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  1. Free XP from space combat
  2. Space Exloit exploring. Chessboard in space
  3. Commendations > Credits trick I found. Good Money Maker, Possible Exploit!
  4. How to get to lvl 4 in 15 minutes or less (sorry sith)
  5. [Quest, Empire] "Allegiance" trick
  6. (sort of) avoid server queues
  7. Bounty hunter - Mako Maximum Companian Points
  8. 5 "people" in the same 4 man grp instance
  9. SWTOR - Res Companion Anywhere
  10. SWTOR - Easy Warzone Credits
  11. SWTOR - Clone Your Crew
  12. SWTOR - PVP XP Leveling Exploit
  13. SWTOR - Auto 4k Credits every 20 mins
  14. Slicing - Illum 40k credits in 10-20mins
  15. Instantly res/heal companion to 100% hp in 1 - 1.5 seconds. ANYWHERE!
  16. Force Bending double proc
  17. How to pay 11.5€ instead of 13€ (European players)
  18. Double gathering pickup [Physical Gathering]
  19. Easy Mode Cademimu Final Boss
  20. Instant crafting?
  21. Get red saber color as light side
  22. Speedleveling 22-28 (200k++ exp/hour
  23. How to max the companion points very quickly!
  24. Guest companion crafting
  25. Space missions
  26. Playing simultaneously under the same account
  27. Get inside an opposite faction cantina and benefit from it.
  28. Get easily to your fleet
  29. CE Droid - the best tank there is!
  30. Avoid Leaver Detection in Hutball
  31. Skip any mob! (Very easy and handy!)
  32. Prevent AFKing from servers! (Alternate Way)
  33. Incombat Res for companions - any class level 8+!
  34. Solo phased bosses (only works with some)
  35. PVP - Epic instant respawn
  36. Remove AFK Debuff in Warzone (Huttball)
  37. Permanent Force Choke
  38. Instantly heal your companion (out of combat)
  39. More than 25 quests in your log.
  40. Correlia Chest 5k per 8 mins?
  41. Instant, infinite mob spawn (130xp per mob @ lvl 26)
  42. easy warzone medals (defendor points)
  43. Infinite Dark/Light Side Points! (Empire)
  44. Athiss - Multiple Droid Partners
  45. PVP instant self-res exploit
  46. Free Port to Republic Fleet
  47. Unlimited - Tionese Commendation (Level 50 Tokens)
  48. Easy storage (unintended bug/exploit)
  49. Anti AFK (no 3rd party program req)
  50. Quests with a specific partner required made easier.
  51. Reset blacktalon hardmode multiple times
  52. Rested XP at level 50.
  53. Ride the VIP elevator without permission! (Show off?)
  54. [PvP] Huttball - Scoring 2x with 1 Ball.
  55. Instantly complete all current crew skill tasks.
  56. Get inside the VIP lounge And STAY THERE
  57. [Quest][Empire] The Killing Blow (Hoth)
  58. Stealth Capping in Warzones explained
  59. Voidstar Exploit [Not by Me]
  60. Powerleveling with help of a highlevel
  61. Easy companion rep as sith warrior
  62. Security Chest, 4-9k credits + lvl50 items every 20 mins
  63. Interrupt enemies and bosses by... Dancing??!?
  64. Taking no dmg from Bonus boss of Black Talon HM
  65. Easier The Beast in Athiss.
  66. Easy, quick healer medals. insane fast protector medals in huttball
  67. Neimoidian Rescue Bug
  68. Infinite accomondations
  69. Ensign Temple- Both Sniper and Assault mode active
  70. Free name change!
  71. Hutball: Anti-AFK Safezone TIMER RESET
  72. Quest: Nar Shaddaa - Dead Drop - No ambush
  73. Level 22-30 in 2.5-3 hours, up to 500k xp per hour (requires level 50 friend)
  74. Read before Posting
  75. Get your Crafting Mats from the Bank in your inventory
  76. Colicoid Wargames Flashpoint Exploit
  77. Ride your Spaceship like a mount (space combat missions) [useless, but funny]
  78. Easy Defender Points [Warzone]
  79. Easy Defender and Healing points in Warzones (REQ Sorcerer/Sage)
  80. Easy Defender / Healing in Warzones (For Any Healing Class)
  81. [Exploit] Huttball - Be Invincible to Melee
  82. Huttball Fun or Ball of Doom
  83. Removing armoring from pvp gear
  84. Do the Pillar boss as many times as you want (Eternity vault!)
  85. Sith Warrior - Voss, endless loop.
  86. Level 29-34 in 4 hours! - Required 44ish + friend
  87. [SWTOR 1.0.2] Exploit - Bump + Rez - Revive & Explore !
  88. [Exploit] Voidstar Invincibility
  89. Bounty hunter - Gault Maximum Companian Points
  90. Instant 2.5k healing medal as sith sorcerer
  91. Get To Imperial Fleet Faster
  92. Sell Storage boxes for more then what item is worth
  93. How to: Get the Ziosk Shadow Museum Datacrons without the BS
  94. Credits + level 50 blue/purple farming (republic only)
  95. Lightsaber's out while sitting
  96. Getting minion to mine nodes and avoid aggro anywhere.
  97. Quick Crafting With Companion
  98. [Useful/Exploit] Combat Ress for people with a "Vanish" ability in raids.
  99. Imperial Agent Class Quest on Belsavis (Legerdemain)
  100. Extra DPS on force ghost. (Magenta Crystall Drop)
  101. Keep Swtor On and never log back in again (laptop only)
  102. Get crafting to 400 craft the item for your class that is unique, then drop the skill
  103. The Civil War, Exploration / Great AFK Spot
  104. illum valor exploit
  105. 20-100 Valor every few seconds patch 1.1
  106. Mission Xp Glitch
  107. Kill Republic/Empire Taxi in Ilum Make Dailies Easier
  108. Bounty Hunter Unlimited Light side Points
  109. Easy Strong level 40 1 shot XP farming
  110. Ilum exploited...again
  111. Faster HP regen out of combat.
  112. Cad Final Boss
  113. Heroic Moment - Holo Dancer
  114. Ekstra Datacron for Empire(willpower)
  115. Hardmode Kaon Under Siege - Solo First Boss Enocunter
  116. Kaon Under Siege - Easy Bonus Boss
  117. Trooper Max Affection!
  118. Extra game time.
  119. Max Companion Affection Sith Warrior
  120. Have a blue saber or red saber while having the opposite alignment
  121. Republic Accessories as Empire!
  122. Sacrifice - holodancer
  123. Return To Fleet - Without Fleetpass
  124. Item value bug, dupe opportunity?
  125. Karaggas Palace - G4B3 Heavy Fabricator LoS
  126. Use objects on other side of walls
  127. Gain up to 200 valor per warzone for being in Ilum
  128. [Confirmed] Pull anything that you can see - regardless of range!
  129. /salute teleport exploit [WIP]
  130. Get on top of Republic base in Ilum; pull Republics up, knock them off to their death
  131. A little extra help for a difficult quest- group buffs
  132. Ilum resurrect where you died
  133. Red Off-Hand Lightsaber even if you're Light
  134. PowerTech/Merc Exploit
  135. Telekinetik Throw/Force Lightning
  136. Temporal invisibility vs any pve mob at any level and class
  137. Voidstar and Force Charge
  138. [Sniper/Gunslinger] Straffing while in cover !
  139. Cap doors before game starts in voidstar. [Requires level 50 jugg/guardian]
  140. general orto still exploitable (1 to 3 plYER)
  141. Inquisiter vs thanaton
  142. Security chest Bug
  143. Remotely trigger fuseboxes as meele
  144. Cross faction blue/black red/black crystals [WIP]
  145. Exploit in the new rakgoul event.
  146. 150k + Per Hour, Level 10+/Either Faction, Rakghoul event.
  147. Another rakghoul event exploit. (PVP flagging on pve servers)
  148. Rakghoul exploit get dna faster.
  149. Fastes way for rakghul dna
  150. Repeat end of chapter 2 as Inquisitor
  151. Get to the VIP in Fleet without pass - useless but interesting
  152. Transfer BM/WH mods between alts using Legacy
  153. Corrected an item-related issue to prevent a serious economic exploit.
  154. Major Warzone Exploit!
  155. Help proving Print Screen doesn't work
  156. Operations Chest Exploit
  157. Novarre Coast Untargetable position which prevents clicking on console
  158. Huttball port to goal exploit
  159. Super Heroic Moment
  160. Ran into an invincible Sorcerer
  161. Save the credits on the ship-droid
  162. quick credit farming, 1mill in less then a hour
  163. foreman crusher tank exploit
  164. Chevin Event in 5mins
  165. RE'd Crafted Gear
  166. instant repeat for companion affection for lvl 50 Jedi Knight after Belsavis ONLY
  167. Solo Win Warzones! 10/23-10/24
  168. Republic Fleet Datacron (no Group required), get it by yourself.
  169. Make some easy money fast if you have space tionese crystals
  170. Extra stats from companion gear to your character
  171. Legacy and heroic moment abilities without companion
  172. Marauder perma-invisibility
  173. The best exploit to date!!! Pvp transition from lowbie to 50!!! Must read!!!
  174. Easily Farm Sleigh Mount!
  175. Speeder Piloting III at level 1.
  176. Swtor PvP gear Farming
  177. [Active] [Rakghoul event] Lower the level of champions