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  1. Suggestions for getting AHK inputs to be recognised by SWOR
  2. [Request] Simple anti-afk tool
  3. Simple "hold to spam attacks" AHK script.
  4. autocrafting bot request
  5. Infinite Skill Points (Cheat Engine)
  6. [request] PC-based authenticator
  7. Memory addresses
  8. Anti-afk tool (AHK to EXE)
  9. Paying $100 For BG Botting Program for SWTOR
  10. [Bot] Simple crew skill bot by barthen
  11. [1.0.1] Memory addresses
  12. [Request] Gathering radar?
  13. [WIP] Advanced Crew Skill Bot + AntiAFK + Configureable
  14. Quick and dirty travelBot. C++/CLI
  15. Autoit can not click SWTOR window.
  16. [Beta] Ares BG bot
  17. Minimizeable client is being worked on
  18. Some important questions about bot/hack detection
  19. can someone make bot like PQrotation bot
  20. Ahk
  21. Bot for your Crewskills (always works!)
  22. Crew Skill Bot
  23. [Request] Help me to create a simple macro/bot to collect 2 chests
  24. [Almost Beta] Pinny's PVP Bot
  25. [Beta] iDroid Bot
  26. Crew Skills mission bot
  27. What happened to the TorBY thread?
  28. First commercial SWTOR bot (starship botting) for sale '*removed*'
  29. Viper Bot (beta for mmowned users)
  30. Memory addresses help
  31. Help Accessing a Pointer with AutoIt
  32. Macrogoblin space mission botting
  33. Simple CrewSkill BoT Script
  34. [c++] adresse help
  35. trying to make an auto follow Bot
  36. Damage meter possible?
  37. Help with AutoIT & memory locations
  38. how much interest is there...
  39. swtor jump skrip ahk
  40. AutoIT Example - Reading a value from memory
  41. Crew Skills Bot with Bank and Activate
  42. translating memory addresses / offsets
  43. A incomplete AHK Bot
  44. [Release] JC's Warzone bot Updated + Working
  45. Damage address?
  46. Memory Address to CE
  47. [Beta] UntzBot (Space Missions Bot, recorder+player)
  48. Logitech G Series Coding
  49. [Beta] Release - iDroid Bot
  50. [BETA] Bioanalysis Bot Multi Companion
  51. Waypoints -> Do you just use while loops on x,y,z values?
  52. X/Y/Z point to point
  53. Affection Bot
  54. Some bot development related questions.
  55. SWTOR AHK Looting script
  56. C# Simulating Keys in SWTOR -> SendKeys, SendMessage, PostMessage???
  57. Ares PVP Bot free try-day
  58. Rotation AHK
  59. Finding Angle Memory Address in CE
  60. Ultimate Bot 3.1 (Macro Goblin)
  61. [Beta] MMOViperBot for SWTOR v1.4.5.7
  62. Reading buffs from memory
  63. Read space mission timer from memory?
  64. ARES Bot - Telehack update ? :(
  65. GBot v1.0 Beta
  66. How to win using ares bot
  67. Untzbot Missions/paths (posting)
  68. [Release] xyzForce - a simple teleport hack
  69. ares bot question
  70. [RELEASE] AutoChest - Automatic Chest Looter
  71. [AutoIt] Blind Rotation Bot
  72. [Uncut] iDroidBot Gameplay Video
  73. [Alpha] Metes little Teleport Hack
  74. [Beta] Space Harvester Crew Skill Gathering + Lightside/Darkside Farming
  75. Non Static Memories
  76. [For Free] Luckys Spacebot
  77. Has anyone been suspended when using a space mission bot?
  78. EasyMYP Problems
  79. Need a lower rez spacebot
  80. [Open Beta] Training Droid Grinder/Farmer
  81. Any bots with Full Background Mode?
  82. macro bot for swtor
  83. Anything like pqrotation out there for SWTOR?
  84. [Bot] Affection Bot
  85. [Training Droid] Two hour Stability test (video)
  86. [Release] SWTOR PVE Grinder bot : Training Droid
  87. 1.2 Thursday
  88. Creating Image-Based AHK rotations/macros
  89. UntzGhoul - Rakghoul DNA
  90. [BETA] Live Combat Log Single / Companion
  91. stats viewing
  92. Post here if you were banned.
  93. MG space,crew, dailies Bot Frankenstein v1.8
  94. Swtor Tor Files Tools and dumper
  95. [Free] Ares PVP Bot
  96. [VIDEO]Chinese full background teleport hack farming bot
  97. Resize + Move SWTOR Window
  98. Buddy Wing: The Old Robot
  99. Swtor closing after 5 space runs
  100. Anyone have trials left?
  101. Any space bots?
  102. SWToR Launcher
  103. [Petition] lucky spacebot 800x600
  104. SWTOR double process?
  105. lucky bot problem starts to early
  106. [UntzBot] SWTOR auto focus and crash fix [open source]
  107. Unkillable, No-stun hack???
  108. Buddywing versus Maestro
  109. [Open Source] Lucky's Spacebot
  110. BuddyWing
  111. [NEW RELEASE!] SWTOR Maestro Warzones -- Premium PvP Bot
  112. SWTOR Maestro is a trojan/virus?
  113. Botting Space Missions for Credits
  114. need help with maestro bot membership, Any trusted Member out there?
  115. Buddy Wing Problem beim Start
  116. Bots that run in the background?
  117. Untz or Lucky? level 40 Space mission success?
  118. Corellia Chest Farming
  119. Windows 7, SWTOR, and VMware
  120. Any Working bots?
  121. For how long do you bot at the time?
  122. SWTOR starter for Lucky's Spacebot
  123. LF Bot to lvl till Ship
  124. Best bot to use?
  125. SWTOR PVE lvling bot?
  126. You CAN get banned/suspended for space botting, any suggestions?
  127. untzbot vs lucky's
  128. Untz Bot für 2 Swtor Accounts?
  129. swtor.exe decrypting help
  130. search a Galaxy.bmp for German Swtor client
  131. A question for all the people who got banned
  132. Possible reason for bans.
  133. noob766s version on untz gone?
  134. something new happened over night
  135. Space Bot Bans
  136. Rebooting untzbot and starter app
  137. baning brand new accounts!!!!!!
  138. No seat error despite Noob Untzbot?!
  139. how many crashes
  140. PvP Bot
  141. No grinding bots for this game?
  142. how many of you still play this game?
  143. Any pve mob grinding bots out there?
  144. who's interested in a crewbot
  145. Bread Crewbot (maybe more later) [FREE] [not entirely open source]
  146. i can spacebot safely but can't sell safely.
  147. Botting To Level
  148. i need a programmer for a bot, great idea!
  149. Any bots I can use to lvl on F2P SWTOR?
  150. Any working crew bots?
  151. updated spacebot + crewbot
  152. Making a PVP bot i'll need Beta Testers
  153. SWTOR Maestro questions
  154. Question about bans
  155. banned after patch ???
  156. A good bot for SWTOR?
  157. For the "GODS" out there (Progammers)
  158. [Request] PQR for SWTOR
  159. Gangstalicious Tele Prog
  160. Gangstalicious SWTOR Bot - Need Beta Testers / Translator
  161. Swtor Warzone bot
  162. Grind bot for starter zones
  163. What do we have in SWTOR for unauthrized software detection?
  164. Breadguy Space bot Lvl 50 Missions
  165. Swtor Warezone bot !
  166. [Help please]SWOR with ImageSearch or PixelGetColor
  167. bots/combat routine for warzone
  168. Bot for Flashpoints
  169. Can someone recommend me a better bot?
  170. First timer bot/SWTOR
  171. Looking for a rotation bot
  172. Credit Bot
  173. Nude Patch for SWTOR (NSFW)
  174. [Release] Chimpeon - Key Sender and Auto Clicker
  175. [Bot] request for auto bot
  176. Looking for a SWTOR Spambot Developer Paying $
  177. [Release] [Buddywing] PVPScripts Combat Routines | Updated 10/10/17
  178. [Bot] Rotation Bot?
  179. Crew Bot
  180. [looking for bot developer]
  181. looking for good swtor combat rotation bot
  182. Looking for a leveling bot
  183. [Release] Clickz0r - a generic MMORPG rotation bot