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  1. Patch Client without an account!
  2. Datacrons: Everything you could want to know (with location)
  3. Basic Crafting Guide
  4. Beginners Tips and Tricks
  5. Autoattack "fix"
  6. Detailed Crafting Guide
  7. Video Profession Guide for Biochem & Bio-analysis!
  8. Run multiple instances of SWTOR
  9. [Guide] Crafting Spreadsheet
  10. SWTOR Super Guide: Part 1 Getting Started, About the game and classes
  11. The great hunt: SD-01 Strategy
  12. SWTOR Aeon Guides
  13. SWTOR - Full Emote List
  14. SWTOR for Wow Player by Siha - Taken from Torhead
  15. SWTOR - Companion List
  16. SWTOR - Planet Guide
  17. SWTOR - Character Stats Guide
  18. SWTOR - Space Combat Guide
  19. [Tips&Trix] Things you may not know but will find useful.
  20. Insane Archaeology place on Sundari Flatlands in Balmorra
  21. Repeatable miniboss on Hoth (lvl 38, republic)
  22. Keep Companion From Dying
  23. Skip any group of mobs while on speeder (Requires a shield abilty)
  24. SWTOR - Races and Classes
  25. SWTOR - Alignment Guide
  26. SWTOR - Hyperspace Travel
  27. SWTOR - An Guide to Ships
  28. SWTOR - Planetside Travel Guide
  29. SWTOR - Warzone Guide
  30. SWTOR - Top 5 UI Tips for New Players
  31. SWTOR - Ten Tips for Transitioning Wow Players
  32. SWTOR - Advanced Class Selection Walkthrough
  33. SWTOR - Smuggler guide
  34. SWTOR - Bounty Hunter Guide
  35. SWTOR - Sith Warrior Guide
  36. SWTOR - Jedi Knight Guide
  37. SWTOR - Sith Inquisitor Guide
  38. SWTOR - Jedi Guardian : Defense Compendium
  39. SWTOR - Sith Warrior: Juggernaut Vengeance DPS Compendium
  40. SWTOR - Bounty Hunter: Powertech Advanced Prototype DPS Compendium
  41. SWTOR Daily Guide Lvl 50 Imperial
  42. Slicing Data (WIP) -- What to slice for maximum profit!
  43. Slicing Tutorial = Easy Credit's
  44. Amazing datacron list, multiple screen shots and movies
  45. [Pictures] Companion Gifts Guide
  46. Remote Skillin' from iPhone and iPad,
  47. Tatooine Datacrons: Dont waste 45 mins.
  48. Corellia Chest/Archaeology route
  49. How to solo Belsavis Daily Freeing the Fallen (H2+):
  50. Corellia Credit farming (40k+/hr) Empire only
  51. Win a Huttball match quickly
  52. [TIP]Craft with empty inventory
  53. Tip for leveling
  54. Ziost Shadow Museum +10 stats datacrons
  55. Easy 2.5k Heal in Warzone (lvl 44+)
  56. Insta kill somebody in Hutball as BH
  57. Dark or Lightside Points + Credits
  58. Warzone guide for maximum medals
  59. How to solo Belsavis Daily Lights Out (H4+)
  60. [Guide] SW:TOR Authenticator on PC
  61. Grinding Black Talon for Dark Point and Comp rep
  62. Easy 5k Heal in Warzone for every class
  63. How to Get crew skill missions you want
  64. Hoth Credit Farming - Forced Respawn Security Chest (Empire) - 50k hr+
  65. AFK Huttball most likely without getting killed
  66. Get Healing medals in WZ as DPS
  67. Goodsgarden.com SWTOR Levelling review!
  68. Something to get you out bugged WZ
  69. Good Farming Spot I've Used to Make a Few Million Credits.
  70. Directive 7 stealth chest run, 8k+ in 3minutes
  71. (Tip) Leave instances instantly
  72. PVP Medals
  73. [Stealth] Hardmode False Emperor Chest run 120k+/h
  74. [Guide] PC Security Key Authenticator
  75. How to obtain a 'Megenta Adegan Crystal' - Full walkthrough!
  76. Every Class PvP Guide/Tricks n Tips
  77. SWTOR Daily Quest Guide Republic Side
  78. Karagga's Palace boss guides
  79. Guide to Mercenary Healing
  80. Corellia credit farming number 2
  81. taris up to 4000 creds every 5 minutes
  82. Change loading screen
  83. Corellia Credit farming v2 (100k+/hr)!
  84. Corellia Chest Farm Run Version 3 --- 9 Chests Total
  85. Biochem Leveling and Credit Making Guides
  86. Increased "Drop Rate" On Champion/Battlemaster Bags!
  87. Directive 7 Stealthy run 3 boxes and 2nd boss with out breaking a sweat
  88. Soa / Bonetrasher / Foreman Crusher / Heavy Fabricator nightmare mode videos.
  89. Sith Marauder - Which is the best PvP spec
  90. [Guide] Slicing farm route 50k in less than 20min at level 25+ (Empire)
  91. BP norma farming guide 200k+ an hour
  92. PvP / Valor Guide
  93. Synthweaving Leveling and Credit Making Guide (in time for patch 1.2)
  94. Way to get free Swtor Time
  95. Flashpoints: New Player's Guide
  96. Boarding Party Chest Run
  97. Crewskills and Maximizing profits in preparation for 1.2
  98. Stealth Run the False Emperor Hardmode
  99. SWTOR Shadow PVP Dps Guide
  100. Space botting made EASY!
  101. Jedi Shadow and Sith Assassin PVP Guide
  102. 200k/h++ as Jedi Consular
  103. Setting up swtor to run inside vmware
  104. SWTOR Alderaan Premade Warzone Gameplay
  105. [Beta] Training Droid
  106. Coruscant credit farming for Republic players
  107. Create Mouseover Macros in SWTOR!
  108. [Republic] 250k+ Credits an Hour
  109. [GUIDE]SWTOR Security Key on PC
  110. [The End of Torvix] How to do the Pipes
  111. New Tatooine Daily Rakghoul Event Location and Details
  112. Cross faction mail your alts now allowed; profit from different GTN prices
  113. [Video] How to solo The End of Torvix [HC4] as a Powertech
  114. [Guide] Fix for crash to desktop error in swtor.
  115. How to Send Bound Armorings and Mods to Alts
  116. Comprehensive list of SWTOR .ini tweaks!
  117. just starting, guide me on what class is good for farming
  118. The big list of free SWTOR guides
  119. Best swtor guides
  120. Two Spawn Locations for Droid: Ancient Gree Defender and Destroyer
  121. SWTOR Pazaak Guide
  122. Better AA and SGSSAA