
  213. HELP NEDEDED: MMOToaster DH Gold Script
  214. Requesting an aspects script
  215. Help botting EU/US at same Time
  216. Wizard setup for azmo runs
  217. Best dh script out therE?
  218. help with sarkoth script
  219. Hellbuddy - Loops in town
  220. Help with diablo 3 dank cellar bot I'm wizard!
  221. help me set up a monk bot
  222. Good program to hide ip in Diablo?
  223. Achieving Hardware Efficiency for Botting Purposes
  224. If I buy an immortal bot off someone who owns one...
  225. Multibotting Question HELP
  226. Auto IT Goldfarming] notAres' Sarkoth DH Gold Script [AutoIT Script] [1920x1080]
  227. Mouse3 Problem
  228. Multiple Sessions on One Computer
  229. I have 2 accounts one safe and one bot account I have a question
  230. Cursor Static After Resume Game
  231. Immortal 1.47?
  232. Immortal Bot Alternatives
  233. Different copies of diablo on two different videcards
  234. Immortal bot completely down?
  235. AH Selling Bot - Request
  236. God VS/immortal is pissing me off..
  237. New to bots (auto it)
  238. What happened to VirtualSteroids now?
  239. Does HellBuddy or Immortal Bot use Memory Injection?
  240. How can I pointer scan if i have 2 addresses
  241. [Immortal Bot] Core .ini Script for DH Please Post
  242. How to Check unID items stats?
  243. Need some help with VM
  244. Sarkoth (dh) bot not vendoring
  245. d3 multiple clients and autoit questions
  246. AH Bot General
  247. HellBuddy - Beta Over
  248. Looking for a D3 for any suggestions.
  249. Red gear - wtf?
  250. Skill using bots